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Films: Live-Action

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has a parody of the film called Proto Cop.
  • Towards the end of Home Alone, Kevin calls the cops and says in a forged, deep voice that's he's being robbed, gives them the address and calls himself "Murphy".

Live-Action Television

  • Saved by the Bell:
    • The episode "Screech's Birthday" has Screech portraying Robocop in an Imagine Spot as a hall monitor.
    • In "Miss Bayside", as Screech decides to be a magician for his talent portion of the pageant, his assistant, his robot Kevin, is dressed in a tux and jokes how he has a date with Robocop's kid sister.
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  • I Love The 80s Strikes Back: The "I Love '87" episode has the panelists talking about their love of the film.

Web Original

  • Honest Trailers did a trailer for the original R-rated 1987 version on account of their disappointment for the PG-13 rated 2014 reboot.
  • The Nostalgia Critic: His review of Inspector Gadget begins with some history about the cartoon explaining that he was a half-man, half-cyborg cop, which then leads to a poster of the 1987 film that makes him say, "Uh, no. This one was funny...", which then leads to a poster of Robocop 3 and for him to stress "Intentionally funny!"
  • The Irate Gamer did both a dual review and a sole review of the various video games.

Western Animation

  • A Beavis And Butthead episode had the boys watching it on TV it a new ending where he apparently saved Christmas for a mall full of shoppers, to both of their disgust.
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  • The Simpsons had a similar spoof in an episode where Homer is watching the show and is impressed with it until it's revealed that he's now a single father of a baby Robocop who walks into the room and says "I love you, Daddy" to the sounds of an audience awwing at the display.
  • The Critic: Jay reviews a movie where the Robocop-esque character is deactivated whenever someone claps ala The Clapper. He is seen arresting someone, only for them to interrupt him and for him to beg, "Please don't do that."

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