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  • Just about every game that doesn't have "zombie", "tycoon", or "obby (n00bspeak for 'obstacle course')" in the title or says "Who killed _____?".
    • More specifically, games with advanced scripting, or just are simply awesome.
  • Use the Gravity hammer gear on anything unanchored. Watch as it EXPLODES from awesomeness.
  • This. It's an old video made by Telamon- may bring back good memories for Robloxians who were active back then.
  • Just about the whole thing really. It's a place where you get to build your own creations. So you get to make anything you want. People have made pretty cool things.
  • This.
  • This and this.
  • PHANTOM. FORCES. Full stop. When you think of a Roblox FPS, you usually think of a buggy, relatively poorly-made game with free models, imbalance, blatant Pay to Win (e.g. the un-crappy guns being locked behind a Game Pass), with crappy animations and very unskilled players. In short, an experience of wildly jumping in circles as you try to click on an enemy as much as you can.Imagine, then, a crisp, beautiful, high-production-value FPS of Call of Duty-style gameplay, with excellent balance, animations, no Pay to Win-style featuring, an active creator who updates the game with new content frequently, and a near-bugless experience without many hackers. And the best part? This, a game in ROBLOX, is better than some AAA production First Person Shooters. It combines rapid tactical gunplay with slowly-recharging health, encouraging players to quickly decide firefights without simply hiding behind walls to regain all of their health in three seconds. With a massive variety of guns, a level system, and absolutely beautiful animations, weapon and player models, and maps, it's one of Roblox's best games (if not THE best).
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  • When admin abusers get what's coming to them (rarely), it can be a moment of awesome.
  • The Roblox Anthem Video, complete with highly-advanced graphics never seen in the game, tons of action going on, and an awesomely catchy Alternative Rock song.note .
  • The depiction of Robloxia in "About Us" is simply "Wow."
  • Adventure Forward 2, a game heavily inspired by Super Mario 64 that features very creative level designs, interesting characters and a rich story.
  • Robot 64, a short but well made copy of Mario 64. Not to mention the final confrontation against THE SUN, with a Unexpected Gameplay Change in the form of a shmup.
  • Super Nostalgia Zone. Do you miss old ROBLOX? Do you wish you could replay all those old games from back in the days when they were popular? Then this is the game for you; everything, from the player models to even having a Tickets fuction is replicated with amazing accuracy. There's a great variety of games you can play; even the more forgotten ones, like Dodge the Falling Teapots or Yorick's Resting Place are available for you to play on.
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  • The live event in Jailbreak that involved the volcano erupting, which ends up destroying the city, though it eventually rebuilds itself as slowly as it sank, all culminating in a display of fireworks and a message thanking everyone for giving Jailbreak 2 billion visits. Bonus points for being the first Roblox game to have a live event as well.
  • Sonic World Adventure, which manages to replicate Sonic the Hedgehog physics and mechanics in Roblox very well.
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  • The official release of User Generated Content. This now allows ROBLOX players to create their own hats for others to purchase. Finally, people now have more creative customization options for their own outfits.
  • ROOM. A near-perfect recreation of DOOM in ROBLOX. Enough said.
    • Also, it's getting a sequel, which is clearly pushing ROBLOX to it's absolute limit. Behold


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