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Tower Battles is a PvP Tower Defense game created on Roblox by the user named Planet3arth. Up to six players compete against each other as they place towers to defend against incoming waves of zombies, with each team able to invest money into sending their zombies to attack the opposing team instead. Whichever team survives longer wins. The game has a limited amount of waves, in which both teams are awarded Triumph if they make it to the end.


It can played for free here.

  • Awesome, but Impractical: A lot of the more powerful (and expensive) towers can easily become this with poor money management. While they do alot of damage and can often dispose of Boss zombies all by themselves, their steep costs just to place down can force players to spend entire waves doing nothing just to wait for the necessary money to come in. Horror stories have been told of games lost simply because one player too many elected to spend the early game farming for big towers rather than help their team defend.
  • Boring, but Practical:
    • Tubers. They have a modest cost and don't quite have the DPS of the game's strongest towers, but they have long range, are cheap to upgrade early, and don't need to be placed on cliffs, unlike Mortars, making them very reliable for area damage.
    • Snipers need to be placed on cliffs and have low fire rates, but have very long range (obviously) and can be cheapy upgraded to target Hiddens.
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  • Crutch Character: Patrol jeeps are great at wiping out the earliest waves of the game so the other players on the team can save their money for bigger towers, and is one of the only towers that can target Hiddens without being upgraded. However, since each individual jeep can only deal a fixed amount of damage at once before blowing up, they lose their potency once the midgame rolls around. They can be upgraded into tanks to alleviate this, but it's quite expensive to do so.
  • Fragile Speedster:
    • Speedys have one less health than Normals, but run alot faster.
    • Hiddens are tougher than Normals and run faster than them, but are still quite frail compared to other zombies. Their frailty is helped somewhat by being unable to be targeted by towers without upgrades.
    • Lightnings are the fastest zombie type in the game, but compared to the other zombies that appear by the time they're introduced, they can't take much punishment.
  • The Goomba:
    • Normals, the first enemies encountered and the easiest to deal with. In later waves, the only way they appear in any capacity are as Necromancer summons.
    • For the towers, the Scout is extremely cheap to buy and upgrade, but are straight up inferior to almost every other tower in the game. Almost every player drops them from their loadout as soon as they unlock better towers.
  • Magikarp Power: What Farms can do for individual players. They do nothing but grant extra money at the start of each wave, and cost money themselves to place and upgrade. However, the money they can grant can far exceed what you can obtain by damaging zombies, and once fully upgraded, can grant thousands of dollars each wave, allowing players who have them to casually place powerful towers and buy expensive upgrades.
  • Mighty Glacier: Many zombie types trade movement speed for health.
    • Slows, true to their name, move slower than Normals, but have four times the health.
    • Boss1s are as sluggish as the Slows, but have over ten times their health.
    • Boss2s are even slower than the above two, but has over 1,000 HP.
    • Lavas are only slightly slower than Normals, but are completely immune to fire damage and have 120 HP. They tend to spawn in groups too, creating hell for defenses lacking area damage.
    • Guardians are among the slowest in the whole game, but with 12,000 HP, they can distract towers for a long time.
    • The Void has hundred of thousands of hit points, but is the slowest enemy in the game. It's also able to stun towers to keep them from attacking it, and can create lesser zombies to tank hits for it. The same holds true for its holiday counterparts, the Santa-Bot and King Jack.
  • Short-Range Shotgun: The Shotgunner tower, which can one-shot Normals and Speedys, but have extremely short range.
  • Zerg Rush: A given for a Tower Defense game. Players can pool money to send droves of zombies at enemies to add onto the wave they're already defending against.
  • Wake-Up Call Boss: If the normal Hiddens fail to teach players that upgrading the towers you have is often more important than building more, then the Hidden Boss, who is as fast as a Speedy and as tough as 80 Hiddens, will kill them for it, as it walks right by your towers and plow right through your Jeeps before reaching your base relatively unopposed.

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