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The franchise:

  • Cast the Expert: Both Leeza Gibson (Jess Perkins) and the late Mario Machado (Casey Wong) were actual news anchors.
  • California Doubling: None of the films have been shot in Detroit.
    • Most of the first movie was shot in Dallas. The city was chosen for containing both abandoned industrial areas and futuristic architecture (for example, exterior shots of the OCP building were actually of the Dallas city hall). The filming crew did do location scouting in Detroit, but found it sorely lacking on the futuristic side.
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    • RoboCop 2 was shot in Houston.
    • RoboCop 3 was shot in Atlanta, using many of the buildings that would soon be torn down to make room for the facilities for the 1996 Summer Olympics.
    • Similar to its predecessors, the 1994 TV series (and Prime Directives) use Canadian locations as a stand-in for Detroit. The 2014 film itself uses Toronto, Vancouver and Hamilton... though apparently they finally used Detroit itself at least once.
  • Defictionalization: There is a real life company called Omni Consumer Products. They specialize in... making Defictionalized products. In a nicely full circle manner, the company's owner gave 25,000 dollars to a project seeking to build a statue of RoboCop in Detroit.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The first animated series. Thanks to MGM and Disney (who owns the library of its studio Marvel Productions) having to share dibs on it, there are no DVD releases planned for Region 1. All that's available of the series are the three VHS releases from 1991, which are difficult to track down. Averted in the UK, where the entire series was released.
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  • The Other Darrin: Not counting the remake, four actors have played live-action Robocop: Peter Weller (RoboCop 1 & 2), Robert John Burke (RoboCop 3), Richard Eden (1994 TV series) and Paige Fletcher (Prime Directives miniseries).
  • The Wiki Rule: The RoboCop Wiki.
  • Troubled Production: A downplayed example, but Peter Weller has said being in the film was one of the worst events of his life, not due to anything wrong with the movie, but rather because the suit made him sweat bucketloads.
  • You Look Familiar: Gary Bullock, who played the doctor who carved up Duffy in RoboCop 2, also appeared in RoboCop 3 as the gas station clerk who deals with Otomo stealing a map and slicing through a sign.


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