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Trivia / The Evil Within 2

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  • Meaningful Release Date: The game was released on October 13th, which also happened to have been a Friday the 13th, which is entirely fitting given the game's creepy concept and all of the game's bad luck motifs (the broken mirrors, Kidman's black cat, etc.).
  • The Other Darrin: Sebastian's voice actor, Anson Mount, was replaced with Marqus Bobesich, an actor who's played bit parts in Serendipity, Survival of the Dead, and Orphan Black. Not that this is a bad thing; Marqus sounds slightly similar to Anson, and really manages to make Sebastian sound much more emotional.
    • In fact, every returning character has a completely different voice actor.
    • Averted in, at least, the Japanese and Spanish versions, where all chraracters from the previous game reprise their roles.
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  • What Could Have Been: An inverted case of this with the Harbinger enemy, who was supposed to appear in the first game, but was removed due to time constraints and instead debuted in this game.

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