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Awesome / The Evil Within 2

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  • Sebastian taking down Stefano. An arrogant, demented Serial Killer who has gruesomely killed several innocent women in the real world and countless more people from inside of STEM, taking on a badass ex-cop who A: isn't an unwary or trusting victim, B: is very much capable of meeting force with force, and C: is quite eager to do so, because the aforementioned psycho made the huge mistake of fucking with his family. After he's defeated, Stefano tries to go out on his own terms by taking one last photo of Sebastian, and gets his psychopathy permanently cured, by way of a hot lead injection. Couldn't have happened to a nicer murdering lunatic.
  • Theodore places Sebastian back into the events of the first game and when he sees these abominations that had been terrorizing him for so long, he DESTROYS THEM.
    • He meets the Sadist again and after a brief chase, Sebastian tells himself "Enough of this shit!" Then he stabs that asshole in the neck (using Offscreen Teleportation, no less!) and takes his chainsaw for some well deserved Laser-Guided Karma. Then he blasts the hell out of three Keepers. And last, but certainly not least, he lures Laura into a trap and incinerates her for good. Or, to make it more cathartic, if he assembled the flamethrower earlier, he can just burn her to ashes himself without bothering with the trap.
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  • Once he realizes he can't Mind Rape Sebastian anymore, Theodore tries to run. He doesn't get very far before Myra stabs him through the chest. Then he tries to pull a Not Quite Dead moment and stab Myra in the back. It doesn't work, and he gets another spike straight through the chin and out the top of his skull.
    Theodore: "W—What are you?!"
  • Kidman gets her moment of awesome for Out-Gambitting Mobius itself.
    • This also includes gunning down people without even aiming.
    "What? Did you think I was just flying by the seat of my pants here? I took out my chip three days ago."
  • The Administrator's long awaited death. Given that he held the longest or possibly Myra took her time to make him suffer for harming her family.
  • You have to put together the clues yourself and you can very easily miss half of them, but Sebastian gets another crowning moment of absolute mental resilience: he's the only person in this version of the STEM to overcome the corruption process. Files in the laboratory indicate that the Lost are the result of some element of the STEM that creates mental instability, and the final step in the process is a victim suffering ongoing hallucinations of being pursued by ghosts. Three specific collectibles can spur Sebastian's encounters with the Anima, whose pursuit of Sebastian also causes him to return to places reminiscent of Beacon. Evade the Anima three times, and it forces Sebastian to make a breakthrough and make peace with his post-Beacon PTSD. As per the files, nobody has been able to do this, even Mobius operatives who specifically have conditioning that's supposed to prevent it. Sebastian is just too damn stubborn to turn into a zombie.


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