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  • Whenever you liberate children from a factory, especially the cutscene just after each one that shows a Rook or two helping them escape.
    • When all the Child Liberation missions are complete you can have a final talk with Clara O'Dea. Clara formally thanks the Frye twins on behalf of all the children they saved. Clara then gives Evie a hug
  • At the start of the game, when Evie assassinates Sir David Brewster, she assures him that she will continue his scientific work for him, holding him gently as he dies. David also shows remarkable grace not seen by many Templars, faithful that God will protect him and only lamenting that he could not complete his work.
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  • In the second half of the game, Jacob teams up with Maxwell Roth to bring down Starrick's Templars. In fact, as the two of them make steady progress, they get along quite well and even seem to be having a good time. However, when Jacob realizes there are children in the warehouse they plan to destroy and that Roth doesn't care, he immediately cuts off their alliance and rescues the children from the burning warehouse.
    Jacob: Stop! There are children in there!
  • A minor point, but despite Evie's initial disapproval towards Jacob "starting a gang called the Rooks", she is nonetheless fully playable for any gang missions, capable of calling on Rooks the moment they are uniformed, and not only does she not object to her brother's short little post-Gang War recruitment speech including her name, she'll gladly use it herself.
    Jacob/Evie: Ladies and gentlemen! We are [Jacob and Evie/Evie and Jacob] Frye! And as of this moment, you all work, for us!
  • During one of the modern-day sequences, Shaun explains why he's working himself to death: He's trying to honor Desmond, who worked day and night in the Animus to find the Piece of Eden despite the enormous stress it caused. Especially considering when they first met, Shaun clearly didn't care for Desmond.
    • Immedietly after that, Galina showing up and assuring Shaun that he's a good Assassin in light of this. While also funny, both of their behaviors give off the feel of two people very glad to see another friendly face.
  • In the last mission, the Frye twins working together to defeat Starrick and reconciling after what was supposed to be their final mission as partners. Never has two people stabbing someone to death been more heartwarming.
    Evie: Shall we?
    cue Combination Attack assassination
  • If you collect all the pressed flowers around London you are treated to a lovely scene where Henry proposes to Evie and she says yes.
  • Near the end of the game, Evie helps Duleep Singh set up negotiations with members of Parliament so that he can press for Indian independence. One might expect severe complications, but the first two members quickly agree to support Singh in Parliament, even with no real bonuses to themselves. Even Gladstone, who denied to help Singh, wishes him luck before leaving.
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  • Shaun's Database entry about Rebecca is both a CMOH and a CMOF. He makes various sarcastic comments about Rebecca's vegetarianism and recreational drug use, but takes one paragraph to be uncharacteristically serious:
    Shaun: She's never once thought about giving up, and I'm proud to say that she's my very best friend in the world.
    (Aw! <3 - RC)
  • Rebecca naming her drone after Lucy, and Shaun referring to her as a friend in the Database, proving once and for all that Shaun and Rebecca do still see Lucy as one of their closest friends, despite her betrayal.
    • Another one of the drones is named Clay, which is especially heartwarming (and somewhat a Tear Jerker) when you think back to an exchange between Desmond and Rebecca in III, calling back to the events of Revelations.
      Rebecca: Hey, Desmond, didn't Subject Sixteen's-
  • Doubles as funny: When driving carriages, Jacob can often be heard saying, "Who's a good horse? You are!"
  • The mission where Jacob escorts Mrs. Disraeli through the slums, simply to earn her favor and learn the identity of his next target. It is one of the more peaceful scenarios that you wouldn't expect to be in a game called Assassin's Creed.
    • Jacob accidentally leaves her unattended in a rather seedy open tavern, and when he rushes back, expecting the worst, he instead finds her offering a group of Blighters emotional support and life advice. One of them even postures up when Jacob approaches her until she introduces him as her escort, and the trio don't cause Jacob any trouble at any point.
  • Abberline comforting Evie after she investigates Jack the Ripper's final murder victim. In spite of trouble the Brotherhood has given him to the point where he is tempted to arrest Evie, the last thing he wants is for Evie to run to her death.
  • In the Jack the Ripper DLC Assassin Intel, we find out Harlan Cunningham and Arend Schut got married! However, their honeymoon was unfortunately interrupted by Bishop who asked them to start searching for Dr Gramatica.
  • The way Evie introduces her brother to Queen Victoria, and finally seeing her on reconciled terms with him in this scene. For all she's endured of Jacob's actions throughout the game, you can hear just how proud Evie is to call him her sibling.
    Evie: My brother, ma'am. Jacob Frye.
  • Not even the Blighters are immune to this. When hunting for Blighters, the player might see a child run up to them and asked for a penny. Instead of a hard "no" and a cruel smack, the Blighter will give a penny to the urchin, along with a pat on the shoulder. You'll feel like sparing them after that.

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