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Awesome Music / HOME (2013)

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  • Stillborn, which plays during the splash screen and Game Over scenes, has a quiet, sombre ambience that conveys a feeling of nothingness/emptiness.
  • Crestfallen, the theme that plays when naming the Puppeteer and when being introduced to The Judge, is a rather calm but sombre theme perfect for setting the scene of the game. Even better when you've played through OFF first as you may have memories of the world's destruction.
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  • Nine Lives to Spare, the theme for the inside areas of Zone 0. A perfect beginning theme when you're just getting started with the game.
  • Pale Yellow Sun, a beautiful, relaxing theme for outside areas in Zone 0, taking inspiration from a classic tune.
  • Morning Dew, the music that plays in the outside areas of Zone 1 and is the game's counterpart to OFF's Rainy Day themes, is a rather relaxing, beautiful track complete with the sound of sprinkling rain.
  • Reasonable Conduct, the main battle theme and HOME's variant of Pepper Steak from OFF, is a rather silly but elegant track that, like its previous incarnation, serves as a contrast for how dark the game really is. It is also quite fitting for a character like The Judge, who is a leader of sorts and has a gentlemanly demeanour.
  • Aube a Tout Allure, Japhet's new theme, stands out as the superior boss track, fast-paced and action-packed to match the highly emotional tone of the context. The climactic crescendo near the end just sells it more.
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  • Cold Steel, the theme that plays in Zone 1's meatworks. Sombre and eerie, this piece is fitting for such a dark, solemn place.
  • Killer Instinct, The Butcher/ Pentel's battle theme. Chilling and suspenseful, it reflects his insanity and obsession with killing caused by the spectres.
  • Waltz of the Bloody Moon, the theme that plays in the central area of Alma, is a short, catchy tune that, as possibly diegetic music, fits the dance very well.
  • Years of Hatred, the theme that plays before confronting Dedan, is a suspenseful, foreboding theme that seems to prepare you for a major battle.
  • Synthetic Symphony, Dedan's battle theme, is intense and epic, fitting for your first major boss battle.
  • Empty Stare, another rendition of OFF's Race of a Thousand Ants that plays in cutscenes with The Witness after completing each Zone, is quite sombre and dark once you realise that your attempt to protect the Guardians ended in total failure, and that they had been purified by The Batter anyway.
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  • Serenade to Safety, Zone 2's main theme, is relaxing and calm, which fits Zone 2's concept of being a safe place very well.
  • Ben and Alfie - 27 Years, which plays during the credits of the bad ending, may not have been created for the game, but fits quite well, seeing as your furry friends are the only survivors, wandering the desolate, colourless landscape of the purified Zones.

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