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Heartwarming / Broken Age

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  • As annoyed and bored as Shay is with his life aboard the ship, and with everyone and everything he interacts with in said life, it's nice that he refers to his talking spoon as his friend in act 2.
  • Even though she's implied to be one of the antagonists, all of Shay's interactions with "Mom" feel sincerely warm and loving.
  • In Act 2, Vella's family go following her trail in the hopes of making things right with her and joining her in ending the Maidens Feasts.
    • Vella's grandfather is especially proud of her, and is saving the last of his frosting to make a cupcake for her when they reunite.
  • Vella gets along surprisingly well with Dutch the Knife. By the end of the game, their bond is strong enough that Dutch joins her in Sugar Bunting, with all the snacks to cut as he pleases.
  • For Act 2, it's nice to watch Vella and Shay's families grow to like Vella and Shay. Especially Mom getting attached to Vella, since Mom is very controlling by nature and Vella is very disruptive by nature (and put her precious son in danger), it's sweet to see her worried about Vella by the end.
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  • The two former Dead Eye Druids confessing their lack of faith to one another before flying off in a Whoopsy Bird to start new lives. This exchange in particular stands out:
    Courtney: But what about our quest to find something to believe in?
    Dawn: (taking Courtney's hand) I did. How about you?
  • The last scene before the credits shows Shay and Vella slowly approaching each other, with Vella's family on one side, and the occupants of Shay's ship on the other. With no words spoken, the two teens just look at each other for a minute...and then they both slowly smile.
  • During the credits, some snapshots show us what happened after Shay and Vella's adventures. Some highlights include: Vella being reunited with her family and being declared a hero, Shay knitting a sweater (to his parents' delight), the two families talking and enjoying each other's company, the fork and spoon having their own baby spork, the Hexabots starting their own band, and Shay and Vella sitting next to each other on top of a hill.