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Eliza Cassan is ECHELON I
  • Morgan Everett works for Picus. Later, he creates Morpheus (ECHELON III) and Daedalus (ECHELON IV) while working for the Illuminati.
    • ECHELON is actually a real life system that monitors data traffic, so Eliza would most likely be ECHELON II.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Mirror's Edge occur in the same universe.
  • While the augmentations of Deus Ex have spread across the world, there is one place where their existence is hidden: The City in which Mirror's Edge takes place. Serif Industries and other corporations would like nothing more than to break into that untapped market, but The City's government exerts so much control and spouts so much propaganda that augmentations are not a known or available commodity.

JC in JC Denton stands for Jensen Clone.
  • Jossed before the game even came out. JC is a clone of Paul Denton.

The true ending is where you blow up the building and everyone in it. It seems to fit with the original Deus Ex the most.
  • Except for the gaping plot hole that Darrow was broadcasting world wide. It is the only ending that does not provide an explanation of why the augmented workers go crazy, in a way that wouldn't get the public to not automatically blame augments for the situation. That ending should have resulted in the most massive backlash in augment technology to the put of outright banning.
  • Confirmed by the sequel's opening credits sequence. Panchaea was definitely destroyed.

In Human Revolution, you will release the Nano-plague and cause the conditions found in the first game, because it is the relatively best choice for the future.
The nano-plague is only hinted at in e-mails, news and a cryptic sermon that a homeless person gives. And in The Stinger.
The giant mechanical hole in the ocean ("The Chimney") is a part of what caused the massive earthquake that sunk most of California (namely, what went on down there).
The giant mechanical hole is Panchaea, a publically-known geoengineering project that is supposed to stop global warming.
We will meet Beth DuClare and Morgan Everett when they're younger (and still alive in Beth's case).
They are not encountered directly, only in e-mails.
Lucius DeBeers may still be in charge of the Illumanti at this point, instead of freezing his ass off in a cryo tube.
The official timeline still has him running things in 2027, though at 125 years old, his health is probably failing, so he might end up going into the tube during the game and letting Everett take over.He appears in e-mails. Icarus Effect has him still active, although hints are thrown out to his future state by the time the original game rolls around.
Adam Jensen is the genetic cloning source for the Denton siblings (Paul, JC, Alex), hence his first name.
This one probably holds some merit, as a doctor at the LIMB clinic will mention how your augs are cooperating with your body, rather than beginning the early stages of rejection. One necessity for the nano-aug project were people whose bodies would not reject the nanites.
  • Although Paul was born naturally and not cloned, but it's possible some of Adam's DNA could've been added to his gene sequence via gene therapy.
Confirmed by the stinger. Megan brings Adam's cell samples to Bob Page, and an earlier computer document mentions Patient X being the future of nanoaugmentation. Actually jossed by a reference to Paul is made in the Omega labs, where an employee email mentions that some of the babies are being named after the apostles.
You will blow up the Statue of Liberty.
You do not.
The newslady is behind everything!
...or less insanely, an AI like Daedalus, trying to guide Adam.
  • She's human, not an AI, but this idea could still count.
  • Or is she? The voice we hear in the trailer just before we see the hole in the ocean - "It's not the end of the world... but you can see it from here" - sounds female and faintly robotic. While I doubt she's controlling much, an artificial newsreader going rogue sounds very Deus Ex to me.
She is in fact an AI newsreader, designed to manage information in order to shape public opinion. And she is in fact starting to deviate from the wishes of her masters.
Adam is Patient X
And the reason why Megan feels so bad about it is because she was faking being in love with Adam. All in order to gather his DNA.
  • Or, Adam is just one of very few other people with the right DNA to handle augmentations (see below).
  • Supported by comparing the data of Patient X (found in the very first room) and the medical data of Adam (found in a hallway in the LIMB clinic I believe). I wonder if Megan just got closer to him for study and getting DNA samples and thus feels bad about using him. Not sure if that twist is too obvious, but then again they did make a big twist out of that obvious Git S-style hacker puppet during the hostage mission.
Confirmed Megan goes all the way when she wants some DNA.
Paul Denton is Patient X.
Paul was born about nine years before the start of Human Revolution, and his original parents were poor, so it's likely they might have volunteered their son for medical testing to make some extra money. Paul and JC (Paul's clone) are both able to handle the nanites, which, as shown throughout the series, only certain people can survive augmentation with (everyone else just ended up getting the Gray Death). If you read the e-book in the office at the beginning of the game, it mentions that Patient X showed no signs of rejection during any of the augmentation experiments that were done on him.
  • That same ebook also lists Patient X's age as 32.
  • Patient X's identity is explicitly stated. It is not Paul Denton. It is Adam.
Megan is still alive.
All the effort to make it so that bodies were difficult to identify, bringing a large object into the lab (probably a body container which held a body double of Megan, and which Megan was subsequently stuffed into), using a planted coroner to do the autopsy, and many other suspicious things.
  • This theory is more elaborate than what actually happened.


Megan is Patient X.
She was born in 1995, which would make her 32 in 2027. She might have tested some discrete augmentations on herself. Also, Tyrants were a little too thorough in disposing of her supposed body and knocked her out instead of shooting her outright. And then, there's the spoiler-laden launch trailer showing a woman in bandages whom Adam seems to recognize.The women in bandages are powering Hyron. Megan is confirmed to not be Patient X.
The four people in the conference call (besides Bob Page) are...
  • Hugh, the nobel prize winner - this is the only one I'm 100% certain of
  • Eliza
  • Pritchard
  • Morgan Everett
    • It's more likely that Bob Page is conferring with the other Illuminati leaders, so a more plausible list would be Stanton Dowd, Beth DuClare, Lucius DeBeers, and Everett.
The list is most likely: Hugh Darrow (guy with a British accent), Zhao Yun Ru (the woman), William Taggart, and drawing a blank on the last one.
  • The fourth is likely Everett, since he's in charge of Picus and would thus have an immediate interest in the subject matter.
  • Even though the fourth voice is distorted, it has a distinct hint of a southern United States accent, which correlates with the brief conversation with Lucius DeBeers from the first game. Presumably during Human Revolution he is still upwardly mobile
  • In the final game, there are in fact seven other Illuminati members in the conference call, although only four or five speak. The same eight-member council also makes an appearance in the tie-in novel Icarus Effect, which reveals a bit more about each member and enough to confirm the identities of a few. The following are the strongest conclusions this troper can draw:
  • Lucius DeBeers
  • Bob Page
  • Zhao Yun Ru
  • Morgan Everett
  • Hugh Darrow
  • Stanton Dowd
  • An unknown "olive-skinned" woman in Dubai. (high-ranking, compared to the others)
  • An unknown male politician in Washington, D.C. (possibly the southern-accented speaker and Philip Mead?)
  • As a corollary: who is Bob Page having the IM conversation with? Whoever it is, he's doing it behind everyone else's back, which implies he has different plans for Megan's research and is already thinking ahead to nanoaugmentation. It's certainly not Darrow or Taggart, neither of whom have any interest in the kind of advances Megan's research can bring beyond "remove augs" and "regulate augs" respectively, and he has no reason to care about Zhao. My guess; he's texting with (and has already recruited) Walton Simons.
    • One other interesting note about the IM - look carefully at Page's keyboard when he starts typing. The inverted English reads "Remote access - Sarif Industries". Whoever Page is talking to has infiltrated SI.
  • Interestingly, in the leaked Alpha the opening sequence is subtly different. The icon for the chinese accented voice has longer hair, suggesting a female voice, presumably Zhao
  • In the final game, there's 5 people in the conversation including Bob Page. Judging by accents that slip through at points, the list of people is probably (link to opening-
    • Hugh Darrow
    • William Taggart
    • Zhao Yun Ru
    • Lucius De Beers or Barret. In the game, emails from Barret suggest him to be Southern American

Adam will have to rescue Tracer Tong in the first DLC mission.
The developers have confirmed that one of the characters from the original game will appear in this mission. Furthermore, the mission's titled "Tong's Rescue", so presumably Tong Si Hung is involved somehow, and he's more than likely related to Tracer in some way (possibly his father or uncle, given how old he appears to be). Confirmed. You save Tong's son, who you then see escaping on a boat named "Tracer".
  • Though not as DLC, the Tong's Rescue mission was a preorder bonus. It later was released as DLC though, and bundled into the Director's Cut.
The final boss of the Detroit missions will survive the battle.
Sure, Barrett ends up getting badly injured, stabbed in the neck and blown up by his own grenades, but trailers and gameplay footage from the Heng Sha section of the game show him there as well. It's possible that he (barely) survives his first encounter with Jensen due to his augs, gets patched up by his employers, and ships out to Heng Sha to try and get some payback.
  • It's possible that the Barrett boss fight was brought forward for the sake of giving the demo a more climactic ending - what we see in the trailer at looks very similar to what we see in the demo. It may be we don't fight him in Detroit at all, or the fight plays out differently, in the full game.
  • I doubt that is the case, since there is an entire Pre-Rendered Cutscene dedicated to the Barrett Fight. They Wouldn't have gone through the trouble for something that would not have been in the final release, especially since it was a preview build and thus they could have simply inserted a Placeholder there.
    • They might have used a cutscene from earlier version of the storyline. Or made one for the beta as a Red Herring to avoid spoilers.
    • Jossed. Barrett dies in Detroit.
Pritchard is a mole.
Come on, the signs are all there! His suspicious response when Adam talks to him after the Milwaukee plant incident when he asks about the Typhoon, the fact that one of the security companies he suggested to David to defend the Renaissance Center was Belltower Associates (Who are either in league with or employed by FEMA, as this video shows), and even his stereotypical Jerkass attitude towards Adam! It's very possible that he assisted the FEMA agents during the first attack on Sarif Industries (Perhaps he changed the door codes and deactivated security measures like turrets?), disabled Megan's tracker so that FEMA could fake her death (See the WMG about Megan still being alive) and gave FEMA the plans of the Milwaukee Plant and the assembly line schedule so that their mole inside Purity First could enter the plant on the exact day that the Typhoon was due to begin mass production. After all, he is in a high enough position (Head of Sarif Industries I.T. Security) to know insider information about Sarif, feed disinformation, and the fact that he is in charge of the entire corporation's I.T. security means that he could cause some real damage if he wanted to. And finally, in the Milwaukee plant, he could very well have unlocked every door for Adam if he'd wanted to. It's just that it was his intention for Adam to get captured or killed.
  • Another minor bit of evidence in this theory's favor: Remember that potential vulnerability in Sarif's firewalls Pritchard talks about in the intro sequence? Six months later, when Adam finally returns to work, it apparently still hasn't been fixed. Sure, the firewall gap was being held open from an automated program transmitting from Derelict Row, but why wait six months to do something about it? He's either surprisingly incompetent, or intentionally held off tracking the source down. Bottom line, why would the guy in charge of computer security just leave the system vulnerable like that unless he wanted it to be vulnerable?
  • It turns out that the security holes that Pritchard conveniently could not find were actually a result of David Sarif keeping secrets. Pritchard becomes more supportive of Jensen later on.
    • Also, for all his snark, Pritchard is actually one of the very few people who never lies to Adam or betrays him in any way.
In the end, David Sarif and/or Adam Jensen will join Majestic 12.
After all, nothing is supposed to happen that could derail Bob Page's ultimate plan. David Sarif himself is so pro-augmentation that he may well agree with the sort of experimentation that will lead to Paul, JC, Walton, and finally, Bob Page himself ending up where they do. Adam Jensen is certainly going to oppose the old conspiracy (the Illuminati), which may give him a reason to join Bob Page when he forms his own conspiracy.
  • Seemingly plausible in Sarif's case in that the Sarif Industries homepage looks an awful lot like an inverted version of the Majestic 12 symbol (a giant hand clutching at the globe). As far as Adam goes, that will most likely end up coming down to player choice.
  • The final shot of the "Join Taggart" ending sees Jensen entering a room with a man who looks suspiciously like Joseph Manderley, implying that Adam will be a major player in the Illuminati's plans. While not exactly Majestic 12 and the canon is debatable, it's close enough.
    • It's not Jensen, sure the man has the same build as him, but he lacks the tell-tale mechanical arms and hands.
  • From what I've seen The Conspiracy is targeting his company so he probably at least isn't part of it, plus, for this series that would come as an interesting twist.
  • Hmm, he still is one when you think about it. Remember that YOU, Adam Jensen, are for all intents and purposes his personal lackey, And that sending you around the world, blowing shit up, is very much corrupt corporate executive behaviour, regardless of what the cause. He is endangering your life to entertain his own morbid curiosity regarding the conspiracy at best, and trying to acertain how he can benefit from all of this at the worst. It's important to note that when he sends you off to the Milwaukee Junction plant, your top priority is to recover the Typhoon aug- Not to save the hostages, and Sarif was holding off the SWAT team from saving the them until you recovered it. Also remember that Adam is the only one so far who has expressed any interest in stopping the conspiracy as a whole (And even then, only as an act of revenge!).
    • 'Morbid curiosity'? The game opens with an attack on Sarif Industries and the apparent massacre of his key scientists. David Sarif is defending himself against a murderous conspiracy that he already knows has way too much influence to be fought against with the legal system. What do you want the man to do, roll over and die?
Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre will have Early Bird Cameos.
  • Some Deus Ex fans will riot if they don't make an appearance.
    • Gunther appears in The Icarus Effect as one of the Tyrants, but they do not appear in the game.
      • Some guards talk about another one "joking about getting the wrong-flavored soda" at the TYM building.
Adam is the reason Gunther and Anna had explosive killswitches installed.
Failsafes and other ways to control mechanical augmentations were devised before the main gameplay.
Everyone is expecting, by virtue of this being a prequel, that the ending will only unfold in a way that sets up the original game.
  • The twist, of course, being that that's only one of several endings, and the other endings could lead to Alternate Timelines - and thus sequels.
    • There are four endings, all of which are vague. The only connection to the original is in a post-credits ending (the same for each) that shows Megan working for Bob Page on the nanotechnology of the original game. The line about "searching the wreckage" suggests that the "Destroy Panchaea" ending is canon.
      • Page could just as easily be talking about Hyron's wreckage and not Panchaea as a whole.
      • Deus Ex doesn't make a single mention of Sarif, Taggart, Darrow or Jensen. Considering how the devs worked with Deus Ex canon, if they intended for any of the endings to be canon, they'd have worked with known Deus Ex characters. The most amount of sense is that everyone died.
      • Or what Page means by wreckage differs between the endings. It's possible that like between the Original and Invisible War, there is no single preferred canon ending. Also since Hyron was needed to maintain the Panchaea in the long term, any other ending would also leave it wrecked.
    • Remember, there is a lot of room for Bob Page to shoot people in the head between this game and Deus Ex. Quite a few of the people who's fate you can decide stand directly in his way after all.
Megan's true love has always been Jaron Namir
Haven't read the prequel novel, but just listen to the way she asks if it is Jaron who has entered her room. Combined with the possibility that she only used Adam to study his DNA, and her Face–Heel Turn at the end...
  • Although that begs the question of why she fell in love with a vicious bastard who murdered a great deal of her work colleagues, beat the shit out of her ex-boyfriend whom she still had feelings for and whom she threw a barrel containing some sort of hazardous chemical at in the prologue. As for Namir's final words, I read the novel before playing the game and figured it was his dead little sister he was talking about. Plus it's mentioned in the novel that Namir is married with children. Megan was probably suffering from Stockholm Syndrome at that point, what with the six months in increasingly isolated captivity.
    • Or Megan was playing a long game all along. Given that she's supposed to be his motivation for wanting revenge, there's a very notable lack of chemistry between her and Jensen that goes beyond the usual exes awkwardness.
Maggie Chow is the daughter of Zhao Yun Ru
  • It is possible, thanks to the vagaries of the romanization of Chinese, and different sounds in Mandarin and Cantonese, that "Zhao" became "Chow"
    • Supported by the fact that in the original Deus Ex Beth Du Claire, another member of the Illuminati, wants her daughter, Nicholette, to join their ranks.
The real reason why Jensen is Ex-SWAT
It's not because of the Mexicantown incident, as the game would have you to believe. It was really because of Jensen's inherent perchance for kleptomania and invading other people's privacy. You Bastard!.
Augmentation in this game is a metaphor for The Player
The Player as in you, sitting there holding the controller/using the keyboard. Before Adam gets augmented, he is quite opposed to the use of augmentation for militaristic purposes, and shows little affection towards his ex. After he gets cyborged, his only motivation is getting revenge/finding out the truth about what happened specifically to her, as the cliche motivation for men in video games has always been seeking out a female with no real character or connection to speak of, and ontop of that he has no qualms about outfitting himself to be a walking machine of death, and his morals and ideals are subjected to the whim of the player. He has lost his identity and become an avatar for us to experience the game with. The FMV sequences where we have no control over Adam are his shattered free will breaking through to the surface, and yet in those crucial moments is essentially powerless to fight against his fate, and instead settles for just fucking over our Pacifist Run.
  • So...Augmentation is good. After all, it's Adam who's killing those people, not us.

Megan Reed is willingly working for the Illuminati.
Notice that at the end of the Omega Ranch, she only appears upset once Darrow hijacks the new biochip to drive everyone insane. Before that, she's trying to convince Adam that what she is doing is a good thing. If you hack the other three scientist's computers, she has sent emails dissuading them from doing anything other than completing the biocip project. And of course, there is the post-credits cutscene...
  • It is possible that the attack on Sarif was a cover to allow her to defect while pretending to be killed/kidnapped.
    • Well she seems to be willingly doing so at the time Jensen finds her but everything we saw about the attack suggested that she really was kidnapped and just developed some sort of Stockholm Syndrome from the time she spent with Namir and Darrow. Remember that she went to Sarif with the information instead of the Illuminati, nearly told Jensen everything about the breakthrough before the attack, threw some possibly dangerous substance on Namir after he shot Jensen and took a pretty hard hit to the face for doing so. That wouldn't make much sense if she had been working with the Illuminati from the start.

David Sarif is a disgruntled former Illuminati.
  • Disgruntled because the Illuminati's plans require putting a target on his back and destroying his life's work. He obvioulsy knows more about them than what he tells Jensen.
    • If he was, wouldn't be easier just to have him assassinated instead of deal with all the fuss he makes? I mean, these guys aren't exactly the most moral of people...
    • Sarif Industries is on the edge of going under anyway. This is the Illuminati, not some crime syndicate. Their first approach to a problem is exactly what we see them doing, smear and sue the offending institution into the ground. Assassinating Sarif risks failing and giving him a paper trail to track backwards, or making him look like a martyr if it does succeed. And judging from e-mails you find I don't think Sarif was ever a member. They would love him to be, but as the end shows he's fundamentally opposed to their very function. Idealists who want to change the world do not fit in an organisation which likes the world nice and stable.

"Arie van Bruggen" isn't the hacker's real name.
  • Not to say that black Dutchmen don't exist, but his accent sounded more Caribbean than Dutch. Also, during the conversation battle with Tong, one of his possible lines mention that hackers like van Bruggen usually have many fake identities. It's not hard to imaging that "Arie van Bruggen", "Windmill" and "The Dutchman" are just fake names that he was using to do business in Hengsha.
    • He could be from Suriname, which was Dutch for a long time, and still speaks Dutch today. "Dutchman" could just be people assuming he's from the Netherlands based solely on his first language. Also, I could pick up a trace of a Dutch accent in Windmill's, but it seems to have lapsed, maybe it's been a while since he's been back home?
    • Note that in certain African countries, Dutchman is a racist slur aimed at people with White European ancestors. Doesn't really tie in with the Caribbean accent, but if he's of mixed race he might have adopted the slur as a handle.

Adam Jensen really is only 13 years old. He ages faster than a normal human becaus he was grown in a lab to be a weapon.
  • Jossed. His birthdate is known, he is in his late 30's. The ex-nurse who assumes that Adam would be 12-13 years old is hopelessly senile, and her advanced years support several decades better, as well.

None of the four ending presented are exactly what happened.
  • Invisible War took parts of all three endings from the original Deus Ex and mixed them together so this isn't out of the question. Maybe instead of chosing to help push someone else's agenda foward Adam recorded a new message of his own to have broadcast.
    • The backstory of Invisible War - the Collapse and The Illuminati's return to power - was triggered by JC deciding to merge with Helios, which caused the other two endings to happen in effect. So in a sense, the Helios ending is the one that the writers of the sequel considered to be the true ending of Deus Ex. Invisible War may or may not be considered canon at this point though, considering the lack of references to it in Human Revolution (save for a gag or two involving its title), or if it ever was canon in the first place.

The Men in Black in the Forgotten Acquaintances quest were working for Hugh Darrow
  • Why? No real good reason, it could have been any of the conspirators. But I think Darrow because if you listen to one of them while he's on the phone, presumably with his boss, he slips up and says 'Da-' before correcting himself to 'Grey'. It makes sense that the Illuminati would be trying to dig up dirt on Jensen at this point, seeing how he's being such a persistent thorn in their side. Darrow probably just offered to do it first. It also coincides with his visit to Detroit, so he could have brought the agents with him.
    • Also supporting this is that Mr. Grey's itinerary, in the leader's pocket, says that Mr. Grey was in Singapore several days ago, then Prague, and is then arriving in Detroit tonight. Hugh Darrow owns and has private quarters at the Omega Ranch facility in Singapore, was in Prague yesterday pitching his Panchea project to the UN, and is arriving that night in Detroit to talk to Sarif.

As per the above WMG, the creation of Adam Jensen was sponsored by Hugh Darrow.
  • If you have the CASIE aug you can get Hugh Darrow to reveal in your final confrontation with him on Panchea that he was originally obsessed with trying to find a way around his DNA's rejection of all augmentation, so that he could transcend himself. ("I tried everything I could think of to change, but I couldn't! I just couldn't!") Adam Jensen, as revealed in Forgotten Acquaintances, is the product of a 'mad science' genetics research project at White Helix that killed dozens of infants before it produced one successful result; a man whose DNA had an infinite capacity for accepting augmentations without any rejection syndrome. Which is exactly what Hugh Darrow would have wanted for himself, and Adam's creation — which Darrow is sending black ops to cover up the secret of — dates back to a time when Darrow was obsessed with finding a way to overcome anti-aug genetics. And we already know he's a Mad Scientist with no ethics...
    • Sorry, but provem wrong. White Helix Labs, the company that altered Adam, is a subsidiary of VersaLife, Bob Page's company.
    • Alternatively, Hugh Darrow simply found out on his own that Jensen was special and is looking into Jensen's past to find out how and why hoping that the secret to Jensen's compatibility with augments could allow Darrow to treat his own incompatibility with them.

David Sarif is a brony.
  • His username is FreneticPony, frenetic meaning: "fast and energetic in a rather wild and uncontrolled way." Sounds like a certain pink pony.

The augmented fetus seen at the end of the Sarif Ending is JC Denton.
  • More likely PAUL Denton.
    • Except that Paul was canonically already born before Human Revolution takes place.

Jensen's augmentations make him a skilled contortionist.
  • One overheard NPC conversation has a guard dismiss the security threat of unsecured airvents, sarcastically commenting that it will only be an issue if the location is attacked by midgets or contortionists. Considering that Jensen (who looks about 6 footish) uses airvents as a standard means of infiltration throughout the game, it's possible that this is merely another benefit of his augments. He's explictly shown in certain takedowns to have an abnormal range of limb rotation- this could probably extend into being generally able to contort his augmented limbs so movement through airvents and similar tight spaces is easier.
    • It's Lampshade Hanging just how absurd using air vents actually would be in real life.
    • I dunno, Jensen can spin his hands freely and break people's necks with their own inertia. I mean, yeah that's definitely lampshading, but to me this WMG is plausible enough. -Woggs 123

The Illuminati re-gained control of Eliza after Jensen left Picus.
  • At the finale room, Eliza tells that destroying Panchaea will ensure that what happened there will not be spun or told by anyone. Seems right at first. But think about who will die:
    • Sarif - The head of a major, but increasingly fragile corporation who has been singlehandedly resisting Illuminati takeover. His death would surely make the company fold.
    • Darrow - A lone agent who betrayed the Illuminati and almost sent their plans tumbling.
    • Taggart - A mid-level Illuminatus who doesn't have much respect for the history of Illuminati and who the Illuminati already tried to kill once to whip up public sentiment.
    • Illuminati is the one that benefits most from the destruction of Panchaea, with all their opponents (Jensen, Sarif, Darrow) buried under the ocean, killing only one of their moderately useful members in the process. It is perfectly possible that they checked Eliza's logs to see what Jensen did when he was in Picus, then assumed direct control over her to manipulate Jensen into destroying all evidence, leaving the Illuminati the only faction to tell the story.
  • I like this idea. My biggest problem with the Destroy Panchaea ending (besides, you know, the massive freaking tsunami that will probably be the result of its destruction) is that everyone who knows the truth does not die. Eliza still knows. She could still tell it, spin it, have the information taken from her, whatever. And I didn't exactly hear her volunteering to shut herself down once Adam hit the self-destruct button.
  • If the Illuminati controlled Eliza, they could have had her support sending Taggart's message. The reaction of the world to the Destroy Panchaea ending is uncontrollable: it could result in people rejecting augs entirely, embracing them fully, or anything else. That chaos is what the Illuminati want to avoid the most. Regardless of Taggart's importance to the organization, his message would have given the Illuminati exactly what they wanted: controlled progression of augmentation technology and new institutions to control the population.
    • She does list Taggart's message as an option. If Jensen won't consider it of his free will on its own merits, there's little reason to think he'll take to it much better if the evil corporation's pet AI demands he send it. The way the decision plays out, Jenson has a 50% chance of picking an outcome favorable to the Illuminati, even if he doesn't realize it.

Jensen augmentations give him nightmares
Feedback from his various mechanical parts give him nightmares like those seen in the trailers.

Jensen, in the endings he survives in, is the reason The Illuminati are so diminished, leaving a power vacuum for M12, by the time of the orignal game.
This is based on the ending of The Missing Link DLC; someone wants to recruit Jensen and, assuming Fontaine's not-so-evil Russian cousin was telling the truth, they want to do something about the Illuminati. My theory is that their actions (with or without Jensen; he's pretty much the best operative they could get if they convince Sarif to give him up or loan him to them) help weaken the Illuminati enough that things are as they are in Deus Ex.

Adam has only smashed his bathroom mirror once.
No, seriously. Despite what a lot of people think, it doesn't seem that Adam has smashed his mirror more than once. In his conversation to Taggart, he states that the first time he looked in the mirror, he smashed it. He doesn't say that he hasn't been able to look in a mirror since, or that he's done it more than once. His note says "Call landlord re: replacement mirror. AGAIN." which could very well indicate that he's been asking about it repeatedly rather than smashing it repeatedly. After all, the new mirror's been in storage for weeks—and that's not counting the amount of time it would have taken to order it and have it shipped—and the landlady indicates that Jensen has been bugging her about it. It might have also taken her a while to get around to ordering it in the first place, given how prejudiced she seems to be against augmentations and how little she appears to like Adam. He might not have had the chance to smash it more than once.

Jaya used a CASIE Aug on Jensen.
  • My second time through the game, I didn't sympathize as much with Jaya getting "tricked" into a Shylock Scam. But then it hit me- She didn't get tricked at all, she just didn't want to pay up any more. She told Jensen what he wanted to hear and influenced him with a CASIE Aug.
    • To be fair, a Shylock Scam is a rather dirty trick to pull on something. Jaya's possible use of a CASIE mod only makes the situation a little more grey.
    • This one's actually supported by an e-mail you can read mentioning this exact scenario.

The Takedown aug includes a localised Time Stands Still generator.
A very short-term one, but still. The other enemies not shooting while you do Takedowns actually happens rather than is a part of gameplay mechanics. The Tyrants have their own generators, which cancels out your effect so that they can counter Takedowns.

The Actions Adam performed are passed down to JC, affecting his behaviour via genetic memory

The Director's Cut will be released on consoles on the 2nd year anniversary for Human Revolution

Wayne Haas will be a major villain if Human Revolution has a direct sequel.
Think about it, even in the best outcomes in the game he's offered a job at Sarif's whose long term stability is in question. Assuming Jensen killing him instead of giving him a job isn't canon, he will be a major antagonist; fed up with the world's bullshit.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set in the same universe as Spaced.
Steiner-Bisley is a company that Tim and Daisy start after they become hugely successful with Mike designing the guns.

The Adam we will play as in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is a clone of the Adam from Human Revolution
It would tie the game thematically to Invisible War in a subtle way, as well as providing a way for all the endings of HR to be canonical.

Michael Zelazny is a Stealth Pun
Put the translations of the two names together and be liberal with the comma and you get "Who is, like God, made of iron." - Deus Est Machina anyone?

Belltower is on the verge of collapse by the end of Human Revolution
  • Think about it like this, not only are legions of Belltower goons left dead or comatose thanks to Adam going on the warpath, they're no doubt competing with the triad of Hengsha/Shanghai thanks to Tong Jr's meddeling, combined with two of the black sites turned upside down and Interpol likely carving them a new cakehole and their less than stellar performance against the Australian rebels, the hundreds if not thousands left dead, insane or crippled by the aug sabotage signal is just the icing on the cake. Belltower are on the brink of falling apart thanks to Jensen's and others efforts.
    • Mankind Divided confirms that Belltower went bankrupt between games due to the Juggernaut Collective leaking their activities to the public, with what's left of the company rebranded as Tarvos Security Services. The events of the previous game probably contributed to that, as well.

Megan's research would have allowed Darrow to have augmentations

The whole point of her work was to allow people to have augmentations without the need for neuropozyne, was prevents your body attacking your augs. With enough time it could have been used to give Darrow Augs.

William Taggart has a CASIE
Multiple times in the game, Taggart's charisma is noted to be overwhelming, with one Sarif worker commenting during his visit to SIHQ that his presence is "mesmerizing" and describing one part of a conversation with him as a "thing" that he did. It could just be a natural knack for oration, but it would certainly help his work for Humanity Front and the Illuminati for him to be able to sway others to his side with some extra "convincing". Plus, the unabashed hypocrisy of the world's foremost anti-aug activist (in the eyes of the public, at least) having an augmentation - a discreet one, of course - would be just juicy. The only mark against this is that Malik and Quinn will both refute you when you attempt to use CASIE on them, but this could be hand-waved as just an optional trim that not everyone chooses to receive or is capable of receiving.