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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • At the beginning of the game, after Jacob and Evie pull a Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! and board a train to London, the title sequence is beautiful but criminally short: the camera pans up from their train to reveal our new city in the distance, a short reprise of Ezio's Family playing as the title shows itself.
  • The multikills you get are awesome, showing why Jacob and Evie are badasses able to conquer London. It's when you get to quadruple kills that the badass meter really ramps up!
  • Every time you win a gang war and liberate a borough, you're treated to a cutscene of the twins standing atop a carriage and declaring their control.
    Jacob/Evie: Ladies and gentlemen, we are [Jacob and Evie/Evie and Jacob] Frye! And as of this moment, you all work for us!
    • Namely when you conquer Whitechapel at the start of the game. According to Full Synchronization, Kaylock was killed by being kicked off the top of his own train (which the twins promptly took afterwards and set up as their mobile headquarters).
  • The optional kill for Philip Twopenny is a mix of this and CMOF. Jacob will hide behind a painting until Twopenny comes along to look at it. Once the assassination prompt is taken, Jacob will slice a hole right through the canvas, pop out, and stab him in the neck.
  • During the mission to assassinate Lucy Thorne, Evie can free the Constable from Templar captivity. In return, he and as many of the Royal Guard he can muster will fight alongside Evie to take back the Tower of London.
    • Alternatively, you can get a friendly guard to pretend to arrest you and just walk right in and up to Thorne.
  • In the second to last sequence of the game, Jacob teams up with crime lord Maxwell Roth to bring down Starrick's criminal empire. The two get along well and even seem close to a long-term alliance, until Jacob notices a warehouse they've rigged to explode has children working in it. When Roth tries to go through with the plan anyway, Jacob breaks their alliance and rescues the children without hesitation.
    Jacob: We're not playing games anymore, Roth!
    • In the same sequence, doubling as funny:
      Jacob: I'm here to see Mr. Roth.
      Doorman: Weapons?
      Jacob: No, thank you. I've got my own.
  • A lot of people feel that Syndicate's Templars are among the coolest and most impressive villains in the series. Starrick's "tea speech" is cited as being especially awesome for the way it makes a Spot of Tea into a symbol of capitalist control:
    Crawford Starrick: Gentlemen. This tea was brought to me from India by a ship, then, up from the harbor to a factory, where it was packaged and ferried by carriage to my door, unpacked in the larder and brought upstairs to me. All by men and women who work for me. Who are indebted to me, Crawford Starrick, for their jobs, their time, the very lives they lead. They will work in my factories and so too shall their children. And you come to me with talk of this Jacob Frye? This insignificant blemish who calls himself Assassin? You disrespect the very city that works day and night so that we may drink this. This miracle. This tea.
  • In the very last mission, when fighting Crawford Starrick underneath Buckingham Palace, Jacob and Evie finish by simultaneously assassinating Starrick from both sides.
    • Not to mention when it appears Starrick is about to kill both twins, Henry appears and faces him in combat, giving Jacob and Evie time to recover.
    • It also provides an awesome Book-Ending to the game. One of the first things you do as Evie is buy the Double Assassination skill, which lets you kill two enemies with one Assassin (which is a relief, after Arno had to unlock and then purchase the ability to do the same). The last thing you do during main story sequences is a Combination Attack against the Templar Grand Master, which is killing one enemy with two Assassins, which is so many levels of relief after that Puzzle Boss fight.
  • The "Twins" Trailer, doubling as an Establishing Character Moment -
    Evie: You may not be looking for war, but war is looking for you.
    Jacob: If it finds me, I'll bring the lads.
  • For all you Costume Porn lovers, there's the final mission where Jacob and Evie attend the Queen's Ball in formal attire. They're even briefly playable in these outfits, though Evie is restricted due to the movement of her dress and will have to make an infiltration without the use of parkour or sneak mode.
    • Similarly, this game's special armor, the Aegis, is a sight to behold on Evie during gameplay and in cutscenes, especially with its unique cape. It's a Precursor cloak so advanced it causes Helix to constantly glitch.
  • Gang Stronghold missions are a great way to show off how badass of an assassin you are. You can tackle them with either stealth or brute force.
  • Evie taking on and defeating Jack the Ripper himself in the Jack the Ripper DLC. What makes it especially satisfying is that she utterly lays into the bastard with the same brutal takedowns that he had been using up to this point.
  • In the present day, Shaun is making a video confession inside a safe room. The drone he is speaking to suddenly detects movement and turns the camera for a brief moment when all of the sudden, the intruder scares Shaun from behind. The intruder: Russian Master Assassin and a fan favorite from Assassin's Creed: Initiates, Galina Voronina. Even better is her Badass Boast.
    Galina: Bishop tells me Otso Berg is here. I will kill him for you.
  • The ending of the modern day storyline: The Assassins ambush Otso Berg, Violet da Costa and Isabelle Ardant in order to retrieve the Shroud.
    • After throwing a smoke grenade, Galina keeps up to her promise and gives Otso Berg a good beat down. The Master Templar proves to be a formidable opponent for the Master Assassin, breaking one of her Hidden Blades in the fight but Galina uses her quickness to her advantage and comes close at killing Berg had Rebecca not been shot and enemy reinforcements arrived, which force her and the others to escape.
    • As Galina and Berg fight each other, Ardant fails to realize that Shaun has snuck behind her and is killed with his Shock Blade. Not bad for the former history nerd who can only snark at people.


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