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Heartwarming / Megadimension Neptunia VII

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  • Neptune shouting out Nepgear's name as the former is sent back to the Hyperdimension without her. This goes to show how much Neptune's love for her little sister has changed since the events of the last game.
  • Despite the memories of the CPU being erased, Compa instantly remembers Neptune upon hearing her voice.
    • IF, meanwhile, does not remember Neptune despite meeting her face to face and interacting with her for a time. However, she did not forget the promise she made to her to protect Planeptune. It's heartwarming in a different way that the memory of a promise to a dear friend kept IF going even in spite of being unable to recall who she made the promise to.
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  • During Neptune's story in the G Dimension arc, she, Compa and IF reunite with Nepgear. Neptune however, tells her younger sister to go to Leanbox to go help Vert, since Vert doesn't have a sister or friends like Compa and IF to help.
  • During Noire's story in the G Dimension Arc, she encounters a cat while on the run from her nation's police force. She actually politely stops and talks to the cat a little bit, and the cat actually helps her when the police force closes in on her.
  • Affimojas and Steamax's genuine friendship. Even despite the former being a greedy bastard, it's obvious how well they get along. It really becomes apparent when Affimojas tries to cut off Stemax to protect him, then when Steamax reveals his Friendless Background and his meeting with Affimojas, and finally when Steamax fights the CPUs to protect Affimojas, fully resolved to die for him.
    • Steamax's friendship with Uni also qualifies; not once in the entire story did the Lastation candidate ever consider him an enemy, even after his true identity was revealed. She even goes as far as to strike Steamax with a dummy bullet just to end the fight and save him from getting scrapped by the CPUs. And at the end of it all, she outright declares the reason she's pissed off at him is only due to him hiding the truth from her, and not because of his affiliation. They immediately reconcile after that, with Steamax promising never to run away from her ever again.
  • Vert's and Neptune's dreams. Respectively:
    • Vert's is a mix of this and a little sad. Predictably, it's about having little sisters—but they're all versions of her. It's basically symbolic of Vert just wanting to be loved and cared for the same way she cares for others.
    • Neptune's is pure heartwarming, because rather than indulging in complexes and unrealized desires, her ideal of happiness is basically her everyday, normal life—a world where everyone else is just as happy as she is. The fact that this stands in stark contrast to the other CPUs dreams and what was expected of her prompted disbelief from IF is just the touch of humor you'd expect from Neptune.
  • Uzume reunites with everyone in the Revival Ending/True Ending. Especially with Histoire, as she feels nostalgic after listening to her speech pattern.
    • The annoying brat in Uzume's flashback that kept badmouthing her not only never forgot about Uzume, but actually respected her and honored her memory all the way to the current era, even as an old man.
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  • Umio helping Uzume out of her mental breakdown and we find out he was her most adamant supporter when she was CPU of Planeptune. It's especially heartwarming (and a little tear jerking) when you realize that Umio is a reference to Isao Okawa; the former head of Sega that gave everything he had to Sega; as well as forgiving the company's debt to him shortly before he passed away so Sega could survive as a 3rd party developer.

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