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Heartwarming / The Evil Within 2

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  • Sebastian goes through hell and high water and finally succeeds in rescuing Lily. With a loving embrace from his wife who begs Sebastian to take their daughter away from this terrible place, he rushes out of the house at full speed. While this is happening, Kidman desperately defends herself and the STEM to prevent him from being killed by the head of Mobius. The survival portion of survival horror is taken Up to Eleven. Heroic music swells as Sebastian rushes towards the exit. With the help of Kidman and Myra's psychic influence, he and Lily both get out. The final scene of them riding off together ends with a reprise of the most meaningful line from the Real Song Theme Tune's chorus:
  • The relationship between Sebastian and Kidman gradually warms over the course of the story. As they open up to each other, he begins to trust Kidman more and drops his initial hostility towards her, and she gets her own opportunity to demonstrate her real strength of character and earn his respect, just as he had earned hers before and during the first game. They're last seen together at the very end bidding one another a happy farewell, with Kidman giving Lily a new doll to keep.
    • Crossing over into Tear Jerker, the doll Kidman gives to Lily looks like Myra.
  • The friendships you made with the Mobius search team members are this as well. Even though they perished, at least they died free rather than be part of the vile organization, and with their Heroic Sacrifice, two of them were able to make amends to Sebastian for the pain and grief they had directly caused him, his family, and the thousands of innocent victims lost to the STEM.
    • If you check their dossiers in his room at the end, Sebastian will offer up his thoughts on each of them, even saying some words for the two he had no time to get to know.
  • The relationship between Sebastian and Nurse Tatiana as the game progresses. Despite her seemingly cool and distant demeanor, she offers advice and moral support to Sebastian as things get worse for him. She is kinder and more caring towards him than she was in the first game, and they interact more often. After a particularly difficult section, she can be a source of relief for the player entering the safe room again, especially in the harder modes. There are also the revelations of her true nature, and what she is to Sebastian. Their final conversation together before Sebastian leaves the STEM is particularly moving.


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