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Heartwarming / Xenoblade Chronicles X

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  • If Elma is in the party when the player levels up, she'll sometimes say, "You're becoming a fine BLADE. I'm proud of you."
  • A meta gameplay example. Optional Party Member Alexa has always dreamed of owning a Skell. Once you get your Skell liscence, you can buy her one.
  • The mission to get the Skell Flight Module finished is a big one for Lin: it's "the last homework assignment she'll ever have", as her parents came up with the idea and she wants to see it through now that they're gone. Not only is Vandham basically a cool supportive uncle in all this, it's the only mission in the game where minor character Isobe is voiced, and despite being a "lowly engineer", he's got enough favors and strings to pull in Sakuraba due to his decades of experience to help Lin get the time she needs to repair the prototype one last time. Lin's relief, after pleading for one more chance to finish everything, is palpable, and you'd have to have a heart of obsidian to not feel it melting. Cassandra Lee, Lin's actress, knocking the entire sequence out of the park certainly helps in English, too.
    • Also, let's be honest: some people dislike its overall implementation in wider exploration (I.E. the overworld theme's loop resets every time you land), but that first time you took off and Don't Worry kicked in, you knew the girl's wings would work at last. "Over the rainbow", indeed. The lyrics even seem addressed at Lin.
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  • "New in New LA", the recruitment mission for Celica, has a number of great moments. Not only is the relationship between Celica and Rock likely to make your lip quibble (Rock was forced by the Ganglion to destroy Celica's home and, it's insinuated, kill most of her family; but she still forgives him and sees the good in him anyway, and he in turn wants to keep her safe), but Chausson, of all people, gets a little moment at the end. Once everyone's home, Chausson stops by to point out that New LA simply can't afford many non-productive residents, especially ones who can help. At this point, Rock is resigned to the idea of fighting, as Chausson proposed at the start of the mission...but then Chausson turns it around and points out that, admittedly, there's more ways of contributing to the war effort against the Ganglion than just fighting, and Rock would be really useful in construction right now, too. In a very politi-speak way, Chausson showed he was impressed by Celica's determination to fight in Rock's place and is willing to bend a bit to give them both refuge. Vandham is amused by it all and Rook & Lin can admit that they had Chausson pegged wrong, which actually does embarrass Chausson a bit. The end result? Celica's the new major member of Team Elma, Rock doesn't have to fight, and Chausson's proven he deserves his position as chief executive.
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  • Should you decide to honor their desires, the mission where you help marry a human BLADE and a Tree Prone is all sorts of heartwarming.
  • Hope's last Affinity mission. Rook and Hope's friend Ada team up to find the diary of Hope's father in order to cheer her up over Ornela's betrayal. While you are searching in Cauldaros for it, Ada gathers up everyone who Hope has helped out in the past in order to surprise her. Turns out when you return to NLA, Hope is greeted with a giant crowd of people eager to help her and make her feel better.
  • Even amongst Mira's wildlife there are occasional bouts of sweetness. The gargantuan Tyrant Pytor, The Shepherd shares an Odd Friendship with a pair of tiny ovis tyrants named Heidi and Clare. Attacking or killing his friends will send him into a boarderline Unstoppable Rage.
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  • You may not think too highly of Ga Bewhe after she betrays you and Adolphus, the fourth of the Celeste Three and steals all the gold in the vault. But if you visit the mountain northwest of FN 312 in Oblivia while it rains, you can find her and she'll apologize and explain for her actions, and even return some of the gold she took.


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