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Nightmare Fuel / Roblox

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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned!

Just because it's a platform for kids doesn't mean it doesn't have its moments.
  • This.
  • In the now defunct R.U.N., the goal is to run away from an all-devouring blob who multiplies every few seconds. But what makes it even scarier is the blob's cry of "Ah, fresh meat!" at the beginning of a round.
  • This game, despite being very old, is still scary to this day. For once, the jumpscares actually work. Especially that one skull jumpscare early on. And remember, this game is only rated PEGI 7 (E10+)! (according to PEGI on Google Play)
  • PARTY.exe doesn't look like a scary game at first, as you're going to your house to have your own birthday party. If you dig further, you'll have to deal with a mysterious and haunting white figure, be ambushed by your own party members, get killed by a black void, and discover that the whole premise is a virtual reality experiment. The game is categorized as Horror for a good reason. Fortunately, it's a Horror Comedy game and provides plenty of Lightmare Fuel to keep the horrors at bay, at least.
  • This game that is based off a ROBLOX creepypasta named Melvin.
    • The game has been shut down, so here's what happened in it: You would be sent to a black tunnel, with creepy music, where you walked forwards. Halfway there, you would be stopped and you would see a ghostly white shaggy (named 'Melvin') float past you. The music worsened and you would walk faster. As you went closer to the end, a Hat Notifier (This was back when Seranok had a popular extension which notified you of a new hat) popped up, with the usual noise that it made when it pops up. A voice who then say, ''BEHIND YOU.'' The camera would rotate back to show the Melvin hat. Just as it does, it zooms in, a strobe light appears, and a man's scream was heard, as the Hat Notification goes wild. The game would crash after this. All of this for a poorly made creepypasta made by a troll pretending to be a 6 year old kid. Sure, no one knew he was a troll until he quit, but still....
  • Speaking of the above mentioned troll, when he did come back, he created more of his famous crappy games, one of them being Santa's Boat Ride: So Was Rudolph. If the thumbnail and the creepy faces weren't enough for you, the boat ride is extremely slow, and at some points it sends you into the dark, with only the ambient sounds and the characters talking to keep you company. The retirement home scene is rather unsettling for the same reason, especially due to Nothing Is Scarier. Then there's the whole plot of the story, they're on the way to get seasoning so they can cook Rudolph. Rudolph's pessimistic attitude throughout the whole thing only makes it more upsetting.

  • Sometime in July 2014 the popular games were hacked by God knows who, the point is the kids who played those games were probably scared by some of the stuff on there, such as when joining a game you'd be welcomed by an ear piercingly loud alarm noise, or like another case when you joined a game, the entire place was turned incredibly dark and the music that was orignally in the game was changed into what felt like a distorted version. Not all of it was scary, though.
    • A good example of the hacks to use would be Person299's Minigames, in which when you die the game shuts down automatically.
  • This ad for Trick-or-Traitors featuring a lovely picture.
  • The Egg Of All Devouring Darkness for being a sharp contrast to an innocent egg hunt. The Player who struggled for this cryptic egg would have their efforts repaid with an entire server crash shortly after. Not before the entire world becomes engulfed in darkness while the land itself slowly petrifies.
    • It does not help that all players in the server hear this while the above happens against their will.
  • Somewhere in 2014/2015, the Audio feature was reintroduced. To make a long story short, some kids are now afraid to go back to Mad Games because of loud noises being played on the radio.
    • Fortunately, Roblox now bans any loud audio from being posted to the site, making them more rare.
  • Any game in the Horror genre can be this. However, some of it can be Nightmare Retardant, due to the fact that some of them are just copied games with misleading thumbnails and titles along the lines of "18+ DO NOT PLAY! SCARIEST GAME ON ROBLOX!" If they are real, though, they often end up being free modeled places with barebones AI monsters, Jump Scares, and excessive blood. Remainings does a good job covering these horror games.
  • This place may not seem so bad, and the icon isn't too bad. The first wall's face is also pretty cute. However, when you reach the second stage, you are in a white abyss with a wall sporting a Nightmare Face. It isn't as bad for the third and final stage, since the face is instead an angry face, but the fact that you're in a black abyss alone with a red wall having an angry face seems pretty creepy.

  • Pinewood Computer Core is a very neat and advanced place where you can manage a realistic nuclear power core with your friends. However, if you let the core overheat out of control, it will suffer a nuclear meltdown, terrifying sirens, announcements, and music will play, power will go out, and unless you escape by rocket or gamepass-exclusive shelter, you'll have to be eaten by the red explosion along with your friends and the facility. It's scarier when you enter a server that was recently destroyed.
    • The December 2018 update now does the same if you do the opposite, let the core freeze to the point that a freezedown happens and a cyan explosion chomps up the facility. Oh, and a black hole is also formed...
  • The otherwise lighthearted Theme Park Tycoon 2 allows you to kill your own visitors, by not connecting the tracks in a roller coaster to its station. You can get an achievement for killing 10 visitors at once.
  • A type of genre called by fans of those places Myth games which emulate an alternate reality game like this place for example or Memories a weird and creepy gray styled game that has very strange moments like random people falling, a meeting of sorts and a teleport which will teleport you to here.
  • a roblox horor gaem FULL. STOP. It starts out as a parody of Narm-ridden Roblox "horror" games, but then... WOW.
    • Becomes slightly less scary if you realize the whole meta section was discussed in the labs in a very sarcastic way.
  • Bee Swarm Simulator gives us the Cave Monsters. You can encounter them if you happen to walk into the Werewolf's cave, and these things are absolute monsters. For one, the place where you encounter them is pitch black, meaning you have no idea where they are unless a Honeystorm is summoned. Then there's the fact they kill you in one hit, meaning they're nigh impossible to take down, especially because of the aforementioned darkness. Even worse is that they're in the same area that contains a free Gold Egg. Don't try to kill one, though, because all you'll get for your effort is a measly 5 Battle Points.
    • Then there's Tunnel Bear. It's a shadowy bear lurking underneath the Pineapple Patch's Instant Converter. Sure, it's slow and doesn't lunge at you like most enemies, but just like the Cave Monsters, it kills you in one hit. You could easily climb into the machine and have absolutely no idea where that scary bear came from. At least killing it is more rewarding, though.
  • The secret error screen from Despicable Forces. It starts out alright, but then... Well, just see for yourself.note 
  • Camping seems to look like a fun adventure game on the outside, with you and a group of other players trying to survive the wilderness. But in reality, things go horrifying once night falls. In other words, the Horrible Camping Trip is taken to a nightmarish level.
  • The sequel, Camping 2, has its fair share of horror as well:
    • Early on in the game, Daniel, the park ranger, shows you around the camp, including the bathrooms. Suddenly the lights flicker, and the bloodied corpses of your fellow campers are briefly shown on screen.
    • When Daniel and the campers find a gun, one user is given the option to kill Daniel or not. If they do, you'll see his body laying on the ground. One of the campers even feels unnerved about sleeping next to a dead body.
    • The maze section, where if you don't escape on time, a striped figure with a creepy mask kills you with a knife. Thankfully the game allows you to revive for 20 Robux.
    • The ending, depending on whether Daniel is killed or not:
      • If Daniel is killed, the striped figure appears at the end of the cave, and the remaining campers realize that Daniel was not the murderer. The figure is revealed to be Zach Nolan, who immediately runs towards you and kills you offscreen.
      • The ending where Daniel was not killed is lighter in tone, but still disturbing. Daniel reveals that Specky Woods was haunted by Zach, who killed a family of 5. Right as he runs over to kill Daniel and the campers, the dark figure from the first game appears, and reveals himself to be the Son from the family. He decapitates Zach (Bloody Horror included), and disappears.
  • Toytale Roleplay is a Roleplaying game partially inspired by Tattletailnote  with a similar concept as children and toys roam freely around the house in-game. The game even outright has a death feature should you disable safety, which means that you can literally die in the game, and the game used to warn you about this and says that if it's off, you may not get the full, immersive experience.
    • Also, not helping matters are the existence of Nightmare characters, which warp and distort various characters into former shells of themselves. Take for example, the normally adorable Binky, whose cuteness will "melt your heart", and then you look at her nightmare form (which, at first, is like a far darkened version of her with a highly disturbed face as her pupils are red and dilated, and she has a bunch of blood red slashes on her left eye. That's not all though; her body splits open whenever she jumps or flies, and upon closer examination, the said split appears to be some sort of mouth with sharp, blood-soaked spiked appendages resembling teeth), who'll instead probably melt your heart in a different way... bet you've got second thoughts on how cute Binky is now.
      • The older Nightmare Binky was disturbing in another way as it was a corrupted mess of her former parts that barely even resembled her. Such an example is its main body being a black mass and having floating eyes around her. At least she didn't have a giant mouth...
      • You should probably be forewarned by its gamepass icon, which features some sort of horrifying lovecraftian creature that looks like it escaped Terraria's Corruption.
  • The aforementioned Camping spawned a series of horror adventure games that also take everyday premises and add horrific and murderous twists to them. They prove to be nightmarish as Camping itself.
    • Sleepover: You and your friends are invited to David's sleepover! However, as time goes by, you'll be encountering some freaky events: a Monster ambushes the house and kills some of your friends during a power outrage, the Monster threatens again at the second outrage, the bus mysteriously tips over, you and your surviving friends follow into a Creepy Basement revealed enormous dungeon, and it is Revealed that David is possessed by the Monster. The Monster then attacks a random player and replaces David with them, starting the story all over again.
  • Sacrifice Sanctuary is a game where 12 players participate in Royalty Challenges to become the house royal. The house royal then chooses 2 contestants to becomes sacrifices, with their survival provided they beat each other in Basement Challenges. This repeats until 2 people remain, in which they compete in Final Challenges. While the Royal Challenges and Final Challenges aren't that nightmarish, some of the Basement Challenges are quite horrific, not helped by the creepy music.
  • The weird noises the Medusa Head gear makes. Just try it out in Catalog Heaven!
  • Some custom meshes have their textures glitched up, placing certain textures in the wrong areas and sometimes removing some textures, that can equate to Body Horror and is enough to give anyone chills. A good (and horrifying) example.
  • You’ll have no words for the horror sound effects. They’ll always be scary... ALWAYS!
  • If you decide to position a spawn point extremely far away from the center... well... this happens.
    • Going too high in a game that uses vehicles such as rockets will also cause your game to be corrupted in VERY strange ways, such as your chat bubbles being corrupted, sounds suddenly getting higher-pitched, and your character turning into a gray mass of + symbols.
  • Around mid-2018, news articles began to report instances of young players joining sex places or even worse, be the victim of an in-game exploit that lets the exploiter rape the victim's character. Probably the biggest case of Video Game Perversity Potential and Paranoia Fuel in the site.
  • Bethink's Modern Art hat, possibly the first example coming from the UGC hat catalog. It features a white box with nothing except a grotesque drawing of a face plastered all over it. May be considered funny to some players, however.


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