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Even a silly, self-aware idle dating sim can have its genuinely sweet moments.

  • Some of the higher-level lines from the girls are very heartfelt:
    Bonnibel: You're my sunshine. My sweet summer rain. You're a lilac bush in the window. Open your hand, my heart is there.
    Elle: I like you. You're my favorite reason to smile.
    Elle: I like you so much. You make me feel dreamy in the good way.
  • One of Nina's Lovers-level emits involves her developing a Big Sister Instinct towards Elle after watching her fall asleep on the porch. It's unbelievably sweet to see the normally snarky maid become protective of someone so kind and innocent.
    Nina: You'd better treat her right!
    • Moreover, Nina repeatedly mentions many of the other girls hanging out or spending time at your house. Not only are you bringing love into their lives, but they seem to begin forming a circle of friends through you, enriching them as people in ways beyond the romantic.
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    • On that note, the change from most harem games where the girls are aware the player is dating multiple women and they seem okay with it. (Except for Ayano, but, you know.) It's heartwarming that the player isn't going behind the girls' backs to win the others.
  • Most of the quotes the girls say after putting on the wedding dress costume. A particularly daaww-inducing quote from Cassie helps sell her Defrosting Ice Queen status
    Cassie: Fair warning. I'm gonna cry, and my mascara is going to make me look like a melting raccoon. This is the best day ever.
    • Elle's is about as earnest, simple and heart-rendingly sweet as five words can possibly be.
    Elle: You're my dream come true.
  • Karma and Sutra both have dialogue at their nuisance level that makes it clear how much they love each other
    Karma: Sutra is my Guardian. She is my lover, my confidant, my friend and my masseuse. You should see what she can do with those abs!
  • One of Alpha's lines after turning into a human is heart-meltingly sincere.
    Alpha: You know, even with all the really big and amazing things out there, your kiss is still my most favorite thing.
  • Even Nutaku, a self-aware pervert based on an adult website, has her moments, giving the impression that Marshmallow's getting past her outer shell and genuinely getting to know her. At the Friendzoned relationship level, giving her a gift results in her being genuinely flustered for a moment before regaining her composure.
    Nutaku: More gifts? I-I-I don't know what to say! I promise to keep this... close to me.
    • The memory from taking Nutaku on a sightseeing date shows her not trying to seduce you, simply standing there gracefully and smiling.

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