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"That was his gift to us... wonderful memories."
Joyce talking to Max about William Price.

"You know my stock teacher answer—there are not dumb questions. Ask away."
Ms. Grant answering whether or not she can answer Max's "dumb question" in episode 2.

"Now, why don't you go fuck your selfie?"
Victoria giving Max (and the audience) her Establishing Character Moment in episode 1.

"What if Kate brought this on herself? She means well, but maybe she doth protest too much..."
Mr. Jefferson talking to Max about Kate Marsh in episode 2, knowing fully well that he had brought this on her.

"She's modest. Like a real hero."
Mr. Jefferson talking about Max in episode 2, if you save Kate from jumping off of the girl's dorm building.

"You reached out, she reached out... Hugs, tears, applause... Like a superhero!"
Warren talking about Max talking down Kate from suicide in episode 2.

"Insert groan here."
Max's (and the fanbase) reactions after another one of Chloe's puns, Episode 3.

"Don't look so sad. I'm never leaving you..."
Chloe talking to Max at the Blackwell swimming pool in episode 3.

"I was eating those beans – are you fucking insane? I WAS EATING THOSE BEANS! "
Frank Bowers after Max spills his plate of beans on the floor in Episode 3.

"What kind of world does this? Who does this?"
Chloe, just after she and Max find Rachel's body, Episode 4.

"Always take the shot."
Mark Jefferson's number one rule of photography and an allusion to the Dark Room.

"Simply put, I'm obsessed with the idea of capturing that moment when innocence evolves into corruption. That shift from black, to white, to gray... and beyond. Most models are cynical; they lose that naivete. However, some Blackwell students carry their hope and optimism with them like... an aura. And those lucky few become my models... my subjects."
Mark Jefferson

"You shouldn't have to suspect your teacher."
David Madsen, after saving Max from the Dark Room in Episode 5.

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