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Awesome Music / Life Is Strange

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The developers have described the music in the game as half the experience. The score is composed by Jonathan Morali of the group Syd Matters. It's reflective, nostalgic, and captures the game's mood perfectly.

  • Several tracks, like the title theme, the credits music and the music that plays at several "sit and think" spots (like Chloe's old swingset) especially stand out.
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  • In addition, the game's indie rock soundtrack has some great songs that really help give the game its own personality. "To All of You" and "Obstacles" are beautiful songs, and are both by the aforementioned Syd Matters. The latter is played again for the sacrifice Arcadia Bay ending.
  • Episode 1 has the songs that play on the stereo in Chloe's room. The first to play is Piano Fire by Sparklehorse, followed by the wistful Santa Monica Dream by Angus and Julia Stone.
  • Episode 2 opens with the catchy Something Good by Alt-J. Then Max plays the relaxing Crosses by José González on the bus. There's also the ending song of episode 2, Mt. Washington by Local Natives.
  • Episode 3 has Lua by Bright Eyes, which plays during a beautiful and tranquil moment as Max and Chloe relax on Chloe's bed. And the episode ends with the haunting Kids Will Be Skeletons by Mogwai.
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  • Episode 4 continues the trend of awesome songs, including In My Mind by Amanda Palmer and Got Well Soon by Breton, which plays at the Vortex Club party. There's also Mountains by Message to Bears. And then there's the trailer music. Glass Walls by Nik Ammar, from the launch trailer, and Seeker of the Sight by George Timothy, from the episode 3 trailer.
  • Episode 5 gives us Spanish Sahara by Foals for the sacrifice Chloe ending.