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Loomian Legacy is a Mon game created by Llama Train Studios and made on the Roblox engine. Serving as a Spiritual Successor to their defunct fan game Pokémon Brick Bronze and an inspiration from Pokémon in general. The Worlds Apart trailer was announced in Decemeber 18th 2018, with the announcement of the first installment of the game shown on January 19th 2019 and released on July 20th 2019.

Welcome to the region of Roria, where Loomians and humans live together in harmony. The story starts with a rainstorm that's forming around the Mitis Town. The player's father and his assistant Derrick are investigating a strange rock at the dig site when suddenly the text on the rock rearranges itself. As the player at home watches the news report, he/she goes downstairs and meets up with his/her mom, who sets up a device called the Loomiwatch. She then instructs him/her to visit their father at the dig site. When the player arrives, the father explains the situation when all of a sudden the ground shakes and the strange undecipherable text glow and disappear once more. Then the rock unexpectedly breaks and all the pieces are sent and scattered off into various locations in Roria. Derrick and the player's father suspects someone is preventing them from decoding the message and they headed off into the lab. There the father and mother discuss about the situation and asked Derrick to find the stone tablets. Derrick refuses however, leading to the player to find it themselves, but not without the help of their first Loomian.


While its game mechanics and traditions are similar to Pokémon, there are a few key differences. You can choose from five different starters, the typing chart is very different and the battle system does away with moves having individual PP, instead having all moves drawn from the Loomian's energy stats, with the option to wait or rest to regain energy. Also you can only have five Loomians at a time in your party, but there are two slots called Benched Slots where the Loomians sitting there won't battle but will earn a fraction of the winning EXP.

The game is still a work-in-progress, with the game so far ending at the 2nd Battle Theater. The Worlds Apart trailer is found here. Check out the game here.

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Loomian Legacy provides examples of:

  • Alternate Universe: This game takes place in a different version of Roria where Loomians populate the region rather than Pokémon from the fan game Brick Bronze. It even shares some of the location's names.
  • Anti-Frustration Features:
    • The game has Auto-Save mechanics, meaning players won't worry about losing progress of their game because they forgot to save or if their game crashes, preventing many loss of hours of progress.
    • Energy is restored after every battle meaning your Loomians won't be tired out overtime.
    • You can trade Loomians from the PC Box rather than the party slot from its previous successor, Brick Bronze and Pokémon in general, allowing you to trade any creatures without moving your creatures around the party slot. Though it creates a Damn You, Muscle Memory! situation to anyone used to PBB's trading system.
    • The game will tell you which moves are super effective to which Loomian through use of symbols. The green up arrow shows it's super effective, the orange-yellow down arrow shows it's not very effective, double blue arrows shows its 4X effective and the red circle with a slash shows it's immune. Considering the type chart is very different from Pokémon, this helps out a lot.
    • Benched Loomians get a fraction of EXP after battles, making them fairly useful for low level Loomians to catch up. Benched Loomians also can receive Training Points (TP, it's basically Effort Values from Pokémon) from said battles, allowing multiple Loomians that need to be trained to a certain stat share these points without constant switching in battles.
  • Arcadia: Route 6, where the Rally Ranch is located.
  • Awesome, but Impractical: Any attacks that takes two turns to activate and move with a recharge. Submerge is one example where it's a two turn attack that can bypass protect moves such as Magma Block but is telegraphed at the first turn. The opponent will see this coming and switch into something that can resist it. Its 75 base power means it's generally not strong enough to offset the telegraphed attack.
  • Blocking Stops All Damage: Protect Moves such as Dodge, Magma Block and Briar Block are this, with the latter two damaging the foe in the process if it makes contact.
  • Boring, but Practical: Geklow has pretty mediocre base stats, but it can learn Tase, a move with weak base power but always inflict paralysis, and Spare, the game's equivalent to False Swipe, where it leaves the foe's HP always at 1, regardless of damage. This combination of moves allows Geklow to serve as a wild Loomian catcher where it can easily weaken other Loomians just enough for it to be catchable.
  • Bribing Your Way to Victory: Downplayed with LoomiBoost and its Gamepass counterpart. There are different types of LoomiBoost that can either boost a chance of a gleaming Loomain or roaming Loomian, increase EXP or Training Points. While they aren't required to complete the adventure as it's possible to complete or find desired Loomians without these boosts, they speed up the training process very well. So if you willing to spend Robux or the BoostTokens, then these boost are for you. Downside is that depending on the boost, they last for a limited amount of time before being brought again. Same goes for the Gamepasses with the Charms but those are permanent yet expensive to obtain.
  • Cast of Expies: Being a Spiritual Successor to Pokémon, the Loomians are bound to share some similarities.
    • Propae and Coonicoupia are pretty much Metapod and Kakuna.
    • Twittle's line is your standard common region birds akin to Pidgey, Hoothoot etc.
    • Same goes for Twilat which is the early game rodent to likes of Ratatta and Zigzaggoon. Though it does feature branching evolutions to make it stand out from other Com Mons.
  • Character Select Forcing: At launch, there are two lines of Electric types, Weevolt and Geklow. Geklow is a single stage Loomian with mediocre stats. If you want an electric type in your team, you either get Weevolt's line as your starter or deal with Geklow's poor performance for now. The Part 2 Update includes Ikazune, but it's a roaming Loomain meaning you won't easily encounter it. Downplayed as so far there's no situation where you need an electric type but it makes it somewhat difficult if you need an electric type to cover your team.
  • Convenient Weakness Placement:
    • Route 5 has Earth-type Babore and Water-Type Gumpod being among the Loomians you can catch. Heiwa Village is near Route 5 which happens to have a Fire-type Battle Theater that is weak to both types.
  • Damn You, Muscle Memory!: Despite bearing similar mechanics and playstyle to Pokémon, there are a few differences where even Pokémon veterans will take some time getting used to.
    • The type chart is very different from Pokémon. Aside from having less types and some that are renamed, existing elements have different interactions that differ between the two. For example, Water types in Loomian Legacy are weak to Toxic (the poison Type) and deal 2X damage to Electric types whereas in Pokémon Water takes neutral damage from Poison and deals neutral damage to Electric.
    • You trade Loomians from your PC box rather than the ones that are currently in your party slot like Pokémon and PBB.
    • Some moves may share the same names as Pokémon but have different functions and power. For instance, Gust in Pokémon is a weak Flying type move with no special effects and is always 100% accurate. Whereas in Loomian Legacy, it's an Air-Type move that still does weak damage but is slightly inaccurate (95%) and spins hazards away from the user's side, functioning as a Flying type Rapid Spin.
  • Life Drain:
    • A Plant-type move with the exact name. It drains the foe's HP and restores half the user's HP from said damage it does. Also has other variants such as Luster Loot and Parasitize.
    • Blood Drain is a Dark type move that slowly drains the foe's HP for each turn. Unlike the above examples, it functions more similar to Leech Seed.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: A player example. All of the characters in this game are humans with some Animesque features. Your character is your ROBLOX avatar, which their blocky and sometimes odd appearance will make them stick out from the cast. Wearing an Rthro avatar will somewhat mitigates this but it will still look off in comparison.
  • Old Save Bonus: If you brought a gamepass from Pokémon Brick Bronze before its shutdown, then you'll still receive it when you enter Loomian Legacy. It helps Loomian Legacy is made on the same game slot that is PBB, meaning all of the PBB gamepasses are there, just renamed.
  • Stone Wall: The Slugling and Gumpod line are this. Both have excellent ranged and melee defenses respectively along with plenty of HP and energy. They also have moves that can restore their HP and spread status effects. However, they suffer from average to poor attack stats, their other lacking opposite defense stat and poor speed.
  • Temporary Online Content: The Halloween 2019 event has Halloween skins of Shawchi and Slugling line, which can be found at the Hewia Cemetery. Both are very rare to find. The event lasted from October 11th, 2019 to November 1st, 2019.
  • Too Awesome to Use:
    • BoostTokens. While normally purchasable with Robux, you can receive these tokens for free from doing NPC sidequests. However, there's a limited amount of them in the game and you cannot gain another free token if they are all used up. You'll most likely end up not using them unless you're desperate to do so.
    • Shards. You get them from Corrupt Loomians, encounters that are stronger than regular wilds and cannot be captured. They drop these shards when defeated and using shards on your Loomians increase their base stat by 1 of any corresponding stat. Shards however, are rare to come by due to Corrupts appearing rarely.
  • Uniqueness Decay: At launch, the Dripple line is the only Water type in the game. The Part 2 Update adds in another Water type of the Gumpod line. It's still the rarest type as of this writing.
  • Wutai: Route 5 and its Temple Padoga and the Heiwa Village.

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