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Awesome Music / Xenoblade Chronicles X

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  • All the trailers have had epic background music, by Hiroyuki Sawano.
    • Gamers already knew what to expect, just from MONOX, the score featured in the first trailer.
    • The song used for the second trailer had YouTubers asking what it was called and wanting to know where they could download it, for over a year. Now they finally have their answer: it's called "The Key We've Lost" which is featured on the game's official website. It's also the Final Boss theme.
    • Both of the songs in the E3 2014 trailer, especially the epic CODENAMEZ that plays during the main trailer sequence.
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    • There's also the track that plays during the exploration trailer from the 1.14.15 Nintendo Direct.
  • Get ready to take your sweet time setting up your avatar to this music.
  • The background music for Primordia rivals Gaur Plains in terms of awesomeness. The nighttime version is quality stuff as well.
  • The song "Melancholia", featuring Aimee Blackschleger, has been heard in one of the gameplay feature videos.
  • Worried that Skells don't have a song when you pilot them? Don't worry, you have one as you fly in one.
  • The 4.22.15 story mode trailer features an all new song called "The way" that has stirring music and vocals to match. It's set amidst the war for Mira's very survival, making it an outright Tear Jerker. Bonus points for being a remix of the already awesome "Theme X".
  • "Wir fliegen", which plays when you activate Overdrive mode, is as good as "You Will Know Our Names" in every way. Only a small portion of the full song is usually heard ingame, however.
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  • The Tyrant battle theme, "Uncontrollable", is just as exciting as the previous Unique battle theme. Bonus points for the fact that, unlike many of the other battle themes, this song usually lasts long enough to get to the good part! For extra awesome points, because of their singers, "Uncontrollable" pretty much becomes what happens when "Reluctant Heroes" is mashed together with "Before By Body Is Dry", i.e. it could make for one heck of a Theme Music Power-Up anime insert song. Like "You Will Know Our Names" before it, it comes in 8-Bit, and with the original vocals included.
  • The battle theme "Black tar" comes in two parts. While not everyone may enjoy the rap or lyrics in the first half, nobody can deny that the main melody is very awesome. And when you ride the Skell and fight a monster, it changes the rhythm to get even more awesome with the song's second half.
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  • The Ma-non ship theme is simultaneously both super upbeat and relaxing.
  • Cauldros's (day) Theme is almost certain to get the adrenaline pumping, with its strong rhythm and bass accompaniment. It's even better with earphones on.
  • Oblivia's (day) Theme gives Cauldros strong competition with its fast-paced drums, violins, and horns (especially from 1:21-1:55). Talk about setting the tone for adventure!
  • Oblivia's (night) Theme reduces some of the tension, but maintains all of the awesomeness.
  • Noctilum's day theme, which is an epic theme setting the tone for the vibrant land of Noctilum.
  • Sylvalum Field's (day) Theme contrasts the previous two with a soothing melody that's ideal for traversing its frozen fields. And you thought Valak Mountain's was good. Then you reach the Sylvalum Field (night) theme, which threatens to put Satorl Marsh's night theme to shame.
  • Cave themes are usually viewed as the weak points of many an OST. Not this game's.
  • FiKAIeldJOU, the calm theme that plays for the islands far out in the ocean, is simply gorgeous.
  • NO.EX01, the theme for major boss battles, lets you know that it is on!
  • Both the track and the vocals to "By My Side" are catchy. Get ready to use the replay button.
  • Theme X is a beautiful track that plays when entering New Los Angeles for the first time. This awesome guitar cover is just as beautiful as the original but ten times as intense and epic.
  • Growth F.S.K.O. is an epic track with a kickass bass accompaniment. As the title implies, it's reserved for encounters with Ganglion. The second half is a sadder tune used for character deaths and other Tear Jerkers (though it's replaced by D91M (Requiem) for the more self-aware of the sad moments).
  • You won't be able to view Noctilum the same way anymore when you reach Divine Roost, its northernmost region, and listen to this mystic theme.
  • The first half of aBOreSSs (which decoded translates to Ares Boss), a rearrangement of D91M (Requiem) is essentially this game's version of "A Tragic Decision", a melancholic battle theme befitting Lao's betrayal of humanity and his reasons for doing so. The second half is used for the first phase of the Zu Pharg battle. D91M itself is incredible too, and is generally used for the occasional gut-wrenching Player Punch, Tear Jerker, or Reveal.
  • The first half of raTEoREkiSImeAra, the semi-final boss theme, can be a bit misleading as a title (it translates to "Lao Chimera Telethia") since the first two words are more in line with the true final boss, but is no less awesome with its ominous choir combined with a synthesizer and a fitting theme for the Vita, one of the ultimate weapons in Ganglion's arsenal, piloted by Luxaar, the leader of Ganglion. The second half of the song is the theme of the Telethia.
  • In the Forest, the vocal version of "CODENAMEZ", is fittingly tense for the context in which it plays, that being squad missions against Nemeses. The mostly-spoken lyrics highlight just how grim humanity's situation is.
  • Then there's the ending song, "Your Voice", the perfect way to cap off the experience.
  • The track that plays during most scenes with Celica and Rock, as well as the beginning of Chapter 5 (on the discussion of translation and communication) and much of the Orphe's biological mysteries. Perfectly soothing and mystical.
  • So Nah, So Fern, which plays during Lao's most dramatic moments such as his time in the Mimeosome Maintenance Center and him finishing off Luxaar and monologuing as he gets transformed into a chimera sets the mood.
  • Z29ba2t0t1l301e17 plays while fighting xenoforms or other Skells whilst in a Skell is a simply awesome electro tune with a heavy beat, cool vocal effects, and a generally epic feeling.
  • Z37b20a13t01t08le, the minor boss theme, is surprisingly good given that it's normally overshadowed by NO.EX01, and has a similarly epic drop a bit over a minute in.
  • Notable is the woefully underused Michi Kyodai, used only for online missions and fights against Neilnail Albus and Furvus. As much as it barely appears, it's still highly intense, awesome, and ominous.


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