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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • The "Silent Hill Song" at the end credits, which is sung like a children's song that takes Alternate Character Interpretation to the depths of hilarious insanity. "A Sirent Hill no uta, minna ta utaou~"
  • The blood in the restroom can be darkly amusing because, since it's the ladies' room, there's an actual non-fatal non-supernatural reason for there to be blood.
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  • In a callback to Silent Hill 2, if the player has a save file from SH2 on the same memory card and examines a certain stopped up toilet in the shopping mall, they get the option to have Heather reach inside to remove the blockage. If you select yes, a cutscene plays. Heather is about to reach in the toilet, but stops short. "This is way too gross." She then turns and looks straight at the player and says "Who would even think of doing something so disgusting?"
  • Heather's reaction to finding a dead, barbecued dog in a restaurant.
    "Who the hell would make something like this? Furthermore, who the hell would eat it?"
  • Heather's weird sense of priorities.
    After receiving a creepy "Happy birthday" message over a disconnected phone in a bloody locker: "But you're wrong... It's not my birthday..."
    • The birthday message itself, creepy as it is, has an amusing part near the beginning. The caller sings "Happy Birthday To You", but partway through realizes he isn't sure about the recipient's name, and so he asks Heather what her name was again. Heather replies "Who are you?" The caller seems to realize something, and continues:
      "Happy birthday, dear Hooareyou..."
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  • From examining a certain object at the amusement park:
    "There's a dead body inside this box thing. There's nothing interesting here."
  • The map for the church area is downright hilarious, looking like something a child drew while at day care.
  • The results of the Konami Code. Douglas is stripped of shirt and pants, leaving him in only his boxers beneath the trenchcoat. Sucks the serious right out of any cutscene.
    • Combine that with Heather's unlockable Princess Heart outfit for extra silliness.
  • Claudia's introduction. She introduces herself like she's dropping a huge bombshell, but neither Heather nor a first time player will know who the hell she is, so Heather's reaction is... unimpressed, to say the least.
    Claudia: (Raises arms dramatically) I... am Claudia.
    Heather: (Raises arms dramatically) So what?
  • The Heather Beam has Heather shooting various kinds of lasers out of her eyes as she shouts her name in an anime-like voice. The princess outfit takes it to a whole new level where, upon wearing it, Heather undergoes a transformation sequence straight out of an anime, and the Heather Beam is upgraded to Sexy Beam, which Heather says in a sultry and seductive voice. So much for taking the horror seriously.
    • It's even harder to take seriously once you realize how powerful both abilities are. The Heather Beam fires about eight energy beams that home in on the closest enemy, enabling you to clear a room without even having to face every single enemy within. The Sexy Beam is a couple of continuous lasers that will kill any enemy in its path within ten seconds at most, including some of the earlier bosses. The one thing that keeps it from being a true Disc-One Nuke? Killing too many enemies with the Heather Beam and/or the Sexy Beam before she gets home leads to the UFO ending. Of course, if that's what you're going for...
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  • Heather's reaction to coming face to face with Leonard for the first time. She's become so disillusioned by the horrors of the Otherworld that seeing a monstrous, towering Knight Templar doesn't even faze her.
    Heather: Is every person here a mental case? Well, I guess you're not a person anyway.
  • All of the pure Nightmare Fuel aside, the cheesy announcer in the Borley Haunted Mansion and his deadpan Black Comedy can be amusing.
    That's Danny! A quiet young man, but quite friendly as you can see. He was so eager to meet you.
  • Heather arriving to the Lakeside Amusement Park, the same location she had a bad dream of in the beginning, has a darkly humorous line from Heather as she quickly realizes where she is after her episode with 'God' in her womb.
    Heather: (flatly) ...oh, hell.


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