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  • In the very first chapter there is a photograph of Sebastian and Myra's wedding. Both of them have shotguns in the image; it was a shotgun wedding.
  • When Sebastian realizes that he has to use mirrors to travel to Union like in the first game:
    Sebastian: Why can't my memory just make regular doors?
  • Early in chapter 3, you can enter a small church where you witness a priest become a Lost, along with several others jumping into the room. Since you're probably not well armed enough to take on three or four Lost all at once, you're probably inclined to run right out the door you came in from, which causes Sebastian to quip:
    Sebastian: Fuck that!
  • When Sebastian learns about the Marrow from O'Neal.
    • Later in the same exchange:
      Sebastian: Deadly gas leaks, huh? Thanks for saving the worst for last, O'Neal.
      O'Neal: Based on what we've seen so far, I doubt it's the worst you'll encounter.
      Sebastian: You're not helping.
    • When O'Neal tells him that he has to reach city hall to find the stable field emitter, Sebastian looks up to see that the building in question is hanging upside-down in the sky above him on a fragmented chunk of earth. His immediate question is as reasonable as any:
      Sebastian: How the hell do I get up there?
    • If you revisit O'Neal later, but before you have to fight him, you are treated to this hilarious Easter Egg:
      O'Neal: Sebastian? What are you doing here?
      Sebastian: I'm in the middle of some serious shit right now, O'Neal. I could use some help out there.
      O'Neal: No way.
      Sebastian: Are you kidding? Do you know how long it took to come back here to tell you all this?
      O'Neal: You could have just called, you know.
      Sebastian: Are you coming with me or not?
      O'Neal: I told you I wasn't going to leave this place. It's fucking EVIL out there.
      Sebastian: That may be... but there's EVIL WITHIN, TOO...
  • Once Sebastian unlocks the shooting gallery, he seems to be having the time of his life when he performs well. Hell, his reactions in general are golden.
    If you get a low score on the shooting gallery game, the ranking will read "Get Your Shit Together."
    Sebastian: [If he gets a low score] I thought I was better than that... DISAPPOINTED!
    Tatiana: [If you get a high score] *Sarcastic Clapping* You're the best around.
    • In the French version, it's changed to Tatiana quoting part of the Pokémon opening.
    • The quote Sebastian drops if you finish off the gallery is great too.
    Sebastian: I should probably get back to that whole "saving my daughter" thing.
    • Even better, at first he declares the whole gallery as insanity and one round in, he's hooked.
  • When you max out all your gel upgrades Tatiana dons a party hat and some fireworks go off to congratulate you.
  • There's an ad poster for some kind of body image service (maybe...?) above the booths in the Devil's Own Taproom. Looking at it close-up reveals that the ad's pitch isn't just a bunch of unintelligible squiggles, but instead a long, rambling and totally bizarre rant about several incredibly unlikely hypothetical situations (such as traveling back in time to meet your soul mate or being personally visited by your chosen deity) that you'd never measure up to without using the service in question.
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  • Using the projector while Kidman's cat is blocking it will cause Seb to get annoyed and shoo it off the table.
  • Upon beating the game, several new features like costumes and new weapons are unlocked for use in New Game+. The ultimate reward? Letterboxing! For a more cinematic experience.
  • If you shoot Stefano with a smoke bolt during his boss fight, he'll get annoyed and dust himself off.
    Stefano: Smoke!? Really!?
  • The look on Seb's face when he hears a chainsaw revving up and turns to see The Sadist behind him. Rather than an "Oh, Crap!" look of terror, he has the most weary puppy-dog eyes you'll ever see and a frown that just screams "This Is Gonna Suck." Of course, things quickly take a turn for the awesome...
    • It wouldn't be nearly as awesome if it wasn't juxtaposed with a brief zoom-in on Seb's face when he finds his opponent did an Offscreen Teleportation on him. The string of expressions he shows as he say "ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT!" can be summed up as "Wha-How the-that's no-OH FUCK THIS SHIT!"
  • When Kidman hacks the STEM computer towards the end of the game, there's a Blink-and-You-Miss-It moment for those with a keen eye that reveals that the login password to gain administrator privileges to STEM, the conscious-unifying supercomputer that all members of Mobius, the most powerful secret organization in the world, are hooked up to, is "stemadmin123".
  • About midway through the game, Hoffman tells you that, as an egotistical psychopath, Stephano may be rattled enough to face Seb himself if you destroy his art. When Stephano sends you to admire his work, Sebastian, who is very much used to the madman's corpse art, is very much unimpressed with his photo in the diner. He then drops this little gem:
    Sebastian: (to the photo, while holding his knife) I'm going to stab the shit out of you.
    • It's just the delivery of the line, like he's a juvenile delinquent about to vandalize some personal property.
  • The fact that the final boss fight is essentially a custody battle.

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