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"Don't look so sad. I'm never leaving you."
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     Episode 1 - "Chrysalis" 
  • Max comforting Victoria if she chooses to after using her powers to cover her in paint. Max also internally sympathizes with Victoria when she snoops around her dorm room and finds a rejection letter amongst her belongings.
    • Doing so convinces Victoria to delete the unflattering photograph that she took of Max earlier. She even texts Max later to thank her again, albeit in a rather Tsundere way.
  • Max can rewind time to prevent Alyssa from getting nailed in the head with a football.
  • Max can allow Daniel, who is in low spirits because of his lackluster photographs and being a target for the bullies, to draw a portrait of her to make him feel better.
  • Warren protecting Max from getting hurt by Nathan and taking the beating himself. He gets a black eye, but sends Max a reassuring text with a smile on his face.
  • All the little ways that Max can comfort and help out Kate. Every time she does something for her, Kate seems appreciative. Judging by all the graffiti about her and even the rude messages on the whiteboard outside her room, Max is the only person in the school that's nice to her.
  • That while Chloe still resents Max for moving away, she still helps her out and is the only person Max can confide in about her new powers.
  • Max rediscovering Chloe's house and recalling all the memories they shared there.
  • The letter from Max's parents for her 18th birthday: "Happy birthday Maxine. We'll never forget the day you were born and your first smile. It was love at first sight. We miss you but we're so proud that you're following your dreams. We love you. Your mother and father XX".
    • In her journal she describes her parent's reaction when she got accepted in Blackwell "My mom cried, and my dad laughed. They're so weird".
  • Let's not forget that Max didn't even recognise that it was Chloe being shot in the bathroom. All she knew was that a girl was in danger and she had to save her. As far as she knew, she was helping a complete stranger.

     Episode 2 - "Out of Time" 
  • Every little good deed for Kate will pay off in Episode 2 when Kate is on the rooftop of the dorm building ready to commit suicide over the humiliating viral video. If the player has been nice to her, Max will bring up all the things she's done, making it that much easier to talk her down, instead of having to come up with excuses. Kate will eventually come around and fight off her suicidal thoughts upon recognising Max as a true friend, should the player continue to comfort her and tell her to be strong. She can then be seen in a hospital room during the end cutscene, surrounded by 'Get Well' balloons and looks happier than she has throughout the entire game thus far.
    • Before then, you go inside Kate's room. One of the things you find there is a postcard from Kate's father, telling her that he loves her unconditionally. When is about to jump, she says that nobody cares about her. One of the options is to bring up her father. Doing so is one of the possible answers that convince Kate not to jump.
    • The distraught looks on some of the crowd members when Kate is about to jump. It's clear there are people besides Max who care about her.
    • The end of the episode shows, among other things, a scene of Victoria bawling her eyes out. She actually feels remorseful for bullying Kate to the point of attempted suicide.
  • During these two episodes, every time you support Kate or make her happier before her suicide attempt, she sends Max a text thanking her for reaching out to her, caring about her, and just generally being a good friend.
  • Chloe's childlike exuberance after Max proves her power is real. It's just nice to finally see her really happy.
  • Max and Chloe bonding together on the train tracks.
    "Since you're the mysterious superhero, I'll be your faithful chauffeur and companion."
  • Early on in the episode, Max can have a candid conversation with Taylor Christensen, Victoria's second in command. Taylor will reveal why she and Victoria are so close - when she was dealing with her mom's illness and back surgery, Victoria stood by her and supported her. You can rewind and use this information to get on softer terms with Taylor.

     Episode 3 - "Chaos Theory" 
  • Max and Chloe have a number of sweet heart-to-hearts this episode (most notably, the entire pool scene, and talking about Max's photography after they wake up), proving again how much Chloe really does adore Max despite all the crap she gives her.
    • "Don't look so sad. I'm never leaving you."
    • Additionally, Max discovering a book on weather phenomena in Chloe's room and realizing that she's been hard at work researching for a way to help her.
  • The outpour of supportive text messages Max receives after the events of episode 2.
    • If you were able to save Kate in the last episode, Max will find a long, thoughtful text from her about how much it meant to have Max be there for her and how thankful she is for your help. On the other hand, if you weren't able to save her, you get a message from her father, thanking you for all that you tried to do.
    • If she couldn't save Kate, Max gets several loving texts from her parents showing their support for what happened.
    • And then there's the warm and thoughtful text Warren sends her.
      "I'm proud of you."
  • Two words: saving William. Seeing all the memories that were made because of that is pretty damn sweet. Especially after seeing how Chloe had changed after her father's death. Until you see the other things you have changed...
    • Not to mention seeing Chloe and William having their cute father-daughter dialogue right up until the moment he leaves to pick up Joyce.
      "Chloe, I am...awesome. We are awesome!"
    • Everything about William is heartwarming. He just radiates a soothing, humorous warmth that's hardly anywhere to be found among most of the other "adults" in the story. Even in the alternate timeline, he does his best to maintain his optimism and good cheer in the face of Chloe's paralysis, and usually succeeds. No one could blame Chloe and Joyce for being so heartbroken at having such a wonderful man taken from them.
  • While going through David's stuff in Episode 3, you'll find a card he prepared for Chloe's 18th birthday, declaring how grateful he is for being accepted into their family. No matter how hard you try, there is no way you can hate a guy who would be able to write anything like that, even if in the end he didn't work up the courage to actually give it to Chloe (or maybe he did but she just refused to have it?).
    • Not to mention that the password to David's laptop is the first time that he and Joyce met.
  • Victoria and Taylor's friendship. Along with what Victoria did for Taylor earlier (see Episode 2 above), when you snoop in Victoria's dorm room again you can read a small e-mail conversation between the two, revealing that Victoria calls Taylor "Sweet-T" and that they're both shaken by yesterday's events despite their bullying.
    • Max's conversation with Taylor in the shower room early in the episode, where Max can console Taylor after she shows remorse for what happened.
  • If Max fails to save Kate, some students lay out a little memorial outside her dorm room, and Max can light the candles as a last tribute to her friend.
  • You can help out Alyssa again in this episode, this time from getting splashed by a passing car. If you've helped her enough throughout the game, she'll comment on how Max always has her back and that she's like her guardian angel. She'll even invite you to hang out sometime.
  • The fact that after five years of being apart Max and Chloe still know each other so well. For example, Max knows that Chloe will try to steal the comfy chair.
  • After Max changes Chloe's father, William's fate. she's now in the alternate timeline surrounded mostly by her friends who were enemies in her original timeline including Victoria and Nathan. Max worrying about Chloe returns to the latter's home to find its changes with William already alive. William, happy to see Max since five years ago now calls for Chloe to meet the former. It also becomes a Tear Jerker when Max discovers Chloe's already paralyzed from her neck down and in a wheelchair, as she smiles.

     Episode 4 - "Dark Room" 
  • Every scene with Max and alternate!Chloe. Max and Chloe on their walk at the beach. Max and Chloe watching Blade Runner together. Seeing their old friendship and banter start to rekindle. Even their last scene, which is a major Tear Jerker, has some sweetness mixed in with the sadness.
    "I love you, Max."
  • After Chloe asks for some water, Max offers it to her and tells her, "Drink up, buttercup."
  • Talking to the Price family and seeing how close and hopeful they've remained throughout the hardships.
  • In the alternate timeline, Max is a member of the Vortex Club and is friends with Victoria. Judging by their text messages, Victoria is actually somewhat sweet and a pretty good friend toward her.
  • After Max changes the timeline back to how it was before, she goes up to Chloe and tells her to be strong and never feel alone or betrayed, no matter what happens - even if she won't always be there for her.
    Max: "I'll never abandon you, Chloe. I'll always have your back. Always."
  • When Max returns from the alternate timeline, she is overjoyed to see the original Chloe to the point of giving her best friend a big hug from behind. Not only that, but later in her journal, Max writes that she wants to kiss Chloe again if she kissed her once before. If she did not kiss Chloe the first time, she expresses her regret at not doing so.
  • If you didn't delete the answering machine's message in Episode 3, David will actually protect Chloe by stating to the cops that she was with him all that night instead of sneaking at Blackwell. Despite Chloe hating him, David will do anything to protect his family, even if it means breaking the law.
  • If you saved Kate, Max visits her in the hospital. The entirety of that scene is very touching.
  • If Max agreed to go to the drive-in with Warren, Kate, if alive, will text to wish them well.
    Kate: Warren is so sweet. Give him a hug for me.
  • Max can write on Warren's board, using a science pun to call him cute.
  • It depends on how you view him, but items in Nathan's room hint at his softer side. His email from his sister Kris, a picture with his dad on his desk, and a "Best Son in the World" certificate on his wall, which his dad gave to him as a kid.
  • Max and Chloe comforting and reassuring Warren after he attacks Nathan to protect them from him.
  • If Chloe does not end up killing or wounding Frank, he later sends a text to Max that wishes her and Chloe good luck with their investigation and an offer to hang out to boot.
  • Max's friendship with Samuel really starts to show in this episode, and you can tell that he really appreciates her for her kindness.
  • If Max convinces Daniel to go to the Vortex Club party, you'll see him flirting with Brooke.
    Daniel: "Remind me to always take your advice."
  • Max can potentially reconcile with Victoria, who can even go so far as to offer to let her into the Vortex Club. Victoria will admit that she secretly thinks Max is the coolest person at Blackwell and that she wishes she could be so genuine like her instead of fronting as an Alpha Bitch all the time.
  • Max giving compliments and support to the various students at the Vortex Club party is really heartwarming to see. Her wishing Stella success is particularly sweet. You also really see how highly people like Taylor and Dana think of Max if you chose to be nice to them in the past. At one point, Max tells someone that everyone at Blackwell should work to be kinder and more sincere. It also gives a nice sense of closure to some of Max's relationships with the other people at Blackwell before things get really serious for the final episode.
  • Victoria dedicating her win in the Everyday Heroes contest to Kate.

     Episode 5 - "Polarized" 
  • Max winning the Everyday Heroes contest and getting Jefferson and Nathan sent to prison. She goes to San Francisco for the contest and just gets to talk to people and calm down, reveling in her victory. It just feels really calm and peaceful and light and is very much needed after everything Max has gone through. Unfortunately, it does not get to last.
  • Before submitting the photo, Max can go over and give Kate a much-needed pep talk, hug her, and even take a portrait of her—for which she puts on a beautiful smile. It's small, but it does a lot to make her feel better.
    Kate: "Thanks. You always know the right thing to do."
  • And if Max got on good terms with Victoria earlier in the game, she'll tell Victoria to cut out the bullying, telling her she's too good to waste her potential bringing other people down.
    • You can also look at Victoria's notebook while she's talking to Jefferson, revealing that she's highly insecure and doesn't actually hate Max that much.
  • David busting in like a badass to save Max counts as this and CMOA, especially if she's pretty much been against him the whole game.
    • David apologizing to Max and essentially saying that he fucked up but he wants to do right to Chloe and Joyce.
  • Nathan's voicemail to Max, trying to warn her about Jefferson and stating that he never wanted to hurt anybody. It's heartbreaking, but cements Nathan as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold.
  • Frank thanks Max for everything her and Chloe did even if they were too late to save Rachel.
    • If you have Max sit down at the table for contemplation, Pompidou, despite mostly being portrayed as rather vicious, will come over and rest his head on Max's leg.
  • Max finally confides in Warren about her powers, and he is nothing but supportive.
    • "Did he hurt you?"
    • Right before Max jumps into the photo, they share a very cute moment. Max can kiss or hug Warren for luck. Aww.
    • This exchange if they hug:
      Warren: You better go before I get pathetic and tell you not to.
      Max: You're not pathetic. You're one of my heroes.
  • Max can end up telling Chloe about having to save and sacrifice her dad. There's a distinct vacuum where the expected angry outburst should be. Depending on dialogue choices with Chloe throughout the game, it's implied Max is declaring her romantic feelings for Chloe here.
  • Easily missed, but in the diner in Max's nightmare, while everyone is mostly begging Max not to kill them or let them die, some of them may say some things about how much they appreciate Max, or apologize to her for how they acted. This includes Principal Wells calling Max "a true Everyday Hero", Daniel saying Max has inspired a lot of confidence in him, and Nathan and Victoria apologizing for how they acted. A simple representation of how, even though Max feels that everyone including herself is against her, that simply is not the case and she's actually done a lot of good and changed a lot of people.
  • Upon learning that David saved Max from Jefferson, Chloe finally calls him her step-father, albeit reluctantly, knowing that deep down he does care about her and her mother. This moment shows that she has finally matured as a person in the end.
  • Chloe refuses to stand for Max blaming herself for the storm, invoking You Are Better Than You Think You Are on her three times.
    • "You're kind and caring. Nobody could have a better best friend. Nobody."
    • During Max's nightmare, when Alt!Max reams her for using her powers to get people to like her, Chloe barges into the diner, and tells Alt!Max off. If one interprets Alt!Max as a manifestation of Max's insecurities, it comes off as a You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech. In any reality, Chloe is a true, loyal friend to Max.
    • And then lastly afterwards:
      "Okay so you're not the goddamn Time Master, but you're Max Caulfield. And you're amazing."
      "No matter what you choose, I know you'll make the right decision."
  • The two endings each have their moments.
    • If the player decides to sacrifice Chloe to save Arcadia Bay, the two share a heartfelt hug (or a passionate kiss if Max mostly made decisions in Chloe's favor and kissed her in Episode 3). While the ending is mostly sad, Kate is no longer Driven to Suicide and Max honors Chloe's memory with her jewelry and photographs, wearing Chloe's black spiked wristband at her funeral. Lastly, the blue butterfly lands on Chloe's coffin, making Max smile.
      Chloe: You're my hero, Max."
      Chloe: I'll always love you. And Max Caulfield, don't you forget about me.
      Max: Never.
    • If the player decides to sacrifice Arcadia Bay to spare Chloe, Chloe will hold Max as the tornado ravages the town. After it ends, Chloe gives Max a comforting rub on the shoulder, and both share sweet smiles before driving off.
      Chloe: Max, I'll always be with you.
      Max: Forever.

     Comic (Spoilers Ahoy!) 
  • Max and Chloe happily living together for a full year at Max's house, and all their interactions with their Seattle band friends.
  • Chloe getting closure over the death of her mother Joyce, by way of Max's "flicker".
  • The reveal that there exist timelines where neither Max nor Chloe nor even Rachel died, and they're all together.
  • The pair finally kissing in the last issue, after considerable Ship Tease throughout the story.
  • The opening of the Waves arc, showing that Max, Chloe, and Rachel have been living happily together for years without any supernatural disasters. Rachel and Chloe are in a relationship and Chloe has forgiven Max for the years of ghosting her.
  • In issue 14, in Max's original timeline, Victoria Chase is revealed to be alive, having been kidnapped by Jefferson and locked in his bunker, which had ended up saving her life. Victoria seems to be far different from the Rich Bitch she used to be at Blackwell. She and the Chloe in this reality reconnect over a coffee. Even joining in on a water gun fight with her and their friends.


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