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Awesome Music / Homeworld

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  • Kharak System, the very first mission of the game, is underscored by an epic piece that at once captures the desert home of the protagonists, the incredible vastness of space before them, and the hopes and fears regarding their path ahead.
  • Agnus Dei, a choral version of Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings, potentially one of the saddest instrumental pieces ever written, plays during the launch of the Mothership (giving a spiritual "we're putting our whole race's effort into this" feeling), as well as two other highly dramatic moments, potentially bumping the first one up to Tear Jerker status and serving as a Theme Music Power-Up for the second one, at the end of the final mission, as enemy rebels courageously - suicidally, in fact - charge straight at their Emperor to clear a path for you to attack. It also plays during the mission where you save the Bentusi, and they share with you a recording of your ancestors' exile from Hiigara.

Homeworld: Cataclysm

Homeworld II

  • The Planetkillers' theme. Slow, mournful, and almost hymnishly solemn, quite fitting for a situation where a slipup could get your planet fried.