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  • Whenever a disaster happens, ROBLOX will normally make a hat that the average user can afford. The proceeds made from the hat go towards helping whichever town, or country was affected by the disaster. Special mention goes to them helping Japan back in 2011 after Japan suffered from the earthquake and tsunami, as well as them making two hats to raise funds for Hurricane Harvey relief.
  • When Erik Cassel passed away, they renamed the hat he wore, Well Worn Hat, to Erik Cassel's Hat. Also from the description of that hat: "To honor our co-founder Erik Cassel, ROBLOX will make a substantial contribution to cancer research in Erik's name. Thank you to everyone for your respect and support. "
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  • This speech near the bottom of the page, regarding the possible shutdown of a clan and the legacy of said clan.
  • If for any reason a ROBLOX player is struggling with suicidal thoughts and is reported for suicidal threats, or ROBLOX detects that they are struggling, ROBLOX will send them this message.
  • Bee Swarm Simulator has one that you may not notice in game. Those treats you give your bees to increase their bond? According to Word of God, they don't actually eat the treats, but rather, they see treats as gifts from their beekeeper and their Bond level increases because of it, and then they hide the treats in fields for others to find and share.

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