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Robocop has a reloading mechanism in his leg holster.
Which would explain why he's never seen reloading onscreen.
  • Or he reloads offscreen between shots.
  • Jossed as he is seen reloading in the first two movies: once in the first movie before the final fight with Boddicker and his gang and once in the second fight during his raid on a Nuke factory at the start.

RoboCop will eventually be involved in a Terminator film, where Skynet seeks him as an asset of some sort.
Omni Consumer Products and Cyberdyne Research may eventually get together to a degree and share effort to better produce a cyborg that is based upon a Human body. They both may see the potential in augmenting combat vets who have been crippled mildly or severely, and begin experimenting with wounded Special Forces units to place them back in action. Their will to fight will keep their sanity intact through the augmentation. OCP will then have their hands on the Terminator cybernetic knowledge.

The "Reprogrammed T-????" will get together with RoboCop, likely played by Peter Weller with vocal dub. RoboCop gets upgrades from the friendly T-???? and they both set off to stop the latest Skynet problem. The movie writers will probably adjust the plot to their liking, but a RoboCop VS The Terminator film may show up sooner or later.

Dr. Lazarus is the drunk woman who kissed Robo on New Year's in the first film.
She's certainly rather... attached to him, as bears a passing resemblance to the character.

Otomo wasn't just sent to Detroit to facilitate the demolition program.
He was sent specifically to get into a fight with RoboCop, to test out how well his android design-specifications would fare against OCP's cyborg. Hence, him taking his time about their confrontation: his apparent "toying" with Murphy was to allow his systems time to upload data to Japan via satellite uplink about how his performance measured up against Robo's.

Sgt. Reed's full name is John Warren Reed.
Some people do prefer going by Middle Name Basis and Reed being one such person would reconcile Johnson answering Morton's question about who Reed was with "Sgt. John Reed" with Murphy addressing Reed as "Warren" after Faxx screwed with him.
  • Which makes sense considering the relationships. Johnson, a higher up who likely knows Reed's name from official paperwork, would know him by his legal name. Murphy on the other hand, who knows him in a day to day capacity, would know he prefers to go by his middle name "Warren".

Each piece of Robocop media represents an alternate timeline.