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  • The Judge is able to save his brother from the fate he suffered in OFF.
  • Many of the boss fights are very exciting, due to a combination of cool music, intimidating spritework, and tense situations.
  • Shachihata may be batshit crazy, but when you've got the balls to replace your limbs with guns, it's proof he isn't your average Elsen.
    • On top of that, Jozlyn initiating the second battle with him, earning the player a First Strike advantage. She's not scared one bit of a gun-wielding maniac like him.
  • Utterly DEMOLISHING the fourth wall as you, the Puppeteer, unlock a secret treasure chest located within the game's files to acquire the final item for your quest. Screw pressing arrow keys, THIS is where you do your part to save the world.
  • The final battle against the Batter's true form, as well as the Badass Boast between the Judge and that thing.
    The Batter: I won't let you stop me from completing my sacred mission.
    The Judge: You cannot overcome all of us, foolish purificator. We will not let you erase the home that we seek to protect.
    The Batter: This world is ill... why do you not permit me to cure it of its sickness?
    The Judge: The only sickness in this world is yourself, Batter!
    The Batter: You're mistaken... I am pure. I am a pure being on a holy mission to cleanse all that is corrupt...
    The Batter/Bad Executioner: I will not be stopped! My mission will be complete! Judge. Your game is over.
    The Judge: You've struck out for the last time. Today, we shall retire the batter.

    • The previous version dialogue deserves mention, too.
    The Batter/Bad Executioner: All that is impure, must be cleansed, (Player).
    Your game is over.

    Judge: Speak to me batter, for I alone am your judge.
    • The oldest dialogue was also awesome.
    The Batter/Bad Executioner: Purification...

    Judge: Batter...
  • Meta example, but special mention should be made to the sheer amount of original content in HOME when compared to the original OFF. From the new puzzles and new purified zones layouts, original music, and one original zone and a brand new final dungeon, all this work helps separate HOME from being your average fan game.

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