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Heartwarming / Hero's Realm

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  • You can be the source of a lot of heartwarming moments in this game. From saving a village from a horrible illness and avenging the Ninja's father, to helping a man create a flying machine and saving many kidnapped twelve-year-olds, your actions have a positive effect on the world of Nerth. Most of chapter 4 is even spent avenging the deaths of the villagers at the hands of Mephistocles' henchmen, as mentioned below.
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  • The opening of chapter 4, with a little girl walking around and saying hello to everybody in her village. Subverted when she and all but one soldier in the village are ruthlessly murdered by one of the Big Bad's henchmen.
  • Really, this game in general is one huge one for NES and SNES Role Playing Games. It's an unabashed shout-out and homage to what made those eras of RPGs great, taking the battle system of the Final Fantasy series and lovingly blending it with Dragon Quest jobs, jokes, and storylines, finishing up with a delicious helping of Earthbound-esque humor.


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