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Heartwarming / HOME (2013)

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  • Valerie is able to be saved from being torn apart by Japhet.
  • Just knowing that Valerie is in the party is bound to uplift some spirits.
  • The cutscene break in Zone 0 after defeating Enoch. While Valerie comforts the Judge about the toll he's taking on this trip, Alain and Jozlyn have a little heart-to-heart on the roof outside.
  • Although they don't seem to remember each other in the slightest, Jozlyn meeting with Sugar is incredibly sweet.
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  • There's a spot in The Courtroom that sends you to a fake Title Screen. Clicking 'New Game' or 'Continue' doesn't prompt much (the former being how to keep progressing in the game anyways, and the latter doing absolutely nothing), but in an older version, trying to hit "Quit" would prompt this bit of dialogue.
    "You can't quit...This world needs you, [Player Name]...You must continue."
  • The Judge helps Hugo restore color to the world, and make a place they can call HOME.
  • When an argument between the two key contributors/creators of HOME resulted in the game getting pulled, Felix chose to salvage what remained of the game and added to it in order for people to play it again.
    • At the same time, fans put forth their talents and efforts to get the game (re)completed faster.
    • A meta example. A number of people who helped out with the game got more than their names in the credits. Their names are passwords to some bonus bosses that they created themselves.
  • Another meta example: When Felix's sudden death was announced, there was an immense outpour of support for him and his girlfriend from Tumblr, from tribute fanart to a Gofundme for Felix's girlfriend's recovery.

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