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  • Some of the (now fixed) game-breaking bugs produced hilarious moments when they were found.
    • In a previous version, the line of park-goers in Zone 2 would disappear after clearing a different area only to reappear after exiting the park. This trapped The Judge in a throng of elsens, making it look as if a horde of bodies was preventing him from leaving the safest park to ever exist.
    • The Judge riding a Pedalo on land with the water effect intact.
    • Pulling off the right glitch had The Judge walking over or under every solid object in the game, save boxes and the plastic ocean included. Oddly enough, the adventures of a Tumblr user abusing this bug alerted Felix to another, comparatively minor, bug where the player couldn't talk to a certain elsen in Zone 3.
  • Alain's insane craving for sugar can fall under this, which leads him from digging into barrels to clearing out an ENTIRE ROOM full of it.
    • Valerie's reaction to the latter scene is also quite humorous.
    Valerie: I... I don't know. I do not know how I am supposed to react to this.
  • When you meet Zacharie on the post office's rooftop in Zone 1, he gives you a hint on how to complete one of the puzzles inside said building. Instead of taking the elevator down to the ground floor, he simply jumps off the building and dives into the plastic below.
    • Alain's shock and disappointment that Zacharie survived his fall.
  • The first time you meet Zacharie, he tells you that he's also a cat. He backs it up by saying he likes to scratch the legs of his customers, and nuzzle into their chest. He then puts on his cat mask and meows. Afterwards, he says that he was trying to make the player laugh.
  • The Game of Nim in the park from OFF is now a game where you throw birds at balloons. The birds explode into a squirt of blood when they hit the wall.
  • When the Judge has finally decided Alain's attitude is getting to him, he mutes him to shut him up. You even get a little text box saying '*Alain has been muted*'. He forgets about this until the return to Zone 0, at which point a new text box will say '*Alain has been un-muted*'.
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  • The Judge's reaction when the Batter asks why he can't just walk over the game's Insurmountable Waist High Fences.
    The Judge: Are you mad? Surely you know such a feat is impossible!
  • The Batter getting lost doing the Waltz of the Bloody Moon.
    "I can't seem to find my way out of here."
  • The Elsen who slept through the purification of Zone 3.
  • In the "spot the difference" puzzle found in The Courtroom, there are two slips of paper. One is inaccessible, but you can read the other. What does it say?
    "Quit reading this piece of paper".
  • The battle theme is called "She is... Dancing Till Her Head Explodes". Period.

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