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Trivia / Xenoblade Chronicles X

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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The game was originally going to have a fixed main character, but was changed halfway through development due to the addition of online play. Concept art of the original protagonist resembles Yelv.
    • According to the developers the project got so out of hand, especially after the decision to add multiplayer, that the amount of content cut and changed rivals the entirety of the three Xenosaga games, the series of which they come from was infamous for its Troubled Production.
    • Concept art of planet Mira shows that it was originally going to be bigger, with more continents, an orbital space station, and an enormous tower located at its north pole. Strangely, it also appears to have dark purple "cracks" in its surface. There's also what appears to be a second human city on the opposite side of the planet, "New Tokyo". Many fans hope that if a sequel emerges, some of these might be made into elements of it.
    • The Qlurians were originally going to have a much bigger part in the story, but were almost entirely absent from the game in the end. The only remnants of them are Celica, a brief mention of the Trion Barrier being their technology, and the Neilnail Skells that can be fought in a Time Attack mission.