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Awesome Music / Yandere Simulator

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For a still-in-development game with a low budget, some of its original tracks are pretty good.

  • The first two "Schoolday" themes, especially the second one, which has a nice jazzy vibe to it.
  • "Investigation", the theme for when the cops show up, is simple but cool.
  • The credits song as of May 2017, "Star-Crossed Lovers", is a somber original composition for the game from Ayano's perspective.
  • "You're a Mean One, Yandere-chan", released for Christmas 2016 and sung by Ayano's voice actress, actually manages to make a yandere-themed parody of "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" sound not only good, but sexy.
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  • This rap battle between Osana and Ayano, moderated (sort of) by Midori, sung by their official voice actresses, sounds great, and it's incredibly catchy, too. In fact, all the "Epic Rap Battles of Academi" are both catchy and well written.

1980s Mode

  • "Deadly Dangerous Love" is an energetic song with an 80s synthwave vibe to it sung entirely in Japanese, all from Ryoba's perspective.
  • "Main Menu" takes the calm and reserved melody of the original, gives it more lively synth piano, and adds a sick drum base to it.
  • "Tutorial" AKA "Ryoba's Theme" is a calming yet subtly ominous theme for the sake of introducing the player. The "Tense" and "Ominous" variations drops the subtle-ness of the song in favor of a more... well, tense and ominous feel. The former's use of the violin and the latter's use of the drums putting particular emphasis on the sociopathic and psychotic state of Ryoba.
  • As with the main game, the first six Schoolday Themes have their own variations that swap out dependant on Ryoba's sanity, the school's atmosphere, or both. For example, "Schoolday 1":
    • The normal version of "Schoolday" remixes the classic jazzy background music of the base game into an eighties-styled synth beat with extra percussion.
    • The Low Sanity variant turns the cheery melody into an off-key, all around distorted shell of the original. If one listens closely, it also features a high-paced frantic piano in the background, as if reflecting Ryoba's state.
    • The Low atmosphere variant plays fewer instruments, with noticeable gaps in the once whole melody, like a cheery facade.
    • The variant with both Low atmosphere and sanity is a perfect merge of the two variants, with the synth hardly staying on key anymore as it drags out the intended melody into a rather nightmarish cry.
  • "Ai Will Shock You" is a love song sung by Ai Doruyashi In-Universe that plays while she's on stage. The title, in addition to the metaphorical electricity in the song lyrics, serves as an unsubtle clue on her potential fate.