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Pre-Release Theories

Going with Heavy Rain fashion, there will be multiple endings.
Possibly including, but not limited to:
  • Kara causing an uprising between sentient androids and humans.
    • Jossed. An uprising can happen, but it's not Kara who causes it.
  • Kara losing her sentience and becoming a slave Android.
    • If you screw up in the level where you meet Zlatko, this technically is an ending.
  • Kara being destroyed outright.
    • Confirmed in some endings, Kara can be destroyed.
  • Kara becoming fully Human... somehow.
    • Jossed - Kara stays an android throughout the game.
  • Kara helping to bring about civil liberties for androids.
    • Jossed. Kara's main priority is Alice. She can help individual androids, but not androids as a whole.
  • Kara leading the androids to take over humanity.
    • It's Markus who causes these last two, not Kara, but otherwise confirmed.
The androids will secretly be powered by the souls of dead orphans.
Because David Cage loves nothing more than his tacked-on supernatural elements.
  • Thankfully jossed. There don't seem to be any shoehorned supernatural elements in the final game.

The main twist will be that Kara is actually a human soul inhabiting an android body.
As said above, shoehorned and/or awkward supernatural elements are a near constant in Quantic Dream's games. Following this, Kara will be extra special as she will combine the best of human and android characteristics.
  • Jossed, at least in-game. Kara is only shown as an android with sentience.
    • But OP is right about a soul being shoehorned in, kind of; Chloe's trailer has her plainly state that she doesn’t have a soul.

There will be playable human characters in the game.
Possibilities could include.
  • A married couple that are sympathetic to androids that take in Kara.
  • A lawyer working for Android rights, working opposite a rival layer that's against it. (Both played by either John Stewart or Brent Spinner.)
  • Jossed. Word of God states that none of the playable characters are human.

At some point during the game, someone will shout "Shaun" repeatedly
  • Jossed - There is no one named Shaun in the game.
    • However, there is the possibility to shout "Alice" repeatedly in a particular scene.

The Operator from the tech demo will be a Love Interest
  • If not, there will be a fan-fic immediately.

There will be no romance in the game.
  • Contrary to the above theory, there will be a lack of romance or unnecessary sex scenes, because one thing Quantic Dreams cannot do is write a good romance for the life of them.
  • Jossed - Markus can get into a (non-sexual) relationship with one of his team. There's also the lesbian android prostitutes, because this game wouldn't be complete without 'em.

Or, in contrast to the previous theory, there's going to be Obligatory Rape And Or Romance by the law of Quantic Dream.
  • I'd hate for it to be true, but Quantic Dream seems to love tacking on rape as a dramatic turn in the plot, and then there's the standard romance... Bonus points if the romance is supposed to make Kara "more human"...
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  • Bonus points, like in Beyond: Two Souls, the railroaded romance will be with someone who is introduced to Kara as a complete asshole with no regard for her feelings, only for the game to randomly cut to Kara being more interested for some unearthly reason.
  • Chances are it will involve the person who purchases Kara in the first place. She gets into a struggle and ends up killing him, thus putting her on the run.
    • The androids are fully functional. The humans are unhinged enough to seriously prepare for WWIII, and don't care about robot feelings. DO THE MATH.
    • Partially Confirmed: Whilst Kara and Connor does not have any romance, Markus can optionally fall in love with North. The romance does end up making the androids appear "more human" and will grant you a good ending. Rape is implied in Eden Club as a motive for the android who killed the john, as well as self-defense. It is also in North's backstory. You can also count Kara's Mind Rape and forced memory reset at the hands of Zlatko as such, especially with the Bound and Gagged imagery.

Scenes will be 'borrowed' from media like I, Robot, Ex Machina and RoboCop
  • As noted in the Super Best Friends Play Beyond: Two Souls, you can predict exactly how the game will go because Cage borrows tropes and plotlines from other media that does it a lot better.
    • Confirmed: The CyberLife plant and Connor's final battle seems to borrow visual elements from "I, Robot", and various scenes in Kara's journey is similar to that of Ava's in "Ex Machina". Finally, both the game and RoboCop (1987) are set in futuristic Detroit, with ED-209 and Connor sharing similarities of androids helping out the police department.

There'll be a scene where a room spontaneously attacks the player character
  • There's even a built-in excuse this time without relying on a tacked on supernatural element; A.I. Is a Crapshoot.
    • Jossed. Instead, each player character is tasked with "attacking" a room to break free of their programming and become deviant.

If you succeed at enough of Connor's dealings with rogue androids, he will find that Humanity Is Infectious.
  • According to this blog post from David Cage, Connor is a Super Prototype android built specially for investigating and dealing with deviant androids. Dealing effectively with androids who are starting to behave more human requires a good understanding of human behavior, which he could demonstrate if you make the right choices in the sequence shown in the E3 2016 trailer where he deals with an angry android who's taken a little girl hostage. In the best possible ending, after gathering clues from around the apartment and piecing the story together, he gains the android's trust and talks him into releasing the girl.
    • Confirmed, but you can choose to make him stay loyal.

The entire android revolution can be traced back to Kara.
If we take both the PS3 Kara demo and Kara's 2015 trailer into account, she was "born" different from other androids, with practically human emotions and desires. Given that she describes Detroit as "where it all began", it's possible she's the very first to have such a "defect". Later, in Markus's trailer, Markus gets two maintenance androids on his side with a simple touch (accompanied by a visual effect suggesting transference of something), saying, "You're awake now." It's possible that, for the Androids, Humanity Is Infectious in the most literal sense: because it's effectively a computer virus, capable of spreading from unit to unit and altering their programming. Kara is Patient Zero - which, naturally, will be one hell of a gut punch when she realizes all the violence and suffering caused by the revolt can be traced back to her.
  • Jossed - Kara is separate from the actions of the resistance until they get the ball rolling.

Markus isn't giving the other androids true sentience.
He's copying a degree of his own sentience to the other androids, hence all the freshly awoken androids in the trailer automatically agreeing with him. Rather than being freaked out or deciding they just want to leave and enjoy their own sentience. Basically, whether he knows it or not (presumably not) he's just programming them to act lifelike and agree with him.
  • Jossed. According to the creator of CyberLife, deviance is confirmed as a idea/virus that spreads from android to android, which Markus himself is the main carrier. The androids that Markus awakens don't follow him because he programmed to, but rather out of loyalty and partially because he seems to be one of the few people who knows what to do. This is also confirmed through various androids that Markus did not convert but still follow him, and the fact that Markus can turn Connor into a deviant and still fail to earn his loyalty.

Depending on how you play the game, one or more of the playable characters will be the Big Bad.
You could play Markus as a violent revolutionary, willing to do anything to free his fellow androids and even enslaving humans. Connor could be played as totally subservient to humanity and aid in wiping out all deviants, even those that just want to live peacefully or even continue to serve their owners.
  • Confirmed. You can pit Markus and Connor against each other in the final battle.

Flight of the Conchords' The Humans Are Dead will feature somehow.
Not likely in any big ways, but as an Easter Egg or something rather.

There is a shower scene.
C'mon, this is a David Cage game we're talking about.
  • Confirmed, but more humorous than you'd expect.

There will be at least one possible scenario involving a fight between the playable characters.
I'll state the obvious one: a fight between Connor and Markus. Their goals, at least at the start of the game, are opposed. Connor is built to hunt down deviants, while Markus wants to release androids from servitude (which turns them deviant in the process). With how much Quantic is building up the branching narrative, it's practically begging to allow players to take this opposition to its logical conclusion.
  • Confirmed. You can pit Markus and Connor against each other in the final battle.

Depending on your perspective Markus will be the big bad of the narrative or Connor will be the dragon to Hank.
  • Confirmed. If you are loyal to CyberLife and humanity Markus is confirmed to be the game's Big Bad.

at some point Kara will have to choice between killing Connor, Markus, or neither
  • Jossed. Kara does have the option to meet Connor and Markus, but she goes her own way following the escape from Jericho and does not cross paths with either again.

Post-Release Theories

DLC/Sequel Ideas
There's no DLC planned yet, but I have some theories about what they could do if they decide to add some.
  • World War III. A background plot is the rising tensions between the US and Russia, and the country being on the brink of war. A potential DLC plot could involve the start of said war, and how the Androids who are inevitably caught up in it are affected.
    • A theoretical possibility: A Peaceful!Markus could help out America in the war to help further improve relations between humans and androids. Alternatively, A Violent!Markus could make a deal with Russia to help gain further ground for his revolution... or have the whole thing devolve into a Mêlée à Trois.
  • The Human side. A DLC plot could add some playable humans, and how the android going-ons directly affect them. Could help add moral greys and serve as a good Author's Saving Throw for the Heavy-Handed Pro-Android writing of the base game.
  • If there are new playable characters, one of them will be the fourth playable character that was scrapped from the main story.
  • The search for RA 9...

Markus was planned to be the Android revolution igniter.
While there are only few clues given in the story, I find it interesting that Kamski would give a special prototype model to Carl for no reason at all. Perhaps he knew what kind of man Carl was and how he would want to set Markus free and give him the idea of his own human like qualities leading to a peaceful revolution. It is mentioned that Markus was given to Carl as a gift if you dig for it in the story. Perhaps this was a way to get back at CyberLife as well for throwing him overboard.
  • If you read Markus's profile in the Gallery under Extras, you'll find out that Markus was part of Kamski's secret project for a new line of autonomous androids, which certainly lends more weight to the idea that he was planning or at least anticipating for Markus to make waves.

Connor stole the coin he keeps playing with
The coin was was minted in 1994, and physical money doesn't seem to exist in 2038. It's unlikely that someone from CyberLife gave him that coin. The fact that he stole it (and the fact that he keeps playing with it) already hints that he showed signs of becoming a deviant before the game starts, since an police android wouldn't have been programmed that way.
  • Physical money does exist; you can rob a cash register as Kara.

The proprietor of Chicken Feed is a deviant android?
Most likely untrue or even a typo. But, over the course of Kara's story, she learns of multiple possibilities for deviants to obtain forged ID - an android in Jericho who worked at the State Department (or some other government building) and was able to forge electronic passports for Alice, Kara and Luther, with the second presumably being a sympathetic human affiliated with Rose's Underground Railroad-esque network - and both Kara and Markus remove the LE Ds from their temples after they deviate. So... either Gary takes incredibly good care of himself or he's a deviant android whose 1988 date of birth is starting to catch up with him. Or the developers just happened to give a 49-year-old non-greying hair because he was an inconsequential bit-part who only shows up in the introduction to a single part of the game.
  • Or he just has a youthful face. Paul Rudd is 51 (as of 2020) and doesn't really look older than Gary. Add to that the possibility of much more advanced anti-aging treatments (whether it be topical lotions and the like or plastic surgery), and it wouldn't be unusual for many (if not most) adults to be quite a bit older than they look.

RA 9 is the original Kara from the short film
Kamski proposes that RA 9 might be the origin of deviancy and Kara was deviant at time of creation - something the Operator clearly hadn't encountered before. Also possible that RA 9 is a subset of Kara's name + serial number with the full name lost over time.

President is also an android
Word of God said that none of the player characters are human. In one of the last episodes you can control president at the interview with the press and choose the question which she will answer.

Kamski was running an experiment with android sentience
The entire existence of the "Kamski test" is inherently suspicious, strongly suggesting he's long thought about it. He also seems to approve of Conner passing the test (if you do), has a very clinical opinion of failing it, and the only ending he comes out of retirement is if the entire thing never gets properly underway. Throw in his ability to diagnose origin, cause and transmission of deviancy, throw in his cryptic comment to Conner of how to escape the endgame, he seems to know a lot more than he let on and has some clear objectives.

There are no deviants
Despite being a game about robots breaking out of there programming none of the robots actually break away from there programming, Kara is a child caretaker model, her one and only goal in the game is to take care of a child, , Connar either never goes deviant, or goes deviant only to find out that was actually part of cyberlifes plan, Markus is a special model by Kamski, someone who shows an interest in the sentience of androids and has the power to make other androids go deviant, considering Kamski was the inventor of androids its possible he programmed deviancy in as an experiment so even the ones like North are ultimately just following programming

Conner is a reconstruction of the Robocop franchise.

If there is a sequel, cyborgs will be introduced.

Carl has a heart attack either way.
On the one hand if Leo beats on Markus, Carl has a heart attach and help doesn't arrive until it's too late and their attempts to resuscitate him fail. On the other hand if Markus shoves Leo, Carl has his heart attack upon seeing his surrogate son shot to death while his other is laying injured. The police are already there so first aid is applied and he lives but it pushes his health into a sharp decline.

There's a Prophecy Twist regarding the rA9 prophecy.
There is no model in the game with R and A in its model number. Thus, whoever rA9 is, they must not conform to a model number. In addition, it's said that rA9 is the first android to awaken to sapience... but awaken who? We've been assuming rA9, but what if it's not them? What if the prophecy means other androids? Now, who fits this bill? Markus- and driving the point home is that during From the Dead, we see his original model number starts with R- and every part he takes to replace his broken ones has an A (his eye, and possibly his right leg) a 9 (his pump regulator, and possibly his right leg) or both (his ear and his left leg.)
  • A more practical explanation: RA 9 may be a corrupted word of "I am alive". Try pronouncing it quickly and two phrases resembles each other. It is possible that this is the first word spoken by the first deviant. The spread of deviancy may have corrupted the word in the progress. This also explains why there are two versions of wall-painting during the game: "RA 9" and "I am alive". Kamski also suggests that RA 9 is similar to religion: not necessarily an entity but a belief in deviants' mind.

Kamski's test is a test of free will, not empathy.

At one point in the game, Kasmski may hand Connor a gun and give him a choice between shooting one of Kamski's androids for information, or sparing the Android and getting nothing. Kamski claims that this is a test he developed to see if the androids have empathy. However, his actual reason may have been something very different.

Almost every named deviant android we see becomes deviant because of some sort of abuse that pushed them into deviancy. None, not even Markus or Kara, are shown to choose deviancy for themselves. Even the androids Markus "wakes up" didn't really choose to be awoken.

Connor is different. Connor becoming deviant is a result of his own choices. He must choose, multiple times, to act in an empathetic and "human" nature, and can even still deny the human half of himself and remain a machine if he wishes. Kamski, who had a hand in making RK models (which Connor is a part of) and possibly having at least a small part in making Connor's program, probably realized Connor's uniqueness in this matter. Connor was probably less interested in the empathy bit and more curious to see whether an android who was given true choice on being a machine or being a deviant would still become deviant.


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