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Per troping policy, all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • What ultimately cheers Trencil up? Hearing Nat admit that she loves him via speakerphone. He even tells Flower Kid that he feels like he must be doing something right as a father after all, even if he doesn't completely get Nat's newfound interests.
    • Hell, just the fact that Nat is his whole reason for even coming to the Habitat to begin with. He seems more or less content with his own life, but he followed her anyway because he's worried about whatever could be causing the two of them to grow more distant.
  • Once you cheer up Lulia, you can find her reclining happily on the roof, once again dreaming of becoming a star. It's a sharp contrast from when she was brooding on the stairs and moping about throwing her life away for a girl.
  • Dallas' crush on Mirphy and his insistence that she's his muse (despite the fact that he doesn't know a thing about her) makes him initially come off as pushy and presumptuous, if not a little dopey. Once it becomes clear to him that she's not interested, however, he backs off and reveals a more sensitive and insecure side. He gets better once he starts working on paintings for other people, and he can even declare Flower Kid his real muse for all they've done to improve his approach to his art and other people.
    • If you show him ???????????? (a photo of Mirphy's butt) after telling him that she doesn't reciprocate his feelings, he rejects it, since he considers it an invasion of her privacy.
  • Dr. Habit's final request to Flower Kid in the good ending, once he has his Heel Realization, is "Make them smile. For me?" reminding the player that Habit's desire to make people smile came from a place of genuine altruism once upon a time. And if he can't do it himself, then he can at least count on Flower Kid to succeed where he failed.
    • Arguably even more satisfying is what happens when you say no to said request. Should you say yes, he'll just thank you, but say no, and he'll reply "for you," instead. It's a very simple change, but one that speaks volumes: Habit doesn't care if people smile just for him at this point, since it wouldn't make sense to demand such a thing after everything he's done. Just knowing that they'll be happy some day is enough.
  • Ignoring the inherent creepiness brought on by Habit, the game's very premise easily falls under heartwarming. You play as someone going to a temporary group home to feel happy again, but upon seeing that it fails its purpose, you take matters into your own hands and cheer up the members yourself. The quests to cheer up everyone can range from the silly side, like burning a rubber duck, or on the touching side, like helping to mend the relationship between a father and his child, and it's little things like this that really make this such a sweet game.

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