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Awesome Music / Yandere Simulator

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For a still-in-development game with a low budget, some of its original tracks are pretty good.

  • The first two "Schoolday" themes, especially the second one, which has a nice jazzy vibe to it.
  • The soundalike tracks for Cyborg Mode and Bad Time Mode are neat.
  • "Investigation", the theme for when the cops show up, is simple but cool.
  • The credits song as of May 2017, "Star-Crossed Lovers", is a somber original composition for the game from Ayano's perspective.
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  • "You're a Mean One, Yandere-chan", released for Christmas 2016 and sung by Ayano's voice actress, actually manages to make a yandere-themed parody of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" sound not only good, but sexy.
  • This rap battle between Osana and Ayano, moderated (sort of) by Midori, sung by their official voice actresses, sounds great, and it's incredibly catchy, too. In fact, all the "Epic Rap Battles of Academi" are both catchy and well written.

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