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Drinking Game / Roblox

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Roblox drinking game.

General Rules:

  • If you catch an online dater or Troll in the server, take a drink.
    • Take another drink if the moderators of the server are poorly handling the troll and/or ignoring the online dater.
  • Every time a line of number signs (Often called "hashtags," by the community) appear in the chat, take a sip.
    • Make it a drink if something innocent you say, such as a number, still gets blocked by the filter.
    • Take two sips if an altered swear/slur bypasses the filter.
  • In the middle of the drinking game, if Roblox ends up removing something/announcing the removal of something, finish your drink.
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  • Take a drink for every "FREE ROBUX!" scam you find on the site.
  • Finish your drink if a famous Roblox user is in the server.
  • If someone mocks your appearance, take a drink. Make it two if one of your clothing items cost Robux, and was made by Roblox.
  • Take a drink if you see a player with bacon hair. note  Keep the hospital on your speed dial.
  • Take a sip for every game you find on the site that's based off of a preexisting work.
  • Take a drink for every free model in a low quality game.
  • Take a drink every time you see "Oof", "Go commit die" or any variants in the chat.
  • Take a sip for every "Simulator" game on the Popular page, finish the drink if there are two Simulators in the same
horizontal row.

Specific Game Rules:

  • When playing Prison Life, take a drink if any of the following happen:
    • A cop tases/shoots you for no reason.
      • Take another victory drink if they die because of it, and become an inmate. Take a third drink if they leave the game.
    • You are about to escape the prison, but you get killed by a group of criminals for no reason.
    • If the inmates kill you while you are a criminal.
    • Down the bottle if a criminal punches you to death when you are also a criminal.
    • Whenever one of the cops is deliberately releasing prisoners from the prison.
  • When playing Jailbreak, these rules apply.
    • Take a drink if the server has less than 5 cops.
      • Down your drink if the server has none.
    • Take a drink every time you get arrested as a criminal.
    • Take two drinks every time you get killed as a cop.
    • Take a drink if you get a keycard as a criminal/prisoner.
      • Take another if the cop that you stole said card from arrests you soon after.
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    • Take two drinks if you see a Blackhawk or Bugatti being driven.
      • Drink to forget if you obtain one of these vehicles.
    • Take a drink for every robbery you succeed at.
      • Take two if you fail.
    • Take a drink if you die in the museum.
      • Take two if you successfully rob the museum.
    • Take one drink for each player involved if there are more than 3 people in a robbery you're participating in.
      • Take an extra drink for each player that dies during said robbery.
    • Take a drink for each robbery you bust as a cop.
      • Take one for each criminal busted if there's more than 3 present in the failed robbery.
    • Take two drinks for every time you encounter ear rape audio playing on someone's radio.
      • Drink to forget if there's an exploiter in the server.
  • In Roblox High School, or any similar type of school game, if less than three showed up to class, take a drink.
    • Take a sip for every class you skip.
    • Take a sip every time you see a "hot boy/girl" who is actually a "bacon/acorn hair" who used the character editor.
  • If you're playing an obby:
    • Take a drink whenever you die.
      • Two if you were near the end of the obstacle.
    • Down the bottle if you find an obstacle unique to the obby.
  • If you're playing Survive the Disasters 2:
    • Take a drink if two or more warning rounds happen in a row.
    • Take a drink whenever a boss round starts.
      • Toast if the boss is defeated.
    • Take a drink whenever you collect a memo card.
    • Take a drink if someone becomes the last one standing.
      • Another if it's you.
      • Down the bottle if everyone dies on the disaster.
    • Take a drink when a bonus round starts.
      • Drink in shame if you die or get nothing during the bonus round.
    • Down the bottle if you lose a streak of 10 or more.
      • Take another drink if it's because of Illumina.

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