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The poor AI in the game is handwaved by JC's augmentations putting his combat skills so high that enemies look stupid by comparison.
Like the passive nightvision blurb down below, it's probably logical to say that JC has some sort of augmentation(s) that make his combat skills so high, that enemies just seem like nothing to him.
Deus Ex and Assassin's Creed take place in the same 'verse.
It was stated that the Illuminati had the most power in the 20th century, so perhaps the Templars took over at the start of the 21st? Then the thing with Miles happens, weakening them, allowing them to be mostly stopped wiped out. Then MJ 12 rears it's head and takes over.
Alternatively Deus Ex and Metal Gear take place in the same 'verse.
The Illuminati are the successors to the Patriots after they became defunct. The Cyborg Ninja program and GECKO program are the predecessors to the augments that Adam uses, which eventually give way to J.C. Denton's nanomachines once the public begins to trust them again, which they certainly wouldn't after the events of Guns Of The Patriots.
  • This would make Smuggler a relative of Drebin, they even look similar, and have the same voice actor.
JC is a vampire.
This is why he can stand behind a MJ12 trooper who is looking in the mirror and still be unnoticed. That would also mean a vampire can see his own reflection, but the others cannot. It would also explain vampires' facility for the use of hair gel.
JC has passive nightvision.
One thing that always bothered me about Deus Ex is how enemies can see you more/less in plain sight, and still not seem to notice you. Also, in a oft-quoted line, JC says that "my vision is augmented", yet at that point it's impossible to have any of the vision-related augmentations. The logical solution is that JC has a passive visual augmentation - he sees much more clearly than the NPCs, so an area that appears to moderately dark for him (ie most of the game) is actually much darker through the NPC's eyes.
  • This HAS to be true, otherwise everything would appear dark and blurry due to his insistence on permanently wearing his sunglasses. One can only wonder how amazing his eyesight would be if he took them off for once.
  • Also, if you look at JC's sunglasses closely, you can see two blue dots. He wears his sunglasses to conceal his augmented eyes, which would be very visible in the dark.
  • No word on how this works out in brightly lit labs and complexes, or against augmented mooks. Perhaps they just don't have the passive vision aug?
    • JC has a passive adaptive vision augmentation - it adapts to the surroundings, but has its limits (ie pitch black is still pitch black). And the mooks are all augmented with old technology.
JC hears the background music.
At the first visit to UNATCO Alex mentions the idea to plug JC into an online Jukebox. Probably that's a relief for him, since there seems to be no effective firewall for Infolink, so everybody and his dog try to chat with him, what probably would annoy anybody after some time.
JC was augmented so that chain-eating candy bars would heal his injuries.
He has some kind of augmentation that, after allowing the body to take in a set number of calories for the day (calculated considering JC's size and weight and how much he must burn running around killing people), any extraneous calories that JC consumes are used as energy to fuel some rudimentary regeneration and healing capabilities. It still takes some energy to process the food, especially junk like candy, soda, and booze, so the output is not extreme. It would explain, at least, why his body processes alcohol into hit points so quickly with only a few minutes of drunkenness, because there's an artificial structure in place to make that happen with far more efficiency than regular old organs. (Yes, I've been playing video games for years and it still bothers me when I eat ten candy bars and suddenly my leg isn't broken anymore.)
  • The manual actually states that "the nano-systems in your body can take complex carbohydrates and use them as 'fuel' to repair physical damage" and that "alcoholic beverages also do limited healing, but your nano-metabolism accelerates their intoxicating effects. Expect to experience a few moments of disorientation after metabolizing alcohol".
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising is set in an alternate version of the Deus Ex universe...
Where a revolution or internal coup threw down both the Illuminati and Majestic 12. The Cabal are the last remaining higher ups of both groups - more MJ 12 then Illuminati. The Creation Reactors are a more primitive version of the Univeral Constructer technology.
The sunglasses and trenchcoat aren't just for show
The trenchcoat is a nanomachine woven, shock- and bulletproof, and contains internal electronics. The sunglasses are similarly made of artificial diamondoids and may have embedded functions. Why? Because it's awesome and sounds like cyberpunk, and it gives an awesome in-universe reason to look cyberpunk.
  • Based on what we know about Adam Jensen's accesories, this is pretty probable.
Walton Simons is Adam Jensen
In the Illuminati ending, Jensen joins the higher ranks of the organization, having earned their trust by broadcasting their message. Adam then changes his name, to erase all traces of him before his induction.It's natural to believe that he would go even further up the ranks; and helping Bob Page to form Majestic 12 would be a natural step, wanting to have a more hands-on role in regulating human enhancement. We know from Bob Page that nano-augs are backwards compatible with mechanical augs; Simons is all but the only major player in the original game who is never mentioned once; he looks and sounds like an older Jensen - it all fits!
  • Adam Jensen was born in 1993. Walton Simons was born in 1988.
  • Simons is implied to be another clone by the clone tubes in Area 51.
The next Deus Ex game will be about how Majestic 12 overthrew the Illuminati
You'll play an experimental prototype for Physiopharmaceutical Augmentation, like what the Men in Black have. Hopefully you'll share their cool robot voices.
Deus Ex and X-COM: Enemy Unknown take place in the same universe
The Illuminati secretly run the Council. After the events of X-COM, the X-COM project eventually became Majestic 12. The MEC troopers were the basis for mechanical augmentations. Laser weapons and most plasma weapons fell out of use after the elerium started to run out, but the technology was adaptable for use with different materials, at the cost of making the Plasma Rifle as bulky as it is and the P220 being single-shot. Gene mods and ME Cs were abandoned after the Meld ran out, with the remaining ME Cs being given to MJ 12 Commandos. Psi powers were deemed too powerful to allow the general public to utilize, so the Illuminati kept it under wraps, not even allowing Majestic 12 to have Psionic soldiers.
Anna Navarre is the child of Federova and Namir.
If Anna Navarre is actually just her code name and Israel was rebuilt in the years following Deus Ex: Human Revolution, then this theory could almost be logical. She's described as Russian-Israeli, works for a secret organization, is one of the major bosses of the game, and wears black clothing. Finally, her favorite combat tactic is to cloak and gun people down with an fully-automatic machine gun.
Deus Ex actually has a live-action movie adaptation...
...albeit an unofficial one. Given the aforementioned theory that "JC is a vampire", we can consider Underworld (2003) as the adaptation, with the following changes: 1) JC had been gender-bendered (and renamed), and 2) nano-augmentations were replaced by the genetic virus.JC and Selene both lost their parents at an early age? Check. They both have sworn to avenge those responsible for it (NSF terrorists/werewolves respectively)? Check. They both later had a revelation that their parents Did Not Die That Way? Check. Their supreme (Walton/Victor) is one of the major villains? Check. Both like awesome overcoats? Check. "My vision is augmented" thing? Check-and-mate.
The 'Zeerust' in the game world can be explained away easily as being a result of certain things moving backwards rather than forwards.
We already know that certain civil liberties are curtailed in the DX universe, and with the advent of a greater divide between the haves and have-nots, it's not beyond reasonable hypothesis that a number of things we take for granted in our real world now may be rolled back. A oft heard criticism for example is that DX still has print media, when in real-life we're rapidly moving into a time where newspapers and magazines could become extinct. But if your world exists in a timeframe where the internet is excessively monitored by government agencies (and others), then it might make sense for a 'free media' (and nothing in the games suggests that the media doesn't at least PRETEND to still be free) to turn back to print as a means of retaining some of their independence. The same could be said of any instance in the game which has dated in light of our current world — DX takes place in the future, but it's a future which has rolled back some of the things that we are currently taking for granted in our own world. Could serve as a way of explaining the difference between Human Revolution and the original game as well, with HR taking place before things got rolled back. DX astoundingly predicted so many things _right_ that the things they got wrong are negligable at best and easily excused.
Deus Ex has predicted the future rebirth of the Soviet Union.
Much like how the game predicted 9/11 (what with the conspicuous absence of the World Trade Center's Twin Towers in the New York City skyline), it has also predicted the USSR reuniting in the 21st century. The main evidence being a smuggler's computer having an email with the domain "SOVNET".
The reason your HUD can identify MJ 12 troops before JC knows the organization exists is because of upgrades by Daedalus.
Daedalus is part of every computing device on the planet, which would include the system used to develop nanoaugmentations. He quietly updated JC's augmentations with information needed to understand Daedalus' enemies.