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"Leap into a giant world full of adventure and danger! A shadowy Robloxian known as Stratosfear has smashed all of the stars out of the sky, and proceeded to lock up several areas in Maytown so that nobody can reach any of the stars. The citizens of Maytown need a hero who can banish Stratosfear once and for all. Rise up and become the Star Savior!"
—The game's description

Inspired by games such as Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine, Adventure Forward: Star Savior is a Platform Game on ROBLOX. As in the aforementioned games, players advance through levels by collecting stars that unlock new worlds. There are seven different worlds, plus various secret worlds scattered around Maytown. They are as follows:

At the end of Shadows in the Sky, the player gets to fight Stratosfear in a three-phase battle, followed by an escape sequence as the platforms begin to fall. There also exists a secret that can only be uncovered when the player collects 51 Stars.

The game can be found here, but remains unplayable due to the banning of the original creator during a game shutdown for maintenance before its completion and reactivation.


This game provides examples of:

  • Bad Future: Taking a certain path in the Clocktower transports you forward in time to witness Maytown after Stratosfear's victory.
  • Plot Coupon: The stars needed to unlock the gates around Maytown and thus access new levels.
  • Time Travel: Entering either of the doors partway up the Clocktower takes you 30 years forward or backward in time. Returning to the bottom of either version allows you to see a past or future version of Maytown. Also, Stratosfear happens to be a future version of the player character.
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  • Toy Time: Vintage Voltage includes giant toys, video game consoles, and electrical appliances.


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