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  • Banned in China: On May 23, 2018, Roblox, along with other online games, were banned in the United Arab Emirates, because they claimed that the games cause mental destruction in children.
  • Cash Cow Franchise:
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  • Creator Breakdown: Treelands' sudden stop in updates was explained months later by Newfissy. SoUpErHeRoW, an important part of the Treelands developer community, passed away. This caused another member of the dev team to spiral into a deep depression, which in turn caused morale to drop and led to an unhealthy atmosphere which ended with Newfissy leaving the team. Though Newfissy would make a Creator Recovery, by deciding to make a game that would leave an impact on kids the same way MapleStory and RuneScape left an impact on him, creating Adopt Me, currently one of the most popular games on Roblox.
  • Defictionalization: The longtime favorite Bloxy Cola was made as a real energy drink provided at the Roblox Developers Conference 2019.
  • Distanced from Current Events:
    • Roblox's Twitter once tweeted "The Airports might be crazy right now, but that wasn’t of any worry for these YouTubers", around the time the news broke out that Juice Wrld had passed away at Chicago's Midway airport. The tweet was taken down later.
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    • Two seperate games, both unrelated to each other, named Virus Simulator were announced on April 14, 2020, and were immediately greeted with this reaction on social media due to the announcement coming right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. Eventually one of the games was cancelled and it's dev team disbanded, while the other was released and almost immediately after was renamed Sneeze Simulator, abeilt with a This Is a Work of Fiction disclaimer.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Free users are typically referred to by the unofficial name "NBCers", or Non-Builders' Club.
    • "Bacon Noobs" for users who use the standard male avatar which came with a hairpiece called "Pal Hair", which has a overall shape and texture heavily resembling bacon.
  • Follow the Leader: Obstacle courses ("obbies" as they're called), which are usually floating masses of land normally filled with free modelsnote . It's almost impossible to browse the front page without seeing at least one "WHO KILD SPONGBAWB OBBI" or something similar.
    • Tycoons are another example. Most of them are just plots of land with conveyor belts, droppers to drop stuff that earn money, flat disks on the ground to walk on, and the occasional ability to kill other players. Fortunately, some, such as Theme Park Tycoon 2 and Lumber Tycoon 2, don't use such mold and stand out as original tycoons.
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    • The situation seems to have gotten better, with games of higher quality sticking on the games page for longer. Obstacle courses still appear, albeit infrequently.
    • Examples Of 'Leaders':
      • Murder Mystery (Link to original impossible, because this sequel replaced it)
      • Work at a Pizza Place
      • TrueStar's Cart Ride Tycoon Through a/the/- X
      • Camping: Since early 2019, it's common to see an adventure game decorated with a simplistic vector design and having a casual and innocent premise, until it pulls off macabre twists and forces the players to survive.
      • TONK started a wave of oversized UGC items that started off covering half of an avatar, before it culminated into items that covered the entire avatar. This led to backlash by developers and players of competitive FPS games as people began using these items to disguise themselves ingame to score easy kills.
      • Piggy: Since then, there have been more Granny-like games on Roblox albeit with Piggy's unique shticks, skins and in-game chapters. AlvinBlox's series on developing such replica only encouraged the trend.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes:
    • Any and all old versions, but especially the farther you go back. A lot of old clients have circulated around the Internet, but as of this writing (March 2018) the absolute farthest back you can go is August 2007. The 2007 client, in particular, took a very long time to find, and was only miraculously discovered by a user who found the files archived in a temporary file on an old PC. 2006 and prior still have yet to surface.
    • A ton of classic ROBLOX games, far too many to list here, are either broken to the point of being unplayable due to site updates, haven't been updated in years, or just flat-out been deleted. The older the game is, the more likely this is to be true. In some cases, however, there's a reuploaded or repaired version of these games floating around somewhere on the site.
      • "Welcome to the Town of Robloxia" in particular was infamous in the early 2010s for having dozens of copies uploaded to the site. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise later on, as the original game has been closed to the public for years.
      • Super Nostalgia Zone seems to exist entirely for the purpose of preserving the games and general "aesthetic" of classic Roblox, even going as far as recreating old sound and physics glitches.
    • Adventure Forward: Star Savior was originally temporarily shut down for maintenance, but now remains unplayable due to the banning of its creator Explode1 before the game was reopened to the public after the repairs were supposed to be completed. (See Role-Ending Misdemeanor below for what happened.)
  • Long-Runners: It was publicly released in 2006 and it has received new updates and features ever since.
  • Newbie Boom:
    • Starting in early 2016, a massive rise to new players was seen, which ticked off older players. Some have blamed this on Lets Players. To the uninitiated, after the old developers of Roblox were superseded by new members or simply stopped caring, things took rather drastic turns, usually for the worst. New pay systems were devised (Turbo Builder's Club, Outrageous Builder's Club), with subscriptions going into the hundreds of dollars. Scripting was locked down, with many game-breaking changes implemented that angered the scripting community.
    • The rise of Roblox Lets Players has lead to this. Older players will often blame YouTubers, such as DanTDM, for introducing Roblox to a wider audience of children.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Roblox occasionally holds contests where players submit original ideas for future Rthro avatars. The winning designers would win $500 and have their designs be made into official Rhtro bundles.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor:
    • MisterObvious, once a respected fan animator who won a 2014 Bloxy, lost all his reputation and was forced to disappear from the Internet after allegations of sexual predatory behavior to underage girls on Discord were brought to light. It didn't help he tried to take legal action at first. To this day, unlike the Explode1 example below, his account has not been terminated yet despite pleas from many to do so, which has proved very controversial.
    • Explode1 was well known for creating well-received clones of Super Mario 64 such as Adventure Forward: Star Savior. However, in February 2018, his alleged sexual predatory behavior towards minors were uncovered, resulting in Roblox banning his account and having all of his ongoing projects cancelled. Later on, Adventure Forward 3 was later Retooled into a Spiritual Successor called Hallowed Hero.
    • EpicCritcal was nearly the victim of this due to accusations of sexual predatory behavior against minors that caused a massive amount of drama to the point where he had to shut down his social media accounts, and went dormant for about 5 months. He then eventually returned, but stated that he was only returning to implement the remaining classes he had planned for Critical Strike.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers:
    • On April 18, 2018, Pokémon Brick Bronze was taken down, presumably because of a DCMA complaint from Nintendo. Justified, as the developers were making real money off copyrighted material that they did not have permission to use. The developers later rereleased it as the spiritual successor Loomian Legacy.
      • Less justifiably, almost all Pokemon related games were purged in its wake, with only the most obscure games to use Pokemon themes remaining open. Even Nintendo games also met this fate, not surprising, as Nintendo is infamous for not being enthusiastic about fanwork.
    • Thousands of copyrighted songs submitted to the site were removed starting from June 18th, 2018. To try and counteract this, Roblox signed a license agreement with APM Music, providing a massive library of license-free music for developers to use. The reactions weren't peaceful.
    • In general, like the Pokémon Brick Bronze example above, if you make and publish a game with copyrighted assets, whether it's nonprofit fanwork or not, you're in risk for some legal trouble, as Roblox considers it self to be a professional platform. Copyright is treated as Serious Business within the developer community and Roblox even published an article advising developers to not use copyrighted material.
    • A large amount of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout clones were purged from the site following a request from Mediatonic Games. Unlike the above examples, though, community response to this was more in agreement as the site is notorious for producing "inspirations" from trending games for a quick buck.
  • Similarly Named Works: There was a virual pet site (and toyline) called "" before the Roblox game Adopt Me! came along (and grew more popular). The site's old closure notice notes how many people confused the site with the Roblox game.
  • Spoiled by the Merchandise: Several characters and Palette Swaps from Heroes of Robloxia (such as Tigris, Midnight Shogun, and a few mooks related to past antagonists) were released as toys before they were officially revealed.
  • Unisex Series, Gendered Merchandise: Roblox itself is a unisex game platform, but the majority of official Roblox t-shirts that are sold at retail can only be found in "boy's" clothing departments at stores. Averted with virtually all of the other Roblox merchandise items (e.g. the toys, which are aimed at both boys and girls alike).
  • Unwinnable by Mistake: A large number of games from the old days of Roblox no longer work properly due to various changes over the years regarding the way scripts work. Pretty much every game from the early days of Roblox that relied on some kind of programming has been affected, though most in different ways. Issues range from minor things like malfunctioning weapons or vehicle tools, to massive, game-breaking bugs like respawn scripts that no longer function or game lobbies that you can never leave. More often than not, these broken scripts render games unplayable until the creator can fix them, but with games this old, it's usually not likely that they'll be repaired.
  • Viral Marketing: At the time Roblox initially went live, YouTube was only just getting started. However, a few noteworthy users on there who gained fame through other kinds of videos ended up making some Roblox videos in a similar manner; this raised awareness of the game's existence tenfold. One of the most famous examples is probably Fleskhjerta (known for his The Most Stupid Deaths In Super Mario 64 series), who was probably responsible for a large percentage of 2007 users joining the game; helped, no doubt, by the snowball effect he created by inspiring other YouTube users to make "blooper" videos featuring Roblox.
  • Why Fandom Can't Have Nice Things: The forums were reduced to be about Roblox only in July 2017 then shut down altogether in December of the same year because the moderators didn't want to put up with the G.I.F.T. that was always around and went out of control earlier that year. It has also be theorized by some that it happened partly due to QuackityHQ who, starting in May of 2017, repeatedly used his fans to raid the forums (some even going to non-affiliated spin-off sites) because he got a 3-day ban.
  • The Wiki Rule: Roblox has its own official wiki, Roblox Developer Wiki, for game developers. For the casual and players, there's Roblox Wikia, which is unofficial.
  • Working Title: During much of its development, the game bore the name "DynaBlocks".

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