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Anime and Manga

  • In a scene in Great Teacher Onizuka, Onizuka pulls Teshigawara through a wall just like in the movie.
  • Episode 9 of the first Sailor Moon anime sees Ami's computer as Sailor Mercury list Murphy's prime directives.
Comic BooksFilms: Animated

Films: Live-Action

  • Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has a TV series very similar to it called Proto Cop. Harry tried stealing a doll of the title character, and Harmony had her home invaded by its star, in costume.
  • Towards the end of Home Alone, Kevin calls the cops and says in a forged, deep voice that's he's being robbed, gives them the address and calls himself "Murphy".
  • The infamous 1987 film, R.O.T.O.R., was heavily inspired by RoboCop and The Terminator.
  • Dredd has Judge Dredd warn a group of perps that "[they] have twenty seconds to comply" before he and Anderson attack them. His manner of speech is even quite similar to ED-209's in the delivery.
  • Hot Shots! Part Deux has the Body-Count Competition scene comparing the film's death count to both RoboCop and Total Recall (1990).

Live-Action Television

  • Saved by the Bell:
    • The episode "Screech's Birthday" has Screech portraying Robocop in an Imagine Spot as a hall monitor.
    • In "Miss Bayside", as Screech decides to be a magician for his talent portion of the pageant, his assistant, his robot Kevin, is dressed in a tux and jokes how he has a date with Robocop's kid sister.
  • I Love The 80s Strikes Back: The "I Love '87" episode has the panelists talking about their love of the original 1987 film.
  • Family Matters: Steve's sentient robot, Robo-Nerd, was inspired by the film.
  • Full House: In "Mr. Egghead" after a mishap leads to Stephanie breaking her nose, she is frightened by Picture Day, feeling that the other kids will call her "Robo Nose".
  • In Red Dwarf, Lister's attempt to become a superhuman in "DNA" results in him becoming a miniature version of RoboCop.
  • Sledge Hammer! did a full episode, "Hammeroid", parodying RoboCop wherein Sledge is rebuilt as a cyborg to continue fighting crime.


  • Brazilian band Mamonas Assassinas had the song "Robocop Gay", comparing an operated transvestite to a cyborg.

Video Games

  • The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark: The protagonists visit Ireland and get in a conversation with a barman about the differences between Irish and American currency. The barman quotes Bixby Snyder's catchphrase "I'd buy that for a dollar!".
  • Dude, Stop: The RoboCup, assembled from a cup about as roughed-up as Murphy himself was.
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon may as well exist purely to get as many references to the film into a game. From Rex's backstory on how he became a cyber commando being very similar to to Robocop's creation, to the sniper rifle being the Cobra Automatic, to even his pistol not only being the Auto 9, but the in-game name being the AJM 9, a nod to Robocop's full name, Alex James Murphy. The bio for it even flat out admits it's named after him ("The gun was built and named in honor of a fallen DPD cop who fell in the line of duty fighting the creeps of the Detroit megaslums and industrial wastelands").
  • Turbo Overkill: The hero Johnny's backstory seems to be lifted from Alex Murphy's in the first Robocop. During a flashback cutscene, we see Johnny getting cornered by the villains, one who shoots his left arm off above the wrist (complete with close-up on the bloodied stump). Then, the villains concentrates their gunfire on him, before their leader shoots Johnny in the head - cue what remains of Johnny being retrieved and converted into a cybernetic bioweapon.

Web Original

  • Boots to Reboots reviewed the 2014 version, comparing it negatively to the original.
  • Break Quest Club has an Expy of the title character with "Robert O. Cop", a Warforged artificer who, unsurprisingly, has a negative view on crime.
  • Honest Trailers did a trailer for the original R-rated 1987 version on account of their disappointment for the PG-13 rated 2014 reboot.
  • The Nostalgia Critic: His review of Inspector Gadget (1999) begins with some history about the cartoon explaining that he was a half-man, half-cyborg cop, which then leads to a poster of the 1987 film that makes him say, "Uh, no. This one was funny...", which then leads to a poster of RoboCop 3 and for him to stress "Intentionally funny!"
  • The Irate Gamer did both a dual review and a sole review of the various video games.
  • Phelous did two different episodes of Bootleg Zones about two different knockoff RoboCop toys.
  • The protagonist of Space Scumbag (an Abridged Series of Mass Effect 3) is named "TJ Laser," the title of Murphy's son's favorite TV show.

Western Animation

  • A Beavis And Butthead episode had the boys watching it on TV it a new ending where he apparently saved Christmas for a mall full of shoppers, to both of their disgust.
  • In the Beast Wars episode Gorilla Warfare, Maximal leader Optimus Primal, after being infected with a virus meant to turn him into a coward but instead turns him into an aggressive lunatic, launches a one-bot attack on the Predacon base. When series butt-monkey Waspinator is ordered to deal with the intruder, he ends up practically soiling himself in terror at the sound of Primal's heavy footsteps growing louder, before being grabbed and pulled straight through the wall behind him, re-enacting the Ron Miller scene from RoboCop verbatim.
  • The Simpsons:
    • One episode had a spoof where Homer is watching the show and is impressed with it until it's revealed that he's now a single father of a baby Robocop who walks into the room and says "I love you, Daddy" to the sounds of an audience awwing at the display.
    • One future episode has Springfield Police Department crewed entirely by RoboCops.
    • Another episode has Professor Frink and his son building an ED-209 expy.
  • The Critic: Jay reviews a movie where the Robocop-esque character is deactivated whenever someone claps ala The Clapper. He is seen arresting someone, only for them to interrupt him and for him to beg, "Please don't do that."
  • DuckTales (1987) character Fenton Crackshell's superhero alter ego, Gizmoduck, was inspired by the film's title character.
  • Family Guy:
    • In "Burning Down The Bayit", there's a Cutaway Gag showing that even RoboCop had a day off.
    • An early episode had an ED-209 Expy as a hall monitor, predictably failing to recognise when a student presented a hall pass.
  • Earthworm Jim: In one of the flashback scenes in the second season premiere, “The Origin of Peter Puppy”, one of the suits Peter tries out resembles RoboCop.

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