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Heartwarming / Deus Ex

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  • Near the end of the game, if you saved him from the hotel ambush at the end of the first act, your brother Paul appears on a holocomm to say hello. He advises you on the three possible ways you can resolve the situation, but doesn't recommend one above the other - he just says that he believes in you, and that you should do what you think is right.
    JC Denton: You sound good. I guess you have the killswitch beat.
    Paul Denton: I'm much better. Yes. I'm going to make it - and you will, too. Just do what you think is right.
    • Even better, your brother survives up to the events of Invisible War, meaning the player character canonically chose to rescue him in the prequel of IW.
  • Several times in the story you visit 'Ton Hotel, run by Gilbert Renton, an old friend of the Denton brothers and a father struggling to protect his rebellious, estranged daughter. The girl ultimately brings in Jojo, a street thug who treats the whole place (not to mention her) as his own. Unsurprisingly Gilbert asks you for a gun to protect her. If you can do it in such a way that he kills Jojo, without obvious help (for a certain value of obvious - you're good as long as Gilbert says he's fed up and draws the gun), and both Rentons survive, he finally earns the respect of his daughter.
  • You might encounter a beggar near the hotel in Hong Kong asking for 20 credits. You ask her what she want to do with the money and she'll admit it's for drugs. The option to give her the money results in JC commenting, "A forgotten virtue like honesty is worth at least twenty credits".
  • In Paris, the player can meet a homeless woman who owns plenty of cats, and is mourning the deaths of some of them after some greasels snuck into the area and killed them. When talked to, she requests that JC kills the greasels in the sewers. Upon doing so, JC says, "Nothing can bring back their victims, but the threat is gone."
  • Talking to the various people on the street (mostly bums and sick people) mainly serves to illustrate how bad the situation is. It can yield some nice moments as well, ranging from a child grateful for receiving something to eat to a sick woman who, while initially dismissive, ultimately thanks you for keeping her company.
  • If you go for the Helios ending, the blunt, demanding, and somewhat creepy AI still takes a moment to reassure JC before their Mental Fusion.
    Helios: You will be who you will be. We are our choices.