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Nightmare Fuel / Megadimension Neptunia VII

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  • Anytime the Big Bad, Kurome decides to use her Demonic Possession, Mind Rape, and The Corruption powers, it always results in something horrifying.
  • The moment where all main CPUs start acting out of character after Kurome releases their leash. While retaining their signature personality, they start talking about killing their younger sisters while sounding... very happy about doing so. Especially Neptune as Purple Heart, her speech pattern becomes similar to Iris Heart, except with even more cold blooded tone than the aforementioned character; all while she strangles Nepgear. If not for Ultradimension Neptune's nick of time intervention, she could have been killed at any second.
    • Even worse if you get the Bad Ending. All the main CPUs have completely fallen. The Candidates, instead of standing up and fighting to rescue their sisters, are forced to retreat and can't do anything but sit and watch their dimension be destroyed. In just a few seconds, this moment is arguably the most horrifying and gut wrenching moment in the game.

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