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  • If you visit Jacob for the last time before you leave Speck, you can choose to tell him all about your past. His response is incredibly sweet.
    "I will NEVER tell anyone your secret, not even if a bad guy tries to make me!"
    He jumps up into your arms and gives you the strongest hug that a very frail 11-year-old boy can muster.
  • Raise your relationship stat with Origami high enough and you can affectionately declare that you see her as the little sister you never had. The declaration in itself qualifies as a Heartwarming Moment, but when she sheds a Single Tear and gives you a big hug, it just makes it all the better.
    "I've never had a little sister. But if I could pick one, I'd pick you."
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  • When you get burgers with Stoic, the shift manager will recognize who you are if your Yay stat is high enough. Clearly respecting your bravery, she leaves you with a heartfelt compliment and hug, and refuses to let you pay for your meal.
  • During your last lunch with your classmates, Dirty Girl has something pretty sweet to say about you no matter how poor your relationship with her may be.
    "CP does what CP does best - defy expectations! That's your thing, CP. That's what you do best."
  • Amours asshole he may be, even a hostile Hedonist will seem touched if you tell him he did his best before he dies. He spends his last action telling you to run away no matter how poor your relationship is.
  • You can give Stoic a hug. Between her shield and dialog it's implied that may have been her very first hug.


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