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     Episode 1 - "Chrysalis" 
  • Should you choose to directly confront David when he's hassling Kate, then Max will immediately march right up to David and give him a piece of her mind until he backs off.

     Episode 2 - "Out of Time" 
  • Saving Chloe from the train without tampering with the tracks definitely feels like one. Sure, Chloe should've known better than to rest her foot on the track switcher, but managing to save her without having to destroy the main lumber route or even needing to lift her? Awesome.
    • Not only this, it's possible albeit difficult to actually save Chloe from the approaching train in one try. For those of you who worry about possibly leaving Chloe behind in an alternate dimension to her demise, this is a major relief if pulled off.
  • If you can do it, then saving Kate without using her time powers is certainly an awesome moment for Max.

     Episode 3 - "Chaos Theory" 
  • Saving William from getting in that accident years before can count as one. Until you see the dead giant whales instead of birds and Chloe in that wheelchair...
  • How do Max and Chloe get past the locked door to Principal Well's office? Pipe bomb. This is followed up an epic twist when you rewind time to avoid tripping the alarms once you enter the office... by casually unlocking the door from inside.
  • After swimming in the Blackwell pool David Madsen comes for them. Max can use her time travel powers to get away, but Chloe gets away all on her own.
    • Max can actually get away with not using her powers. She just has to do the classic ‘move to stay on the opposite side of an object’ trick by using the middle group of lockers and moving so David doesn’t see her.
  • A small moment, but in an optional conversation, a rather rude trucker outside the diner brings up Kate's suicide, calling her a "slut" in the process. Max tells him off in borderline Tranquil Fury:
    Max: Maybe you should just leave then.

     Episode 4 - "Dark Room" 
  • When Nathan catches Max and Chloe in the boys' dorm, Warren runs to their rescue and headbutts Nathan to the floor, kicks the gun out of his hand, then subjects him to a truly brutal No-Holds-Barred Beatdown. Whether or not you think Nathan deserves to get beaten to a pulp, it's still a pretty awesome moment for Warren.
  • Max can confront Logan and give him hell for bullying Daniel and abandoning Dana once he got her pregnant.
  • When Max and Chloe meet Frank on the beach to ask him some questions, either Max or Chloe can say something wrong and piss him off,at which point he attacks Max. If the right conditions are met (Chloe is unarmed; Frank's dog is dead/locked up in the RV), Chloe defends Max, takes Frank on with her bare hands, and actually manages to injure him badly enough for him to cooperate, even though he definitely must have more fighting experience than her. The icing on the cake? When he threatens her with his blade/gun, all she does is raise a Fascinating Eyebrow.
  • Mr. Jefferson manages to sneak up on The Hero and The Lancer and manages to take them both down. Considering that Max has rewind powers, this is a pretty incredible feat.

     Episode 5 - "Polarized" 
  • Basically the whole episode is a whole CMoA for Max herself since she changed from a shy, clumsy girl to both an Action Girl and a Badass Adorable woman.
  • Max goes back to the moment where it all happens in episode 1, where Jefferson asks her the Louis Daguerre question and one of her choices is "who gives a shit?"
    • When she goes up to talk to Jefferson after class, she lays an epic smackdown on Victoria, calling her out on everything she's done to Kate and how she bullies everyone because she's so insecure regarding her own talent. But this happens if the player wasn't being friendly with Victoria throughout the game.
    • Max warns David about Jefferson and Nathan, snarks him out in the middle of class, and finally turns in her photo.
      • And it gets better—after she watches Jefferson and Nathan get busted in the middle of school, she wins the contest.
  • Max pulls a epic Shut Up, Hannibal! on Jefferson and mostly her being determinant against him.
    Max: "You are an amateur. Look at the trail of death you left behind. You can't blame all this on Nathan. I don't care what you do to me. You're going to die, motherfucker. For Chloe, and Rachel, and everybody else."
    • She can also give a Badass Boast for Kate should she survive her suicide attempt.
      Max: Kate believed, and she survived. You failed to break her. She's stronger than ever. And she'll outlive you.
  • Max giving up her future as a possible rising artist in San Francisco to go back and save Chloe from the tornado.
  • David busting in like a badass to save Max definitely counts, especially if Max/the player has been against him the entire game.
    • If you mention that Jefferson killed Chloe, David will kill Jefferson without hesitation.
    • David owning up to all of his shit definitely counts as well.
  • Max driving through a tornado to get the photo from Warren, just so she can save Chloe.
    • As she's running to the diner, she's still saving people along the way.
  • During the nightmare sequence, Max meets an alternate version of herself who lays into her and Chloe harshly, saying she never cared about Max at all and just manipulated her from the beginning, even calling Max stupid for not realizing it. That's when Chloe walks in, and in what seems like a simple repeat of a previous scene...
    Chloe: Dude, do not even fuck with her head! She knows what we went through together this week and you don't! There's no way you can break up our team! This is reality!
  • After Max saved her from getting hurt once in every previous episode, Alyssa now gets to return the favor and pull Max out of the way of harm. And not only from a minor injury like a ball to the head as Alyssa would have gotten in Episode 1, she literally saves Max's life.
    Alyssa: There! Now we're even!

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