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Heartwarming / Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

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  • The final scene where we discover that Elena's all right and she and Nate finally share that kiss. Final line in that scene doubles as a Funny Moment as well.
    • She followed Nate to Tibet. Was there ever any doubt who Nate's gonna end up with?
  • In Nate's diary, amongst the mementos, goofy doodles and notes about treasure is an unexpected fuzzy moment - a detailed sketch of Tenzin's tiny daughter, Pema, wearing a sweet little smile. Awww.
  • Chloe jumping between Nate and a loaded gun to protect him after he gets shot by Flynn. She's just been arguing with him and claiming she doesn't need a rescue, but she immediately tries to rescue him at risk to her own life.
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  • It turns out that Sully had to use a huge chunk of money that he and Nate earned presumably from the previous game in order to bail Nate out of prison. Just to show how much Sully really love Nate.

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