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Heartwarming / Silent Hill 3

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • When Heather realizes what's in her necklace. Even in death, Harry is still looking out for his little girl.
  • When Douglas compares Heather to his dead son, Heather subtly implies that she'd like him to consider her his daughter.
    • Really, the development of their relationship in general. Understandably, it got off to a pretty poor start: Douglas relentlessly pursuing Heather on Claudia's orders despite Heather's rather justified mistrust of him - and it reaches a head by the time Heather finds her father murdered in their apartment, where she and Douglas both seem to realize that it's partly because Douglas inadvertently led the cultists right to her front door. Still, once things calm down and begin to come to light, they begin to trust each other, with Heather opening up to him about her past on the drive to Silent Hill, and even sharing a rapport with Douglas by the time they split up to investigate the town. Probably helps that Douglas shows genuine remorse for his (however unintentional) part in Harry's death, and is sincerely determined to help out Heather however he can.
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  • When Heather phones her father at the start of the game, she finishes the call by saying "I love you too, Dad." Unfortunately for Heather, this would be the last time she speaks to her father before he is murdered by the Missionary.
  • The Good Ending is especially endearing when Heather tells Douglas that she's done hiding and wants to use her real name. The game gives the player a second to think that she's going to go by Alessa from now on, but instead, we get this, which is exceptionally sweet:
    Heather: Cheryl, the name my father gave me.
    • Also becomes awesome when you realize this means that not only is she through hiding, Heather is also deciding she is her own person and is casting away the side of herself that she doesn't want to be.
  • Mentioned on the Tearjerker and Nightmare Fuel pages because of how intense the document is, but how does Dad's Notebook end, even after exposing all of Harry's grief, sadness, anger, and even nigh murderous intentions? See for yourself:
    "But I decided to raise her after all. I just couldn't seem to let her go. When she...when you look at me, you laugh, so...Even now, I can't forget about that girl. But I love you. I have no doubts about that. That's all I ask you to believe. To my precious daughter... — Harry Mason"


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