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Tear Jerker / Megadimension Neptunia VII

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  • The Ascension Ending, AKA the Normal Ending of the game. Uzume is Killed Off for Real, signified with the console being destroyed for good. Neptune cannot do anything but screams her name while in tears.
    Nepgear: My sister's desperate cries fell in vain as Uzume's console broke, disappearing into a beautiful light. It was almost as if it had finished its role... That was how the final moments felt...
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  • When you find out Uzume's backstory and she ends up having a complete mental breakdown as her personalities overlap. Thankfully she gets better thanks to Umio but it's an intense moment.
  • Umio's backstory; especially if you understand that he's a reference to former Sega chairman Isao Okawa and not just the game Seaman. Both threw their full support behind Uzume/Dreamcast as well as Planeptune/Sega and did their best to help the CPU/system be successful. Okawa also was the reason Sega survived becoming a third party developer by forgiving their millions in debt to him shortly before he passed away. Likewise, Umio's former self sacrificed his life so Planeptune could live on and Uzume could be at peace.
  • Uni's near death scene. She pushed Noire out of the way of poisonous gas and ended up inhaling it. She is slowly dying. Noire can do nothing to help her. She is only saved thanks to K-Sha, but that doesn't make it any less heartwrenching
    Uni: N-Noire...I...
    Noire: Don't speak. Please. I'm taking you to the hospital right away.
    Uni: *Pant...pant...* It might... be too late... for me...
    Noire: You idiot! Don't even talk like that! I'm not letting you die!
    Uni: It's... pointless... I know myself... better than... anyone...
    Noire: Uni, no! Please, Uni, don't give up now! I'll do something, we'll manage something! Keep your eyes open, stay with me, Uni!
    Uni: No...ire...It's... okay
    Noire: It's not okay at all! Why are you giving up, you idiot?!
    Uni: I'm... a CPU Candidate... It's not like... this was never expected. It's a part... of our job... I'm... at peace with it. But I'm... I'm scared... Noire... I'm so scared... I don't... want to die...
    Noire: Uni...Uni...!!
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  • What is Vert's Happy Place? Having sisters like the other CPUs. She might have a Cool Big Sis role out of the CPUs but she never is actually one (since Microsoft has, to date, never made a handheld console, choosing instead to focus on tablet computers like the Microsoft Surface). It may be a bit selfish but it makes sense considering it as a Tragic Dream.

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