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Younite:, the best anime is definitely the one with the giant head in the ocean!
The_Frame: Who doesn't love the one with the bounty hunters in space though! You're insane if you don't like that one!
Younite: Literally only you like that one, The_Frame! Mine is the best.
Younite: If only we could be more specific about these animes without risking copyright infringement.
Egg Hunt 2018: The Great Yolktales

Roblox has lots of fun when it comes to creating and publishing catalog items, so they'll not be afraid to make plenty of the items pop culture references. As Roblox is a Wide Open Sandbox, the developers won't mind throwing their tastes into their creations. The developers working for the official events won't, either.

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    Roblox-created Items 




  • One hair accessory named "Master Fighter" is a hairpiece with a red bandana. It's listed under the 'Town and City' and 'Fighting' genres. In other words, street fighting.
    User-created Games 
    User-created Accessories 
  • This hat, while being a reference to the Joker playing card, is mainly a reference to the codename of the protagonist from Persona 5 as it uses the black, red and white color scheme.
  • This hat is a reference to the really tall gallon hat worn by Doug Dimmsdale.
  • The "Boba Fête" is a pun on Star Wars character Boba Fett.

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