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Nightmare Fuel / Roblox

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

Just because it's a platform for kids doesn't mean it doesn't have its moments.

    In general 
  • The feeling of loneliness you feel whenever you walk through an abandoned ROBLOX game. Your knowledge that the game was once bursting with players and creating joy contrasts with the sheer Empty Room Psych of the current version. It's...eerie, to put it mildly.
    • This horror is more apparent if you re-visit a game that you played in your childhood. Just the sheer thought that the game you played and enjoyed as a child is just empty and abandoned, it's both an eerie and saddening thought.
  • Games with their own Nightmare Fuel page:
  • This game isn't too scary at first, despite its premise. It's just a haunted house with a few silly things in it, such as a painting of Lando themself that turns into Justin Bieber when lightning flashes. The few actual scares are mostly prompted by clicking on things, like the couch to reveal a dead body, so there aren't really any jumpscares... until you enter the bedroom. You open the door, walk in a few steps... and then the bed opens up and devours you! It can be jarring for people who expect nothing special in the game.
  • The Asylum Series by Valindra is mostly comedic... except there are a few things about the series that feel off. Some notable examples:
    • The Ill, despite their name, are not victims of a sickness, but rather, are people that have gone fucking insane and are now murderous cannibals!
    • The nurses had their own transformations in Gaymoria Peek Church Asylum: The Unholy Ones. And they are just as creepy as the cannibals, if not more so. They appear to be just a mass of horribly mangled and partially liquified flesh. It's also implied that the Unholy Ones are not caused from going insane: They are purely supernatural in origin. If you misbehave, prepare to get brutally murdered by the Unholy Ones...
    • In Les Beyond East, instead of the Ill, there's now Malice, which creates some of the most horrifying creatures yet: The Soul Eaters.
      • True to their name, Soul Eaters eat souls, but the animation that plays is horrifying. The person they're consuming will be surrounded by dark trails, which swirl around them wildly, and then their souls leave their body, and the Soul Eater absorbs it.
      • Their hands. They don't have normal hands, they have two large claws protruding from each hand, and they use these to severely injure their victims before consuming the souls.
      • Unlike the Ill, who can go the whole game not killing a single person, Soul Eaters are forced to consume the players' souls. Why? Because they are at the mercy of a giant hand, which drags the players into the Abyss should they not devour the souls. Better get to consuming souls if you don't want to be taken away. Oh, and before you get dragged to the Abyss, if you don't consume souls the first night of being a Soul Eater, you'll start taking damage, implying that the Soul Eater is starving to death.
      • Their faces, too. It's more toned down than the Cannibals and Drowned, but it makes them look almost too human, but with red eyes, wider mouths, and crooked teeth.
      • Not only that, but unlike the Ill, the Soul Eaters are firmly supernatural. They consume souls, have red eyes, and they can become Soul Eaters by either purchasing an ornate box, which will contain possessed fruit, or, if they win an event, they can drink an Ayuda Potion, and can transform into Soul Eaters that way. Either way, Soul Eaters are either possessed or under a spell, and are at the mercy of an Eldritch Abomination that will drag them away if they don't consume souls.
  • In the now defunct R.U.N., the goal is to run away from an all-devouring blob who multiplies every few seconds. But what makes it even scarier is the blob's cry of "Ah, fresh meat!" at the beginning of a round.
  • The February 29 hacking incident of MeepCity had the game having lots of coins, seconds later teleporting them to a deleted game, or a different game with the same name, albeit a number at the end. You could beat up Alexnewtron (the creator of the game) and he made sexual noises, the background music was slowed down, and racist audio played.
  • This popular horror game, The Mimic takes place in Japan. You play as someone named Yasu and venture back to your old high school to find your missing friends, but you run into multiple Stringy-Haired Ghost Girl-like ghosts throughout your way. Creepy. You even come to the realization that your friends are now literal butterfly spirits you have been using.
  • This game, despite being very old, is still scary to this day. For once, the jumpscares actually work. Especially that one skull jumpscare early on. And remember, this game is only rated PEGI 7 (E10+)! (according to PEGI on Google Play)
  • PARTY.exe doesn't look like a scary game at first, as you're going to your house to have your own birthday party. If you dig further, you'll have to deal with a mysterious and haunting white figure, be ambushed by your own party members, get killed by a black void, and discover that the whole premise is a virtual reality experiment. The game is categorized as Horror for a good reason. Fortunately, it's a Horror Comedy game and provides plenty of Lightmare Fuel to keep the horrors at bay, at least.
  • This game that is based off a ROBLOX creepypasta named Melvin.
    • The game has been shut down, so here's what happened in it: You would be sent to a black tunnel, with creepy music, where you walked forwards. Halfway there, you would be stopped and you would see a ghostly white shaggy (named 'Melvin') float past you. The music worsened and you would walk faster. As you went closer to the end, a Hat Notifier (This was back when Seranok had a popular extension which notified you of a new hat) popped up, with the usual noise that it made when it pops up. A voice who then say, ''BEHIND YOU.'' The camera would rotate back to show the Melvin hat. Just as it does, it zooms in, a strobe light appears, and a man's scream was heard, as the Hat Notification goes wild. The game would crash after this. All of this for a poorly made creepypasta made by a troll pretending to be a 6 year old kid. Sure, no one knew he was a troll until he quit, but still....
  • Speaking of the above mentioned troll, when he did come back, he created more of his famous crappy games, one of them being Santa's Boat Ride: So Was Rudolph. If the thumbnail and the creepy faces weren't enough for you, the boat ride is extremely slow, and at some points it sends you into the dark, with only the ambient sounds and the characters talking to keep you company. The retirement home scene is rather unsettling for the same reason, especially due to Nothing Is Scarier. Then there's the whole plot of the story, they're on the way to get seasoning so they can cook Rudolph. Rudolph's pessimistic attitude throughout the whole thing only makes it more upsetting.

  • Sometime in July 2014, the popular games were hacked by God knows who. The point is the kids, or anyone in general, who played those games were probably scared by some of the stuff on there. Two examples include when joining a game, you'd potentially be politely welcomed by the noise of an ear piercingly loud alarm, or like another case when you joined a game, the entire place became incredibly dark and the music that was originally in the game was changed into what felt like a distorted version of it. Thankfully, not all of it was scary, though.
    • A good example of the hacks to use would be Person299's Minigames, in which when you die the game shuts down automatically.
  • This ad for Trick-or-Traitors featuring a lovely picture.
  • The Egg Of All Devouring Darkness for being a sharp contrast to an innocent egg hunt. The player(s) who struggled for this cryptic egg would have their efforts repaid with an entire server crash shortly after. Not before the entire place becomes engulfed in darkness while the land itself slowly petrifies.
    • It does not help that all players in the server hear this while the above happens against their will. In addition, the description for the item on the store features a quote from The Sandman, specifically one said by Choronzon:
    I am anti-life, the beast of judgement. I am the dark at the end of everything. The end of universes, gods, worlds… of everything. Sss. And what will you be then dreamlord?
  • Somewhere in 2014/2015, the Audio feature was reintroduced. To make a long story short, some kids are now afraid to go back to Mad Games because of loud noises being played on the radio.
    • Fortunately, Roblox now bans any loud audio from being posted to the site, making them more rare.
  • Any game in the Horror genre can be this. However, some of it can be Nightmare Retardant, due to the fact that some of them are just copied games with misleading thumbnails and titles along the lines of "18+ DO NOT PLAY! SCARIEST GAME ON ROBLOX!" If they are real, though, they often end up being free modeled places with barebones AI monsters, Jump Scares, and excessive blood. Remainings does a good job covering these horror games.
  • The RetroStudio game The End :3 has a Majora's Mask parody with a Slasher Smile ball crashing into the map and if you die you get the ball as the head.
  • This place may not seem so bad, and the icon isn't too bad. The first wall's face is also pretty cute. However, when you reach the second stage, you are in a white abyss with a wall sporting a Nightmare Face. It isn't as bad for the third and final stage, since the face is instead an angry face, but the fact that you're in a black abyss alone with a red wall having an angry face seems pretty creepy.
  • There's a very neat and advanced nuclear facility named Pinewood Computer Core, where you can manage a realistic power core with your friends and other users. However, the realistic aspect is that the core will go under a nuclear explosion if it gets too hot or cold. While it can be prevented, it requires three players to fill up three emergency coolant rods just by repeatedly clicking their buttons, getting the amount of coolant in the three rods filled between 69 and 81 percent, which is Harder Than It Looks but if you don't get the percentages right, or on very rare occasions, the rods fail to cool the core, a meltdown will occur. Upon the failure, loud sirens play right before ominous music (a track even named after the aforementioned adjective) music plays, and that is quickly followed by a deep voice telling you to evacuate because of the dangerous meltdown that is just happening. It's scarier when you enter a server that's about to have a meltdown or has already just had one (at least before the map rebuilds), seeing the sudden Jump Scare of expecting the base to be operating as normal, only for it to be in a frantic meltdown. See it in action. The Roblox Wikia has a surprisingly comprehensive list of all the events that occur for those who want more detail.
    "DANGER! Reactor meltdown! Evacuate at once!" - An announcement that's played when the reactor core reaches critical temperatures. They get worse from there on.
    • Since May 28, 2020, now whenever the core temperature reaches meltdown levels, this horrifying siren plays.
    • Actually, the meltdown back in 2013 could easily take the cake. Number one, is that the core overheats realistically, going up in temperature to not go back down. Number two, the mainframe sets on fire, and this occurs in an emergency. Three is the loud alarm that plays without music. And the explosion isn't in an exploding ball, it's literally the map exploding and falling apart, which is more serious than the meltdown nowadays.
    • To make matters worse, this is one of AJ Striker's badge requirements for his mystery box. This has caused some to speculate he has a much darker side to him...
    • Not to mention that an extremely loud version of the song Kung Fu Fighting used to play during early 2016, but was removed. (volume warning!) For some, this can instead be a hysterical Big-Lipped Alligator Moment.
    • An update in December 19, 2018 now does the same to an opposite degree; players can now let the core freeze to the point that a freezedown happens, and a cyan explosion shortly then consumes up the facility. Oh, and a black hole is also formed above the reactor during these events, chomping down all life.note .
    • During old versions of the game, thanks to the fact that if the map would crash if the facility rebuilt thanks to the damage the explosion caused, the server would shut down, which is quite scary, seeing you're just playing a mortal server, but then an update came out that Averted this that gave the map a major facelift and the doors got redesigned. While the meltdown looked exactly the same when the update came out, the whole entire track of the explosion music plays in full quality when it occurs, and the map is completely unharmed by the explosion. After that, the game stops for a Beat, and then the explosion randomly disappears. Music plays, and then the facility rebuilds, which is quite jarring on the first encounter. Later averted, as of mid-2019, the game informs you the map rebuilds right before the music ends.
      • That's nowhere as jarring as the major update of 2019, which changed the music drastically, revamped the graphics, and added random events, some of which are incredibly jarring to experience. First of all is the radiation flood, and you hear a pipe explode, which there are emergency plugs to drain the liquid radiation, but if you don't have a PET HAZMAT suit on, the flood will kill you. Thankfully, you can easily drain it by opening all four plugs, but the worse events are of which you hear loud rumbling in the background, either of which could cause an explosion that hurts the players and causes liquid plasma to rise up the mainframe, an earthquake that smashes trains out of nowhere, or the magma event, where you have to get up to the top of the facility or magma engulfs you as a whole.
  • Another game that is different than Pinewood but has a similar premise, Innovation Inc. Spaceship, still has a meltdown just like Pinewood, and it is somewhat even worse than Pinewood's. Even if there is comedic screaming, the menacing music and fire everywhere chokes it down a bunch. The freezedown gives you a similar fate. There's a chance that if all the engines are destroyed, the ship will self destruct, and the music sounds even worse than the usual explosion music. Sirens are different, and much louder. After that, you get to inspect inside of the destroyed ship, floating in space, slowly as the Pinewood Spaceship goes near, and you get the creator, Diddleshot killing you because of his hatred of Innovation Robloxians, and he might kill you, but there's a rare chance he gets shot down and you get rescued, but that's a very rare chance. If you get killed, you get Inbetween/Limbo, where you talk to a reverbing Noob head, and he will kill you.
  • The otherwise lighthearted Theme Park Tycoon 2 allows you to kill your own visitors, by not connecting the tracks in a roller coaster to its station. You can get an achievement for kill 10 visitors simultaneously by doing this!note 
  • A type of genre called by fans of those places Myth games which emulate an alternate reality game like this place for example or Memories a weird and creepy gray styled game that has very strange moments like random people falling, a meeting of sorts and a teleport which will teleport you to here.
  • a roblox horor gaem FULL. STOP. It starts out as a parody of Narm-ridden Roblox "horror" games, but then...
  • The secret error screen from Despicable Forces. It starts out alright, but then... Well, just see for yourself.note 
  • Toytale Roleplay is a Role-Playing game partially inspired by Tattletailnote  with a similar concept as children and toys roam freely around the house in-game. The game even outright has a death feature should you disable safety, which means that you can literally die in the game, and the game used to warn you about this and says that if it's off, you may not get the full, immersive experience.
    • Also, not helping matters are the existence of Nightmare characters, which warp and distort various characters into former shells of themselves. Take for example, the normally adorable Binky, whose cuteness will "melt your heart", and then you look at her nightmare form (which, at first, is like a far darkened version of her with a highly disturbed face as her pupils are red and dilated, and she has a bunch of blood red slashes on her left eye. That's not all though; her body splits open whenever she jumps or flies, and upon closer examination, the said split appears to be some sort of mouth with sharp, blood-soaked spiked appendages resembling teeth), who'll instead probably melt your heart in a different way... bet you've got second thoughts on how cute Binky is now.
      • The older Nightmare Binky was disturbing in another way as it was a corrupted mess of her former parts that barely even resembled her. Such an example is its main body being a black mass and having floating eyes around her. At least she didn't have a giant mouth...
      • You should probably be forewarned by its gamepass icon, which features some sort of horrifying lovecraftian creature that looks like it escaped Terraria's Corruption.
  • The aforementioned Camping spawned a series of horror adventure games that also take everyday premises and add horrific and murderous twists to them. They prove to be as nightmarish as Camping itself.
    • Overnight (formerly titled Sleepover): You and your friends are invited to David's sleepover! However, as time goes by, you'll be encountering some freaky events: a Monster ambushes the house and kills some of your friends during a power outage, the Monster threatens again at the second outrage, the bus mysteriously tips over, you and your surviving friends follow into a Creepy Basement revealed enormous dungeon, and it is Revealed that David is possessed by the Monster. In the default ending, the Monster then attacks a random player and replaces David with them, starting the story all over again.
    • The Monster ending is worse. You can choose to sacrifice someone in exchange for all of your friends' survival... But as it turns out, that sacrifice was what allowed the Monster to doom humanity, while the rest of the survivors are forced to live with that fact.
  • Sacrifice Sanctuary is a game where 12 players participate in Royalty Challenges to become the house royal. The house royal then chooses 2 contestants to become sacrifices, with their survival provided they beat each other in Basement Challenges. This repeats until 2 people remain, in which they compete in Final Challenges. While the Royal Challenges and Final Challenges aren't that nightmarish, some of the Basement Challenges are quite horrific, not helped by the creepy music.
  • Escape Room had a Halloween event which took place in a location called Twilight Manor. The plot is fairly standard at first where you and a few friends break into it to find a lost ring which is valued at an extremely high price. Seems like a regular abandoned mansion right? We wish. Right when you pick up the ring, the music then immediately ramps up to a creepy score and your character realises that the place is cursed after a black smog blocks the exit. You have to pick up several Bloxikins to break the curse. One Bloxikin is in a nursery, which has a cot overflowing with the black smog, leaving many to wonder what happened. The end has you perform practically an exorcism on the cursed Bloxikin so you can escape.
  • For those looking for a challenging horror maze game, Identity Fraud easily takes the cake. Players are tasked to travel through a series of dark, mysterious labyrinths while mainly trying to escape from five shadow monsters, each with their own unique abilities. Non-gamepass members are only given markers to place down and each maze is extremely difficult to navigate without prior experience. Good luck trying to complete the game in its entirety because dying sets you all the way back to the first level.
    • As for the monsters themselves, some of them are typically easy to avoid but others can be a relative hassle to deal with. Stan, for example, doesn't outright kill others and mainly serves to just scream at people, but Fraud steals the appearance of another player in order to trick others.
  • Piggy initially seems like a Lightmare Fuel parody of Peppa Pig and Granny, but quickly spirals downwards as you progress further into the game.
    • By the ending of Chapter 2, the game turns from simple "survive the killer" to full-on Zombie Apocalypse. Everywhere is completely devoid of inhabitants aside from the animals infected with Substance 128, leading to much eerier atmospheres compared to houses or police stations.
    • While Doggy's infection with Substance 128 isn't made out to be a sad/terrifying moment, Bunny's fate at the end of Metro is simply horrific. As she suffers from the effects of the potion, she desperately tells the player to go before she too gets turned into a zombie. Keep in mind, this is when the players expect to simply escape the subway station with her, making her fate particularly shocking.
    • The infection itself, according to the Teacher's notes. It controls your limbs and makes you act erratic in an attempt to spread the infection. However, you are fully aware while infected.
    • Some of the jumpscare sounds (such as the ones for Memory, Teacher, and Robby) are quite horrifying, as would be expected.
  • Break In (Story). As you can probably expect from the "story" title, this is a game where it shortly devolves into pure, unadultured horror, especially since some of the possible roles that users can have are children. While not as bad as other examples, in here, you, and a couple other of users, move into a new house... only to have The Purge happen where a bunch of villains proceed to cause havoc and destroy the town, as lead by Scary Larry. They can easily break into the three available rooms to sleep in and attack users during the night, which is especially painful if they lack weaponry, and one of them masquerades as a pizza delivery guy when pizza is ordered!
    • Scary Larry... Exactly as his name implies, is downright horrifying. This (possibly non-human, judging by the Wind-Up Key on his back and how springs and the like fall out when it's rotated) nutcase will sneak into the basement of the house on day 3. If you don't hide from him when he walks up from it, you're DEAD, period. Your character will freeze in place in pure horror as you're forced to watch them be massacred, and if you don't hide in the basement before he finishes his search on the 2nd floor, he'll kill everyone who's not in there. As if that wasn't enough, right before the titular battle against him, he actually hacks the narrator to take control! Thankfully, this does have a good ending... well, assuming if any survivors at maximum energy don't pick up his Golden Crowbar, which is heavily implied to make them go insane and turn evil (which even the narrator is shocked at them for doing so) and initiates the bad ending for all players on the server.
    Hello. My name is Scary Larry. And up until now you've been playing easy mode. Luckily for you, that's about to change. Time to die.
    What's a rose without some thorns? (proceeds to summon Spikes of Doom)
    • It also does not help matters that the Egg Hunt of 2020 was one of the handful of games that had an special egg, although the events that occur are mostly completely unrelated to it... with the exception of being teleported elsewhere and fighting the Deviled Egg on day 3 should the users complete Chilly Charlie's request.
  • Hood games, such as Da Hood and The Streets are pretty nightmarish, portraying various criminal-infested areas as orderless places, and players over there have freedom to do whatever they want. ANYTHING, such as kidnapping, murder, gang assaults, etc., meaning that you might think you're safe when suddenly a criminal appears out of nowhere to murder you For the Evulz. By far the most nightmarish of these is Criminality, which aside from the above, also features beheading, dismemberment, and tons of blood. Even a single gunshot is enough to scare the crap out of experienced players because of how dangerous they are in that game. There's a 300 Robux access fee for a good reason.
  • Goblin Island is a silly game about whacking other players that look like the Realistic cursed goblin accessory (which was also made by the game creator), so it's pretty jarring as Wren's mystery box objective goes from gaining ten total kills in the game (and even having a chance to turn into a Realistic cursed Wren goblin) to entering the Memory Zone to receive the mystery box... and hoo boy, the sudden change in atmosphere is terrifying. You're stuck in what seems to be a warped abandoned area, and you're expecting a Jump Scare at one point... but there's nothing. No music. Nothing. Just pure Platform Hell. There isn't even a triumphant sound when you pick up the mystery box, nothing at all. You're basically stuck there until you exit the game.
  • Find The Krazy Kitties (104) is a normally lighthearted game. However, Appar Manor is pretty creepy, despite being full of Nightmare Retardant and Lightmare Fuel moments. The place is set in the dark, there is a somewhat unnerving endless stairway, and from there you may reach a platforming area with various mannequins hanging from the ceiling, which is required to get one of the Kitties. The collectable Kitties themselves aren't that bad, but the Skeleton Kitty is unsettling enough that even the creator is terrified of it!
  • The now (apparently removed) Tails Doll series from roughly 2014. The first game in the series is pretty simple; you are in a rusty metal corridor with red fog and you can only go forward until you eventually get jumpscared. However, Tails Doll II has you enter a wooden house in a small field, where you meet an old man who gives some exposition before you suddenly hear the faint sound of "Can You Feel the Sunshine?". You are then told to get into a wooden elevator as the song slowly gets louder. Eventually you get off and exit the building, and as the song raises in volume you slowly limp (at least that’s the speed you’re moving at) towards the edge of the map. In the final installment of the series, you are in a nearly pitch black basement/lab made of dark grey stone full of moss. Your only tool is a flashlight and by inspecting notes around the place you find out about an experiment Gone Horribly Wrong, a shattered test chamber, and eventually reach a maze like area. It is unknown what happens in the rest of the game, as all of the videos that show footage of it stop at the maze, though that makes it all the more disturbing.
  • At first, the rather flawed horror game known as "Hospital Slenderman Nightmare 3" is an unintentionally hilarious mix of outdated memes (notably Weegee), grammar that is so unintelligible that's it's funny and general unintended Lightmare Fuel - but once you encounter a dark-coloured ghost that teleports you somewhere else, the broken dialogue entirely disappears. It's just you, alone, wandering around black and white halls. Oh, and this section has the first Jump Scare in the game. The Cerebus Syndrome doesn't last forever, but it's still a creepy twist to this otherwise unintentionally funny game.
  • The Mirror is a very brief experience without much in the way of actual gameplay, instead serving as more of a personalized interactive short story, but for what it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in absolutely terrifying substance.
  • The weird noises the Medusa Head gear makes. Just try it out in Catalog Heaven!
  • You’ll have no words for the horror sound effects. They’ll always be scary... ALWAYS!
  • If you decide to position a spawn point extremely far away from the center of a world, or if you manage to get your character to go that far (often by getting flung out of the world and failing to despawn)... well... this happens to your avatar, as one user noted. The Floating Point Zone demonstrates this if you want to experience it for yourself.
    • Going too high (or too low) in any direction inside a game (most notably those that use vehicles, such as rockets, or if they have gear that allows you to continuously rise higher, like a balloon, as it's much easier to preform this), will also cause your game to be corrupted in very strange and surreal ways. Chat bubbles become corrupted, sounds suddenly get higher-pitched, your character turns into a blocky mass, among others.
    • The reasoning for this glitch is that the game uses floating point numbers, which, if you get far enough in a world, will start to have precision issues, causing models to become blocky looking, among other issues.Explanation 
  • Bethink's Modern Art hat, possibly the first example coming from the UGC hat catalog. It features a white box with nothing except a grotesque drawing of a face plastered all over it. True Art Is Incomprehensible. May be considered funny to some players, however.
  • In places with a certain admin commands set, typing in "?iloveyou" as a command would bring up a short GIF derived from this video of a creepy clown dancing. What makes it even more disturbing is that, for a long time, nobody knew why the GIF was there, and some thought it was added with malicious intent. Eventually, a user came out and said that they added the clown GIF in as a joke, but it still doesn't make the secret any less creepier, especially if you stumble upon it by accident.