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Do you have what it takes to escape Piggy and uncover the mysteries surrounding the beast?

Piggy is a Survival Horror game created by MiniToon on Roblox. Originally made as a Lightmare Fuel parody of Granny and Peppa Pig, you play as a police officer searching for a missing boy named Georgie Piggy. Upon arriving however, you hear a snort right behind you and are knocked out. Waking up in the Piggy household, you discover a monster roaming the building, and must escape before the timer runs out.

On August 17, 2021, MiniToon announced Piggy: Hunt, a spin-off game with gameplay similar to Among Us, set to release on Steam Early Access the following September.

You can play the original game here, and view the Steam page for Hunt here


Piggy provides examples of:

  • Amusement Park: Mr. P's Carnival, which serves as the setting for Chapter 8 of Book 1.
  • And I Must Scream: The infected characters are apparently suffering from this, according to an encoded note left by a (at the time the note was written In-Universe) soon to be infected Teacher.
  • And Then John Was a Zombie: Tragically, some of the characters who have held off the infected became one of them. Major examples include Doggy, Bunny, and Zizzy.
  • Anyone Can Die: And if they aren't dead, they're infected.
  • Ascended Extra: The Silver Paw was only mentioned in some notes in Book 1 under their acronym T.S.P. In Book 2, they're the Arc Villain for the first half of Book 2.
  • Christmas Episode: The Winter Holiday Hunt Event involves the player finding the gifts for Georgie, Giraffy, Zizzy, Zee, Zuzy, Mimi and Pony in the non-canon map "Winter Holiday".
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  • Cutting Off the Branches: The worst ending of Chapter 6, Book 2 is a non-canon outcome, as it ends with Willow killing the player and Chapter 7, Book 2 has the player arrive at the port to find a boat after Tigry took the last of Willow's boats.
  • Dual Boss: The "Player + Bot" mode not just has the players face off against a player-controlled Piggy, but also against a bot as well.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: Chapters 1, 2, and 3 of Book 1 originally lacked escape cutscenes, likely because there wasn't any meaningful plot aside from "escape from crazed animal person". Later updates would add cutscenes to these chapters.
  • Earn Your Happy Ending: Getting the best outcome for Chapter 6, Book 2 requires you to save all the trapped Silver Paw members, which ends with instead of Mimi helping Giraffy, the remaining members of the Silver Paw offer to help him.
  • Interface Spoiler: A good sign a character is about to get infected is if you check the Shop for skins. While played straight for Doggy and Bunny, this is Zig-zagged with Mimi, Pony, Giraffy, Tigry, Zizzy, Budgey and Pandy, while they were not infected in the events of Book 1, Zizzy does get infected in Refinery, making it possible that they could get infected at a later date. Subverted with Mr. P, however: You have to unlock the true ending to even view it.
  • Multiple Endings:
    • The final chapter of Book 1 has three of them depending on whether they attempt to leave Mr. P behind or attempt to assist him, and depending on if they obtained all the badges or not, on top of getting a secret item that players must carry in Chapter 9 in the "Player + Bot" mode.
      • Good Ending: The player and George Pig escape from the Plant after Mr. P holds the other infected back from them. Both Zizzy and Pony are revealed to been uninfected and successfully held off the infected troops. As they leave, the player wonders what to do next, and George Pig decides to Find the Cure! for the infection.
      • Bad Ending: The player attempts to help Mr. P, but is attacked by Badgy.
      • True Ending: Same as the Good Ending, but further context on Mr. P's motivations is revealed. He was desperately trying to develop a cure for his wife, and while he developed a sample, it was unstable, but Mr. P ignored the doctor's suggestion and searched for volunteers, with the Piggy family being one of those except George Pig. It seemed to work for them, so he tried the cure on his wife. However, the "cured" people later began showing signs of aggression, including Mr. P's wife, and developed red eyes. While Mr. P attempted to put her out of her misery, his love for her prevented him from doing so. He later tried to develop more cures for the infection, but later found the player, who had signs of the infection. While the player was taken to the hospital for more research, it was raided by the infected, so Mr. P rushed the cure to Bunny, but Mr. P instantly recognized that the cure he made had the same defects as the original cure, and left them both behind. The player then thanks Mr. P for the information, and the Good Ending then plays out.
    • Chapter 6, Book II also features some endings depending on whether you saved members of the Silver Paw or not.
      • Unnamed bad ending: Willow shoots the player just as they are about to escape from the factory.
      • Survivor Ending: Just before Willow decides to kill the player, Zee and Zuzy warn the player. However, their resemblance towards Zizzy causes Willow to realize that she ended up she caused both Zee and Zuzy to suffer Parental Abandonment, not unlike what the police did to both her parents. Tigry manages to disarm Willow by throwing his knife at her gun, and she later apologizes for what she had done to Zizzy, though some of them are skeptical of her apology. As Mimi cares for Giraffy, Willow reveals that the military is beginning to develop a cure to the virus thanks to a radio call she heard, and while they are suspicious at first, all of them agree to put aside their differences to find the place where the military is developing the cure. As they prepare to head to the location of the military base, flashbacks of Willow's past emerge.
      • Savior Ending: Same as above, but all the surviving Silver Paw members offer to take care of Giraffy instead of Mimi.
  • Once More, with Clarity!: The ending shot of Heist is similar to where Willow looks at something, and it unnerves her, but tells the player to find that cure. Here, it's clarified who is she looking at: Her now-infected foster mother, Daisy.
  • One-Word Title: The game is simply titled Piggy.
  • Purple Is Powerful: Mr. P's redesign has him resemble a sweet potato, and is the Final Boss of Book 1.
  • Removed Achilles' Heel: Normally, a gun can be used to kill the Traitor. However if said Traitor is wielding the gun, this effectively removes their weakness, leaving them free to hunt players.
  • Secret A.I. Moves: Both Mr. P and Willow possess unique Homing Projectiles, with the former being an energy ball that can instantly kill players, but can be blocked by any surface it touches, while the latter has unavoidable bullets that stuns the player for a few seconds.
  • Token Human: The player, depending on how they dressed their Roblox avatar.
  • Trap Master: Piggy and Traitors can plant traps to hinder players.
  • Wham Line:
    • Bunny drops a big one at the end of "Metro".
    Bunny: Mr. P gave me a potion. I drank it. I didn't know it would turn me into...
    • Pony drops one at the end of "Camp" on the Savior route, changing the context of "Forest" and "Carnival" with three lines:
    Pony: At the carnival, I thought you were infected because... well... I gave you the potion.
    Player: In the forest... that was you...?
    Pony: You, and your friend... it was me. I'm not proud of it, I had no choice. The Silver Paw made me do it.
  • A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: The "Traitor" mode has a traitor who acts like other players and even can be targeted by Piggy, but unlike them can set traps and kill them with a knife, and if they escape or are the last player standing, they win the match.
  • World of Funny Animals: The game takes place in a world populated with anthropomorphic animals.
  • Zombie Apocalypse: Revealed to be this in the intro cutscene of Chapter 3 of Book 1.

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