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Not everything about Brave Frontier is full of death and despair. Here are some examples showing that, although many of the characters in the game may have suffered greatly throughout the course of their lores, they still had the time to make moments that made their suffering more bearable.

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  • Alice: After being consumed by the darkness and losing even her own sense of self, she finally regained them with the help of Elza's light within her.
  • Adel: In the end, even though he lost both his position as the King of Mildran and his own ideal, he gained Savia's love, had a child with her (which is all but said to be Mora), and they're implied to have lived happily till the end of their lives.
  • Darvanshel: Originally a dumb and rude warrior, he became a finer and more respected man thanks to the teachings of his patient and dearly beloved wife, Exyl.
  • Dure: Coming to rescue his half-brother Sareas despite the latter's incessant malicious slander of him. Blood is Thicker Than Water indeed.
  • Elize: Despite her reputation being smeared by jealous or envious rival businesses, she continued her philanthropic activities in secret while embracing her new public persona - where generations later historians have vindicated her actions upon their discovery.
  • Golem: It protected Lira ever since she was orphaned, and stayed by her side until it was destroyed protecting her from great harm.
  • Heidt: When the La Veda Republic's fall seemed imminent, he went out to look in towns for survivors who still hadn't evacuated, saving them even if they turned out to be convicted criminals.
  • Julius: He was saved, adopted and raised by Grafl and Falma, and looks up to them as his heroes by basing off his fighting style off their own.
  • Kafka: She stayed behind with Rhoa to make sure their friends escaped, and to make sure he wouldn't die alone.
  • Leon: While a thief at heart, nevertheless Leon fought for the people of Agni and became a respected if not loveable heroic outlaw for never resorting to murder, and for sharing his ill-gotten wealth with those who needed it more than he did.
  • Logan: After fighting so hard to free his best friend from the living armor Vishra, he ends up killing him when gets possessed by his own armor. Instead of being depressed, Logan remembers his last words and decides to live a better life amongst the fairies, eventually teaching Faris his own twin sword style.
  • Reed and Lucana: After guiding the refugees of Grand Gaia to the promised land of Elgaia, they decide to live their lives to the fullest in honor of their fallen friends while raising their two children Rouche and Limera.
  • Rina: Although she claimed that her faith in the gods is absolute, Rina still sacrificed herself to protect Signas from Farlon, proving that her heart to be still with her friends.
  • Sodis: His lore in his final 7-Stars form reveals that he always loved Lunaris.
  • Semira: She took in an orphaned Ciara, taught her how to use her powers, and gifted her a scythe, giving the girl what she needed to take revenge on the demon wolves that murdered her family.
  • Tazer: Normally focused on avenging his fallen friend, Tazer went out of his way to be kind to fellow Disciple Tora, who was shunned for refusing to hurt humans.
  • Verica: He saved Mega from a shipwreck and later adopted him, raising him like he was his own son.
  • Xenon and Estia: After being cursed by a witch for goodness knows how long, both are freed thanks to your actions and move on to the afterlife together.

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