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Tear Jerker / Deus Ex

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  • Many players take an entire tour of the DuClare mansion and talk to her constantly because of the sad story of what it was like to grow up the child of one of the heads of the Illuminati. It's genuinely sad and wistful, especially since her mother had just been murdered.
    Nicolette: (on seeing her old home) Only in novels do places crumble to dust, when their spirit is lost.
    • Icarus seems to enjoy twisting the knife, as at one point in the game, he'll taunt "Beth DuClare has been dissected and placed in cryonic storage". Squick.
  • When combined with the soundtrack, the first few visits to Hell's Kitchen are this. The player can truly see just how bad American society is in 2052. Entering one hotel room the player can find two NPCs dead from presumably a drug overdose, the free clinic is filled with desperate plague victims, and the streets themselves are filled with garbage and wrecked cars.
  • Fail to save one of the Rentons. Try not to feel awful watching the other's shock. note 
    • It's no better if you save both but took out Jojo yourself. Sandra will complain her father is powerless and run away, leaving her father all alone.
  • Fail to save your brother. Find his corpse later.
  • You have the option to Mercy Kill a plague victim in Battery Park. You might decline, since it's against the Law. If you do, he will still be around the next time you visit Battery Park and he will be even more sick. He sounds like he is about to die any second. Maybe you should have mercy killed him, after all?
  • If you rescue Lebedev from Anna and after you've completed talking with him, he'll say you'll have to leave because he can do nothing more for you in a mournful tone. He know he's going to be executed.
    • When investigating the evidence Paul had for UNATCO's corruption, you can find an email Lebedev wrote to Paul. It ends with him hearing gunshots in the distance, and while knowing full well his time is up, thanking Paul for all he had done for the resistance.