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  • The ending credits of the arcs give characters some amusing titles, like labeling Umio as "Uzume's Emergency Rations."
  • Neptune pretty much no selling Noire's attempt at being a Tsundere with her, and her trying to throw Uni under the bus only for her sister to retaliate by mentioning how worried Noire was about Neptune.
  • Anytime Uzume accidentally dips into her Orange Heart personality is guaranteed to be hilarious, especially her really poor attempts at covering it up after realizing what she was doing. Here's one fine example when Uzume, Neptune and Nepgear are looking for Umio:
    Uzume: You never know. A mysterious bystander might have been accompanying Umio when he was attacked. Maybe they both escaped! [goes into daydreaming mode] Then, while they're wandering around looking for us, we'll just happened to run into them. [acts out of character by acting cutesy] We'll be totally surprised at the coincidence, and, like, both Uzume and her new pal totally won't be able to believe it, ya know? Then just like that they'll lead us to where Umio is, and we'll, like, beat up the meany monster that were bullying Umio! Umi's saved, and we'll find the share crystal, and we'll be totally super lucky like that!
    Neptune and Nepgear: [shocked] Uhhhhhh...
    Uzume: [realizes her mistake] Oh! [clears her throat and reverts back to normal] So, yeah, there's a small chance someone will appear to show us the way, right?
    Neptune: Uh, Uzume, heh... sorry, but what in the world was that thing you just transform into?
    Neptune: No, no, no. I, uh, most definitely was not! You just transformed into some kind of valley girl from the 90's or something!
    Nepgear: You were referring to yourself as "Uzume" in the third person, too!
    • :This becomes a lot less funny when you find out who the antagonist is...
  • Adult Neptune's introduction is filled with hilarity, simply because her attitude about the situation is just so damn cheerful. The fact that her talking alone managed to debuff Arfoire is great fun.
    • After sealing Arfoire into Adult Neptune's Nep-note, The party soon eat all sorts of foods, Neptune later notices some eggplants, we all know what to expect when it comes to Neptune and eggplants but the kicker about this, she tries eating the vegetable at first. Her newfound hate of the vegetable is so great that she feeds the captured Arfoire with it and along with Uzume and Umio with shiitake mushrooms and freshwater fish is indirectly responsible for releasing her from her own Nep-note.
  • IF's utter disbelief and confusion over Neptune's dream and her ideal of happiness, and how she can't stand how heartwarming it is.
  • Out of all of the main four Neptune of all people having the least selfish dream is funny considering all evidence in the series would make you think otherwise.
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  • Both Uzume and Umio assuming that Neptune was Nepgear's younger sister, not because of appearance, but because of Neptune's whining about wanting pudding and how Nepgear kind of had to handle it.
  • The post-game scenes.
    • Nepgear and Uni have a contest in the sauna, and the loser has to buy drinks for both of them. Neither of them give up because they don't have enough money to uphold their end of the bet and want to avoid the embarrassment of admitting it. It gets to the point where they both faint and are only saved by the older Neptune coming in.
    • The CPUs cosplay to raise their share levels. Noire tries to formally recommend they do the event, but in reality she just wanted a reason to dress up. She even says she knows a person who can make their costumes; that person happens to be her.
    • Vert has Ram and Rom dress up as racing queens for an event, which is swiftly halted by Blanc. Vert still got what she wanted.
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    • Blanc is annoyed with Ram, Rom, and B-Sha's antics, but Umio gets them all to settle down. Blanc then asks Uzume if she could hire Umio as a babysitter, but Uzume declines, because Umio's her emergency rations.
  • Steamax is cornered by Neptune (as Purple Heart), IF, and Compa, but he has a trick on his sleeve. Said trick is to throw his Porn Stash on the floor to distract the three. It works with Neptune not being able to stop looking at it, Compa having an ingenious solution by closing her eyes, and IF berating the two only for her to glance at the pages.
  • Neptune, as Purple Heart, being The Tease towards Steamax. Steamax becomes so flustered by it he ends up fainting, with it being heavily implied that he just jizzed his pants. This also happens right after the above moment.
  • In the Hyperdimension side of the Heartdimension arc, Nepgear's party argues over who gets to activate the Sharing Field against Dark Black. In the end, E-Sha manages to steal this moment, resulting in Nepgear questioning if she's losing her status as main character of the scenario. Even Dark Black seems to be exasperated by the party's antics.
  • The Heartdimension side is equally hillarious, because the girls just couldn't stop making fun of Blanc because Dark White's chest size is just way smaller than other Dark CPUs.
  • Also an awesome moment. Kurome manages to steal the console, only to lose it to Steamax and get punched by a Dogoo-Man. Additionally, Nepgear further fears that she's losing the spotlight because the minor comic relief characters managed to deal the first blow to the Big Bad.
  • Meanwhile on the Heart Dimension side, Neptune does not take it well when she realizes she's becoming a Decoy Protagonist for both Uzume and adult Neptune.
    Neptune: This is protagonist fraud at this point! I'll take this to court! I'll sue and I'll win!
  • Steamax vandalizes Neptune's online article for blogging material. Nepgear notices it and tries to fix it, but goes too far in the other direction with some over-the-top praises. Histoire eventually has to lock the article to stop the edit war.
  • Vert and Nepgear ask S-Sha to help settle an argument they've had since the series began — whether the bird and horse hybrid creatures should be called horsebirds or birdhorses. S-Sha begins "They should obviously be called 'Cho..." before she's cut off by Vert and Nepgear freaking out.
    • Made even more funny by the fact that S-Sha is effectively the representative of Square Enix, and the only one who could get away with even suggesting it!
  • While deciding on a name for the cat, K-Sha settles on Blanc. Noire vows to make sure Blanc the CPU never meets the cat.
  • C-Sha decides the best way to stand out from other characters in the series is to be the type to end up in underwear when she's hit. Blanc is rather weirded out by the proposal.
  • The beginning of Vert's prologue. It starts with a ridiculous CG shot of S-Sha sitting on a Dogoo Man while Dogoo Ladies fan her on either side, which Vert points out. S-Sha gets things back on track and tells Vert to pull out the Holy Sword, which she succeeds at... and is congratulated on being the 983,067th Wielder of the Sword, which Vert expresses surprise at. S-Sha then gives Vert 100 credits (by Neptunia standards, that's the equivalent of just a couple of dollars) as a farewell gift, which Vert does not like one bit. What sells it is S-Sha's Not So Stoic Smug Smile.
    • This is actually something of a minor Running Gag during Vert's scenario. Her getting pumped about being the protagonist for once gets derailed a few times (including the above bit) by making a complete mockery of what should have been glorious moments for her. They don't last long, usually, but Vert is less than pleased at being made a Butt-Monkey even in her own story!
      • Vert can't even get away with joking about becoming the main character as when she and Neptune do the "Next Episode Preview" section, Vert jokes about being the main character over Neptune, only for Neptune to smile and declare that Vert should get naked to improve her popularity, with Vert wondering what's going on before she quickly finds out that she's in nothing but a towel. Neptune says that the only reason Vert even has that is because there's no standing nude portraits of the characters to use. No wonder she doesn't become the main character in Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online!
  • The event that happens at the end of Uzume's flashback where it's revealed that Umio is a reincarnation of a guy who once supported Uzume through tough times. Let's just say that Uzume's entire flashback sequence was seen by everyone.
  • The epilogue of the G arc has Vert squeeing at Steamax's devotion towards Affimojas, even pleasantly surprised that Steamax was the dominant one even. Nosebleed included.
  • Noire's extra dialogue reveals that she gets completely wasted on Root Beer.


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